From what age do you need a teetotaler and what is the best choice?

From what age do you need a teetotaler and what is the best choice?

When a baby's teeth are teething, he starts to put everything in his mouth that lies nearby: toys, books, clothes. But tough objects can damage the inflamed gums. Previously, crumbs were allowed to chew drying, a piece of fat or a cracker, but the modern assortment of children's stores offers a wide range of special products that help to cope easily with the unpleasant process of teething. To protect the child from injury, it is worthwhile to offer him a teethers, which can be bitten and gnawed without the risk of injury.

From what age to buy a children's teethers

A teetotaler should be purchased when the child starts to cut his teeth. The choice of shape depends on which teeth are prepared to appear:

  1. In 3-5 months the baby should be offered a light model that does not have complicated parts for biting or grasping.
  2. In 6 months, when the premolars begin to be cut, "rodents" will come up, in which special projections are provided that are useful for the lateral teeth.
  3. After 6-7 months, more rigid teethers are needed, since root teeth begin to break through at this age. Products of special ergonomic shape provide the opportunity to gnaw them with a distant part of the gums.

What are the types of teethers for teeth

The range of teethers is very large, but this variety is reduced to three categories:

  • Simple teethers.
  • Having filler( water or gel).
  • Teethers-vibrators( activate blood circulation in the gums).

The main types of products:

  1. Raiser of a rattle .The rattle differs from other types of eraser by the presence of comfortable pens, for which the child can hold a toy. In addition to the main, the rattles perform a gaming function, which means they distract from unpleasant sensations when teething, entertaining the child with unfamiliar sounds. Children with the help of such models develop fine motor skills and learn to concentrate attention. Some such teethers are filled with distilled water.
  2. Cooler cooling .Inside the cooling product contains either a special gel or purified water. Notwithstanding the usual appearance, it is very effective. Buy a teetotal for this type of teeth more often parents prefer the production of Avent( Aventa), Nuby, Nuk, Hevea, Bright Starts. Before using a cooling rake, it is not put on the refrigerator for a long time. Water or gel cools down, but the surface of the toy practically does not change its temperature, which does not allow freezing of the child's handles.
  3. Vibrating .The price of vibrating is not much higher than other types of teethers. The device works on replaceable batteries. The principle of its action is simple: when the baby gently squeezes the gums with the gums, the vibration is turned on, which is very pleasing to most children. Such soft massage calms the inflamed, itchy gums and facilitates the small child the process of teething, accompanied by a temperature.
  4. Silicone penetrator .Rubber teethers are the most popular. They are produced in two variations: from silicone or latex. Elasticity and elasticity at compression allows them to spring, perfectly massaging the child's gums. Silicone products are denser, they are not afraid of heat treatment, teethers do not exude any smell or taste. Rubber models are suitable for the youngest children, who still have a hard time holding more complicated objects in their hands.
  5. Nipple-cutter .The teetotron has the form of a pacifier habitual to us, only it is more elastic and harder than a nipple. Such models are in demand with moms, whose children are used to pacifiers. The piercing teat helps to remove the itch from the gums and simultaneously soothes the baby. Latex products are softer, more elastic, but they quickly become unusable. Silicone nipple retains its shape much longer, but is considered less eco-friendly than latex.

How to choose and which is better - an overview of the products of popular brands

We can not say which is a better driver, each model has its pluses. Only personal experience will help to determine which teaser is better for your child. In terms of safety, for the youngest children, simple models should be chosen, and a little later - toys for teeth of more complex modification. However, it is best not to save and purchase several different teasers in advance. Characteristics of teethers of the most popular companies:


Nuby Teeth for American teeth Nuby is designed to train the child's visual and auditory skills, the development of fine motor skills.

The motley toy helps the baby to learn more about the world around him and distracts from discomfort when teething.

It is made of non-toxic, durable materials( rubber, plastic).Admissible age: from 3 months.


Teether canopy Canpol The teapot "Yablochko"( Poland) is comfortable to hold in hands and pleasantly gnawing. Made a cooling toy using only natural materials( hypoallergenic polymer without PVC), and its surface is so dense that even the strongest child can not bite it. Inside the driver is filled with clean water. Before use, it should be held for a short time in the refrigerator, presented in two colors: green and red. Admissible age: from 6 to 24 months.

Tommee tippee

Teething Teething Teething Tommee tippee As soon as the first teeth are cut and the middle teeth begin to grow, you can suggest the baby model Tommy Tippy( Great Britain).It has embossed surfaces of different strength, which allows the child to choose the most suitable for him part for gum massage.

Some zones of the toy are filled with water, so it is possible to use it as a cooling thresher. The product is made of environmentally friendly silicone. Admissible age: from 4 months.


Teeth Whitener Vulli The French company produces interesting models of children's teethers. Giraffe and mushroom are very popular. Models do not contain PVC or phthalates, but are created using exceptionally harmless materials - rubber, food glue and natural dyes.

Giraffe Sophie and her friend Mushroom Cham are ideal for chewing on teething and relieve the pain associated with it. Admissible age: from birth.

Bright starts

Bright beginner Teachers of American production Bright Starts are created specially for the smallest kids. They are made with the use of soft plastic, absolutely harmless to the health of the child. When the children are scratching the gum, this rattle helps to cope with this unpleasant period.

The teaser from Bright Starts stimulates the development of small, large and fine motor skills in the crumbs, concentration, assiduity. Admissible age: from birth to 12 months.

Happy baby

Teethers Happy-baby A teapot is needed at a time when children start to cut their teeth. Happy baby( Great Britain) offers a toy with a soft textured surface, thanks to which it is convenient to chew and hold in hands.

Teaser will help to survive the growth of the first teeth, and water-filled models also provide an anesthetic effect. It is made of harmless plastic and polypropylene. Admissible age: from 4 months.

How to use a teethers for teeth

Proper operation of the teethers guarantees the child safety and long life. We recommend the following tips:

  1. Wash the toy in warm water with soap before each use.
  2. Cooling models should be placed in the refrigerator, but in no case in the freezer. The allowed cooling time is 1 hour.
  3. Do not boil the toy or place it in the microwave oven.
  4. Do not use teethers with small parts or laces.
  5. The composition should not contain toxic substances( odor should not be released).
  6. Dry the toy naturally.

Customer Reviews

Irina, 32 years old : Our kid constantly tried to shove a bunch of keys into his mouth. The output was found only by buying a teaser in the form of a key. The quality is very satisfied, and how happy the child is! The toy has no foreign smell, it is easy to take care of it. Do not magnetize nap from furniture and carpet, which is very pleasing. When I give her son - instantly calms down.

Svetlana, 22 years old : Earlier, my son gnawed everything( his legs, my pendant, rattles), but this is normal practice for children, whose teeth begin to be cut. It was decided to buy various teethers so that they always lay next to him. So we saved other things. When the baby was 8 months old, an unrestrained desire to chew everything passed.

Hope, 28 years old : We have learned from the experience of two children that teethers greatly alleviate suffering with the growth of teeth. Even analgesic gels were not as effective as these toys. They used cooled models that quickly calmed and distracted the children. They have no foreign smell and are pleasant to the touch. Favorite teetoton was a bear with small spikes in front and behind, he best massaged inflamed gums.

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From what age do you need a teetotaler and what is the best choice?