Cream and ointment "Bepanten": features of use for newborns and lactating mothers, cheaper analogues

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  • 1. Composition of the preparation
  • 2. Ointment or cream - which is better?
  • 3. Recommendations for use
  • 4. How to treat an allergic rash on the face?
  • 5. Rashes caused by diathesis
  • 6. A more serious problem is atopic dermatitis
  • 7. Hormonal "blooming"
  • 8. Pallor and intertrigo - how to deal with them?
  • 9. Is there any danger to the child?
  • 10. How to apply correctly?
  • 11. Can I buy medicine cheaper?
  • 12. Brief description of
  • analogues 13. Summary

Skin is one of the most important organs of the human body. It is she who protects the body from the influence of the environment, which is far from always favorable, and skin diseases create the danger of penetration of harmful microorganisms into the body.

The skin of a baby up to a year is still very tender, it is difficult for it to cope with an aggressive external environment. She actively reacts to any effect: sweating and othe

r rashes, intertrigo, peeling and dryness - all these symptoms require the immediate reaction of adults. Proper care can often prevent unwanted reactions, but if they have appeared, measures need to be taken. Modern medicine offers a wide range of skin care products for babies. One of the most common is Bepanten. Bepanten is prescribed to the newborn both for treatment and as a preventative. What good is it and can it be replaced by another means?

Breast cream The skin of the baby is very tender, so the mother often has to use the cream

The composition of the preparation

Bepanten is available as an ointment and cream. The active substance is provitamin B5( dexpanthenol), the composition of the remedy also includes auxiliary substances.

Provitamin B5:

  • promotes hardening of collagen fibers;
  • activates cell division;
  • improves metabolism.

The drug also contains:

  • DL Pantolactone - antiseptic and weak preservative;
  • isopropyl myristate - emollient softener;
  • Phenoxyethanol - antiseptic;
  • cetyl alcohol, produced from coconut and palm oils, with a disinfectant and hemostatic effect;
  • stearyl alcohol, produced from coconut and palm oils, is used to give the medium the necessary structure;
  • lanolin - wax, a product of sheep wool digestion;
  • synthetic potassium thickener cetyl phosphate;
  • propylene glycol - promotes water retention;
  • water.
The skin treated with Bepantin is regenerated faster, the product moisturizes the skin, has anti-inflammatory effect. Almond oil helps moisturize, and lanolin creates a thin film that protects the skin from damage.

The emergence of the danger of developing a skin infection is an indication for the use of Bepanten plus cream, which includes chlorhexidine dihydrochloride, which has pronounced bactericidal properties. It persists on the body for a long time, preventing the spread of infection.

Almond oil Almond oil in Bepanten effectively moisturizes the skin and maintains a water balance

Ointment or cream - which is better?

Bepanten is available in the form of a cream and ointment, as well as a lotion. The first 2 forms of release are considered preferable in the care of the baby's skin; for medical purposes, Bapanten plus is often prescribed. Cream and ointment are slightly different in composition:

  1. The ointment contains almond oil and beeswax, the amount of lanolin is greater than in the cream. In addition, it contains no phenoxyethanol.
  2. The consistency of these forms of the drug is also different: the cream is more light. Ointment is much thicker, it is more difficult to spread over the skin, it forms a thick layer.
  3. Light cream is absorbed more easily, ointment is better suited for creating a protective film.
  4. Ointment is good for dry damage, it is suitable for applying bandages. The cream is easily absorbed, therefore under the bandage it is not good, but the sore sores should be lubricated with a gentle cream.
  5. Ointment is more effective when used for medicinal purposes, and the cream is more suitable for daily care.

Recommendations for use

Bepanten for newborns is prescribed:

  • as a preventative for peeling, dryness, cracking of skin;
  • for the treatment of damaged areas: scratches, irritations, redness.

Ointment is used for medicinal purposes:

  • when there is a crack on dry skin in a newborn;
  • when diaper rash occurs;
  • to accelerate the healing of scratches, burns, irritations, diaper and atopic dermatitis, reducing allergic reactions.
Ointment Bepanten Due to a higher concentration of the active substance, the ointment is used to treat skin lesions.

The lotion has a lower concentration of active ingredient, it is indicated as a skin care product after sunbathing and water procedures. The lotion helps to eliminate skin lesions resulting from light therapy or ultraviolet irradiation.

How to treat an allergic rash on the face?

Allergic rashes on the cheeks and chin occur in newborns very often, so the protective reaction of the immune system of the baby manifests itself on an unfavorable external environment. The rash on the face worries the child, interferes with normal sleep, but the problem is not only this. An allergic rash signals a malfunction in the body. Most often such a rash occurs due to exposure:

  • of the sun;
  • cold;
  • dust mites, mold or fungus;
  • reactions to food;
  • reactions to washing powders, synthetic or woolen fabrics;
  • insect bites.

Allergy should be treated, first eliminating the cause of its occurrence, and Bepanten will help cope with itching and irritation. To remove symptoms and eliminate rashes, you should apply the skin of the baby twice a day.


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Eruptions caused by diathesis

Diathesis is the same allergy, but it is associated with the underdevelopment of the digestive system. This problem is especially childish. Treatment consists primarily in identifying and excluding from the diet products that cause diathesis. The drug will help eliminate the itching, accelerate the healing of damaged skin areas, but its effect will only complement the set of measures associated with eliminating the causes of diathesis.

More serious problem - atopic dermatitis

Dermatitis is an inflammatory process on the skin caused by various causes. Atopic dermatitis occurs as an allergic reaction in the genetic predisposition of the infant to this disease. To quickly restore the skin and eliminate itching, children are often prescribed hormones, but their use seems unsafe. Many mothers are afraid of the harmful effects of hormones on the baby's body. The replacement of hormonal drugs for allergies can serve as Bepanten, if it is impossible to completely abandon hormonal drugs, it will prove to be a successful supplement that facilitates the rapid removal of symptoms.

Hormonal blooming

Hormonal rash is common in infants in the first months of life, it is not associated with allergy or diathesis. The rash does not only cover the face and neck, but also the entire head of the baby. The process is associated with the release of the body from the mother hormones, the formation of its own hormonal background. Among other reasons, it should be noted the formation of normal microflora on the skin of the child and the active work of the sebaceous glands. An experienced doctor will easily distinguish this rash from allergic - as a rule, it passes itself weeks through 3. The use of a cream or ointment in this case will not help, although there are no contraindications for their use with hormonal flowering.

DETAILS: flowering on the face of newborns
Hormonal rash Bapanten ointment can not eliminate hormonal rash, but it will not harm

. Sweat and diaper rash - how to deal with them?

The delicate soft skin of the baby reacts to any violation of sanitary and hygienic conditions. Long stay in a wet diaper immediately causes a sweat, and in the folds, diaper rash, diaper dandruff is possible. Such a reaction can also be caused by an excessive wrapping of the baby. Bepanten - this is just a means that will successfully deal with the problem that has arisen. Ointment will help to heal the damage, and regular use of the cream will prevent their appearance, but to avoid sweating, it is better to regularly arrange baby air baths.

The drug is also recommended for the control of nipple cracks in breastfeeding. Nursing mothers can safely smear this product on the nipple and okolososkovoye space for the early healing of painful cracks - even before feeding it is not necessary to wash it off.

Is there any danger to the child?

Practice shows that in most cases Bepanten is well tolerated by children, but he himself can cause allergies. The reaction is possible on the components that make up the drug, when it occurs, the drug should not be used.

Application is contraindicated also:

  • for lubricating the auricles, treating the inflammation of the skin of the auricle;
  • in the presence of deep wounds, especially accompanied by contamination.

Apply the product in the absence of reaction to its constituent components until the full restoration of the damaged skin area. Preventive use of the drug may also not be limited in time, but it is necessary to consult a doctor before using this medication.

Treatment of the auricle For the treatment of inflammation in the auricles, ointment should not be used - special preparations will be needed.

. How correctly to apply?

The method of use depends on the nature of the damage. Minor damage is applied 2 times a day, applying a thin layer of Bepanthene, for preventive purposes, the face of the child is lubricated with the drug before going to the cold. The leprosy is treated by rinsing and applying a thin layer of the preparation to the cleansed and dry skin. Doing this is desirable every time you change a diaper.

The nipples should be washed after feeding, then apply the ointment on the cracks with a thin layer. Before the beginning of the next feeding, it is recommended to remove the surplus product with a clean cloth.

The drug can be used on its own, without the appointment of a doctor, but in some cases it is dangerous to do so and medical advice is needed. It is not necessary to initiate treatment alone if:

  • wound is large and accompanied by contamination;
  • application of the drug does not lead to improvement of the skin condition, and also in the event that deterioration occurs;
  • skin defects are observed against a background of fever and are accompanied by other painful symptoms.
Cream from frost Cream Bepanten perfectly protects the baby's face in frosty weather.

Can I buy medicine cheaper?

There are analogues of Bepanten, produced in different countries:

Dexpanthenol, cholesterol, petroleum jelly, petroleum jelly, isopropyl myristate, nipagine, nipazole, water Russia
D-panthenol Dexpanthenol, ketomacrogol, cetearyl octanoate, cetanol, dimethicone, glyceryl monostearate, propylene glycol, methylparahydroxybenzoate, propyl parahydroxybenzoate, purified water, flavoring Russia
Pantoderm Dexpanthenol, Vaseline, beeswax, almond oil, liquid paraffin, lanolin and cetowater Russia
Panthenol Dexpanthenol, lanolin, paraffin, petrolatum, isopropyl myristate, methyl parahydroxybenzoate, cholesterol, propylparahydroxybenzoate, water Russia
Sudokrem Zinc oxide, paraffins( liquid, solid and microcrystalline), sorbitan sequioleate, lanolin,benzyl benzoate, wax( synthetic), benzyl alcohol, linalyl acetate, propylene glycol, benzyl cinnamate, lavender oil, citric acid, butylhydroxyanisole, water Ireland USA
Desitin Oxidezinc, cod liver oil, petroleum jelly, lanolin, methylparaben, talc, hydroxy anisole, water France USA

Brief description of analogues

Among the listed analogs, there are cheaper ones. The analogs listed in the table allow you to fight with skin lesions that arise from allergic reactions, with minor scratches and irritations. When using any remedy, you should carefully read the instructions.

D-panthenol is considered to be an analogue identical to Bepanten, it is available as an ointment and cream, helps to restore the skin, protects it from damage. It is used to treat scratches, dermatitis, sweating, with diathesis.

D-panthenol D-panthenol is considered an effective Bepantene analog

Dexpanthenol is an ointment or gel, available in tubes. Its price is about 2 times lower than that of Bepantin. The drug promotes healing of lesions, has an anti-inflammatory effect, is used for diaper rash, dermatitis, allergy and diathesis.

Pantoderm - ointment, used as an anti-inflammatory and regenerating agent. Effective in the treatment of diaper and other types of dermatitis, diaper rash, dry and irritated skin, to treat wounds.

Panthenol is available in the form of ointments, spray foam and cream. Panthenol protects the skin, promotes its recovery, has an anti-inflammatory effect. It is recommended for the treatment of micro-injuries, roughness, peeling, irritation, diaper dermatitis, and skin care.

Sudokrem - cream, has antiseptic and antibacterial action, disinfects, anesthetizes, inhibits fungus development, and is also effective as an astringent and anti-inflammatory agent. Suitable for combating burns, superficial skin lesions, diaper rash, eczema and diaper dermatitis. Perfectly copes with the chalk. It is located in the same price niche as Bepanten.

DETAILS: treatment of diaper dermatitis

Desithin - ointment and cream. Used as an astringent, drying, adsorbing, as well as an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agent. Recommended for children with dermatitis, sweating, minor scratches and eczema. Can be used for suppurative skin inflammations, the causative agent of which is streptococcus, quickly removes inflammation and itching during diathesis.


When deciding which tool to choose, parents pay attention to the naturalness of the components, so Bepanten is one of the most preferred drugs, because almost all of its components are of natural origin. The effectiveness of Bepantin, the ability to apply the drug in a variety of skin lesions also speak in his favor.


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