How to cook apple puree with your own hands for complementary breastfeeding: recipes from fresh apples and blanks for the winter


  • 1. Features of the introduction of apples in the diet
  • 2. What kind of apples choose babies?
  • 3. How to serve apples?
  • 4. How to choose a ready puree in cans?
  • 5. How to cook apples for babies yourself?
  • 6. Baked apples in the oven
  • 7. Apple and pumpkin puree
  • 8. Apple desserts for future use: 3 simple ways of cooking
  • 9. Mom's note

Growing up, the baby gradually tries fruit juices, mashed vegetables and fruits. They make variety in the menu, they become a source of vitamins and fiber. Moms argue about the first complementary feeding of apple purees - some believe that it should be introduced into the diet to vegetables, while others believe that after the sweet fruit, the kids will be reluctant to try boiled squash, potatoes, cauliflower.

Applesauce Baby apple puree - delicious and healthy vitamin supplement for baby
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To decide when it is better t

o start lureing apple mash, the doctor, the World Health Organization( WHO) recommendations and her own intuition will help her mother. The kid should buy the fruits of green varieties that will not cause allergic reactions. Their benefits for the child's organism are proved by experienced pediatricians:

  • antioxidants and vitamins of group C, A, PP strengthen immunity;
  • cellulose removes toxins and toxins;
  • cleanses blood and lymph;
  • micronutrients, iron and pectins contribute to full development;
  • tannins of juicy fruit have a positive effect on the work of the kidneys, liver;
  • useful acids prevent fermentation in the intestines.

Features of the introduction of apples in the diet

The age of the first complementary meal is selected individually by the apple. WHO recommends the introduction of fruit and berry puree in the diet of infants from 7 months.

If the baby is on artificial feeding, acquaint him with a new taste should be in 4-5 months. Be sure to introduce a new product when the child is healthy and in a good mood, and vaccinations in the coming week are not expected.

For the first time a baby gets half a teaspoon of apple puree. It is advisable to offer it in the morning, watching the reaction of the body. If there are no allergies and disorders of the stool, the portions of complementary foods need to be gradually increased, add berries and pumpkin. The table below shows how to give the baby apples.

Introduction of apple puree For the first time, half a teaspoon of puree is enough, gradually the dosage is increased
Complementary type Age of the baby Recommendations
Mashed potatoes( cooked or cooked on their own) When breastfeeding - from 6-7 months. With the artificial - from 4-5 months. Lure start with 0.5 teaspoon, bring up to 100 grams a day. Monopsure is made from green varieties, later turn to yellow and red. It normalizes the stool, is shown with a tendency to constipation. If the baby has a loose stool and tummy aches, it is better to temporarily give up such feeding.
Grated fresh apple 12 months It is advisable to feed them children immediately after cooking. Coping with a liquid stool and a lowered hemoglobin will help the product, a little standing in the air.
Fresh apple green grades After 12 months Peel the fruit from the peel, cut into slices and offer as a dessert, snack. At this age, the apple helps to develop chewing skills.
A whole juicy fruit( if there is no allergy, you can try red varieties) After 2 years The product should be given with a peel if there is no doubt about its naturalness( apples are collected in their own garden, purchased from local farmers).

Which variety of apples should I choose?

For complementary feeding of babies on breastfeeding it is desirable to take apples of green varieties from their own garden or buy them in tested places. It is important for a child to try fruits of the variety "Semirenko", "White Burbot", "Antonovka".Large overseas fruits should not be used. It is likely that they contain chemicals or are GMOs.

Green apples Green apples from our own garden - an ideal first-time supplement for a baby

In which form should apples be served?

Apples are useful in any form - fresh, baked, boiled. For babies, fresh fruit is heavy. They bind a part of useful substances, prevent their absorption into the blood. Ideal option - apple puree for babies from boiled and baked fruits. It's easy to do by yourself or buy in the store.

Fruit puree should be offered to the baby from a spoon. After the baby learns to use a spoon, the product is placed in a saucer, unbreakable kremanku. In a year and a half it is good to serve it with soft biscuits, biscuits, waffle leaves. If there is no allergy, in season to apples it is easy to add the crushed berries, apricots, peaches.

How to choose a ready puree in cans?

The assortment of apple puree for babies is rich, so many mothers find it difficult to make a choice. Someone prefers domestic products, and someone - more expensive imported brands with a long history and excellent reputation. The rules for choosing a product in jars are similar in any case. When buying, it is important to consider the following criteria:

  1. Composition of .The product for infants should not include sugar, dyes, chemical additives. In good baby food, there are only apples and vitamin C, which acts as a natural preservative.
  2. The age of the baby .Products marked "from year" are not suitable for younger babies. It is important to find a mashed potatoes, suitable for the age of the child.
  3. Shelf life. For most children's canned food, it is 6-12 months. It is undesirable to buy a product whose expiration date is coming to an end.
  4. Packing .Traditional packaging for apple puree - a glass hermetic jar of 100-200 grams. It is desirable that the label covers its contents completely, prevents the penetration of sunlight. A more modern version of the container is a sealed cardboard. It better protects the product from light and preserves its useful properties.
  5. Product Type .Puree in a jar is honey-brown. Unnatural shade and heterogeneous consistency is an excuse to refrain from buying.


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Before offering a ready-made apple puree to a baby, mom should try it on their own. In case of violation of the storage conditions, the absence of cotton at the opening of the hermetic jar, the low taste of the product from consumption should be categorically discarded.

How to cook apples for babies by yourself?

With the help of apples to my mother, it is easy to diversify the food of crumbs. They can be cooked in different ways - boil and bake in a convenient way, at an older age make a strudel and charlotte. For babies up to a year such recipes will work with their own hands:

  • On pair .Wash the cleared fruit from seeds and peel, cut into pieces, place them in a steamer( multivark).After 5 minutes, cool, grind with a blender or with a metal sieve.
  • In the microwave .Pure fruit without skin and seeds cut into pieces. Put them in a heat-resistant dish, pour warm water, send to a microwave. Bake in 800 W for 5 minutes. Cool and grind until mushy.
  • Boiled fruit .Ripe the ripe fruit, skin, cut into slices. Put in an enamel saucepan, pour completely with warm water. Bring to a boil, simmer for about 10 minutes. After cooling, whip with a blender, mixer or wipe through a sieve. Dessert put on a saucer.
At the age of 10-12 months the baby should be treated with a grated raw apple. You can cook it in 5 minutes. You should wash the ripe fruit, peel and grate plastic or stainless steel.


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Baked apples in the oven

Tasty and fragrant apples cooked in the oven will appeal to even the smallest four-month gourmets. Their preparation does not take away from the mother a lot of time:

  • Recipe 1 .Ripe cleaned fruit cut into pieces, put in a glass heat-resistant container and placed in a preheated to 180-200 degrees oven. After 20 minutes, take out, cool, grind in any way.
  • Recipe 2 .Ripe, dense fruits are cut into halves, cleaned of seeds, and left to peel. Spread on a baking sheet, sprinkle with powdered sugar( if the fruit is sour) and bake for 15-20 minutes. From the cooled apples scoop up the flesh with a spoon, knead it with a fork. Children from the year can put half the baked fruit cottage cheese, and 2-year-old kids - cinnamon on the tip of the knife.

Puree from apples and pumpkin

Pumpkin and apples are useful to the kid individually and together. They perfectly complement the taste of each other and are suitable for preparing a useful pumpkin-apple puree. For 1 serving you need a piece of pumpkin the size of the palm, a quarter of the apple, 100 ml. Milk or water. Pumpkin and apple should be boiled or baked, and then chopped and served to the table.

In order to roll a pumpkin fruit fruit for the winter, you will additionally need:

  • Sugar( for 500 grams of apples - 1 tablespoon).
  • Orange peel - on the tip of the knife.
  • Juice of fresh lemon( for 500 grams of apples - 1 teaspoon).
Pumpkin-apple puree Pumpkin-apple puree is very unusual and sweet - it is guaranteed to be liked by children of all ages.

Pumpkin-apple puree is prepared with the addition of these ingredients and covered in sterilized jars. It has an unusual taste and hue, but it looks very appetizing. In winter, open and warm up the product on a steam bath. Before offering the baby, mom should try the baby food and evaluate its taste.

Apple desserts for future use: 3 simple ways of cooking

For winter, for a grown-up kid, fruit desserts should be rolled up. They are more useful than store, and you can connect dad and grandmother crumbs to cooking. Preservation can be planned for August-September, because at this time in the gardens the autumn apples keep up. There are several easy ways to prepare.

  • Method 1. Fruits wash, peeled, cut into slices. To spread out on pouches portionwise and freeze. In winter, it is easy to prepare a dessert from a semi-finished product in any way or to brew compote( we recommend reading: recipes for compotes for babies).
  • Method 2. You can prepare fruit pulp for spinning in a multivark. To do this, you need to cleanse the fruits from the seeds and peel, cut them, put them in the bowl of the appliance. After adding 150-350 ml. Water and a little sugar( if apples are sour).Start the multivark in the "Quenching" mode for 60 minutes. After disconnection, remove the fruit, grind it, shift it into the multivark again. Turn it on in the previous mode for 5 minutes. Put hot mashed potatoes in prepared sterilized jars, roll them up, wrap them up. When they cool down, sign and store in a cool dark closet.
  • Method 3. Peel the cut fruit into small pieces, simmer for about 30 minutes with a minimum amount of sugar( powder).Dispense in clean steam-treated cans and sterilize again in a water bath. Roll in 40 minutes, cool, sign and store in a cool place. Vitamins after heat treatment will remain a little, but such puree will become a rich source of fiber.
If everything is done correctly, the taste of the tinned delicacy is not inferior to the freshly prepared one. If necessary, it needs to be warmed up and fed to the child during dessert or a mid-morning snack. The product is well combined with pancakes, pancakes, biscuit biscuits, ordinary buns.

You can try all this for a bit after a year. When preparing a treat for a 2-year-old baby, you can add prunes, cocoa, ground cinnamon to apples.

Applesauce Correctly harvested puree is not inferior to freshly baked delicacy, it can also be supplemented with cocoa or cinnamon( for a baby from 2 years old)

Mom for a note

New products in the baby's diet( apples, pumpkin, desserts based on them) helpGet acquainted with different tastes and grow right. Fruits and vegetables from their native places are useful, well-digestible, easily prepared by a young mistress. The best homemade desserts for the winter are obtained from sour varieties of apples.

Once you taste it, the kid will love apples for life. Up to a year they can be offered in the form of mashed potatoes and compotes, after a year - cut into pieces, quarters. Fruit desserts, casseroles, jellies can be served at the table of one and a half year old baby. They will help to master chewing skills and will bring pleasure during a snack.


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