Instructions for the use of vaseline oil for newborns and older children


  • 1. Application for babies
  • 2. Possible use cases for
  • 3. If the child has a constipation
  • 4. Recommendations for using
  • 5. Useful to know
  • 6. Prohibitions in using

Young parents always ask themselves a question, How to take good care of the baby, who just appeared. Great importance in this case is attached to the health of the skin and the frequency of bowel movements. Care for the newborn makes vaseline oil easier - it is suitable for use not only for the child, but for the mother, is available at affordable prices and availability in each pharmacy.

Skin care For the care of the baby, it is not necessary to use chemical creams - the Vaseline oil

is perfect. Application for babies

Vaseline oil - highly purified paraffin, looks like a liquid without taste and smell. In medicine, the area of ​​drug use is quite extensive. The instructions to the medication describe ways to use it for adults, but it is even more common in pediatric pra


Based on vaseline oil produce a variety of cosmetology. A large role of petroleum jelly plays in the care of a newborn baby. It is used for:

  • removing crusts on the head of the baby;
  • eliminating diaper rash;
  • treatment of sweating;
  • cleansing the nose to facilitate breathing, and also to clean the baby's ears;
  • enema lubricant for constipation.


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Possible uses of

Methods of using the medicine for something like this:

  • Softening the crusts in the newborn on the head. To do this, apply oil to the scalp. To achieve a good result, first bathe the baby and smear the already steamed skin. Then wait half an hour and carefully remove the softened crusts, as well as the remains of oil, so that the skin can breathe. Scrape crusts dry, you can not, so as not to injure sensitive baby skin.
  • Elimination of diaper rash and sweating. The medicine is smeared with inflamed places to soften and protect the skin. When inflammation on the baby's pope, the drug is applied after the child is washed away. Nevertheless, doctors advise to be more careful, since oil forms a thin film on the skin and is capable of provoking an allergic reaction.
  • Cleansing the nose. In the nasal cavities of babies, dust settles, which causes dryness and prevents breathing freely. To eliminate this problem, the nasal passage is cleaned with a solution of sodium chloride( saline solution, Saline), then turuns are formed from cotton wool, moistened in oil and treated with the child's nose. Do not forget that the drug can clog the pores of the nasal mucosa, so before using the drug, you should consult a pediatrician. The ears of the baby also need hygiene. Liquid paraffin is just right to keep your ears clean. With its help, the ear canal and the auricle are cleaned for children, which in addition protects the ears and is an excellent prevention of otitis.
  • The medication is used to care for folds - it must be remembered that the oil prevents air from getting to the pores on the skin due to the formed film, but there is another opinion: some pediatricians say that the oil is absorbed in a short time and does not harm the skin. Before using the medication to treat the baby's folds, consult a specialist.
  • Vaseline oil is useful and mum during lactation. With lactostasis, a compress is made with liquid paraffin - it allows you to develop dairy ducts, reduce swelling and eliminate pain.
Removal of crusts After application of petroleum jelly on steamed skin, crusts are easily removed

If the child has constipation

In medicine, there are different opinions about the use of Vaseline drug for constipation. On the one hand, the abstract to the drug allows its use for newborns. On the other hand, kids should not give medicine inside, it's better to apply to an enema. For this you need to wait two days. If the problem of constipation has not been resolved during this time, it is necessary to put an enema. The baby pear is sterilized, its tip is lubricated with vaseline oil for a softer injection and reduces the possibility of damage to the anus. Sometimes instead of boiled water, children are injected with a medicinal solution that promotes defecation, in order to achieve a better effect.

Recommendations for the use of

Vaseline oil Of particular importance is the amount of paraffin applied to the skin of the baby. Little babies after birth for some time breathe skin, so the oil is smeared with a thin layer so that it can quickly absorb and do not cause a blockage of the pores.

Buy vaseline oil in pharmacies to avoid the purchase of poor quality goods. In this case, it is worth checking, when the drug is produced and up to what period is good. The open bottle is stored for only 10 days.

It is important to remember that the shelf life of liquid paraffin is not the same as that of other medicines. It should be protected from children, not left in the sun. Store at temperatures up to 25 degrees for 5 years.

Vaseline oil does not contain harmful substances. Young parents can not worry that it will cause an allergic reaction in the baby.

Useful to know

Currently, the use of liquid paraffin in some pediatricians raises questions. The reason lies in the film formed by the oil on the surface of the skin. When applied even with a low-fat layer, it interferes with the access of air to the pores, inhibits the sweating processes. As a result, the skin may develop a rash, irritation worsens. In any case, before using, it is worth consulting with a specialist.

Prohibitions in the use of

  • when increasing body temperature above 37 degrees in children, you can not use petroleum jelly;
  • high sensitivity to the drug;
  • application inside for infants to stimulate defecation.

In pharmacies you can buy domestic vaseline oil at an affordable price. All parents are advised to have liquid paraffin in the home medicine cabinet.

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