Use of chlorophyllipt for newborns: safe treatment of umbilical injury

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  • 1. What is this medicine?
  • 2. Assignment to infants
    • 2.1. From the common cold and sore throat
    • 2.2. Navel handling
  • 3. Allergy testing
  • 4. Contraindications
  • 5. Preparations with eucalyptus

What should be the first-aid kit for the newborn? Useful and safe. What means can I process the umbilical wound? Than to treat frequently appearing a swab? Today on the agenda is chlorophyllipt.

DETAILS: First-aid kit for newborn

This plant-based preparation has a vast field of activity. It is often used in the complex therapy of ENT diseases, dental diseases, gastrointestinal tract, gynecology, when infections and inflammations take place. Chlorophyllipt is actively used in the care and treatment of newborn babies. They are successfully treated with a swab, scratching and abrasions are healed, and assistance is provided when a staphylococcus is found in the body. The most common use for the treatment of the navel in newborn


Treatment of umbilical wound Very often Chlorophyllipt is used to treat umbilical wound

. DETAILED: processing umbilical wound in newborn

What is this medicine?

Chlorophylliptum is based on extract of eucalyptus leaves, which has been used for a long time and everywhere as a remedy for many problems. Eucalyptus oil is extracted from myrtle wood and is actively used in medical, cosmetological practice, as well as in the production of household chemicals. Each of you at least once tried or at least saw a chewing gum with eucalyptus or sucking candies from a cough with this extract.

Now in the pharmacy network this product is offered in the form of oil, alcohol or water tincture and in the form of tablets. It has proven itself as a fighter with the cocci flora. The greatest danger of staphylococci is for the upper respiratory tract, where they begin their active sabotage, but they are completely unarmed in the face of the powerful action of eucalyptus. Use it in the treatment of tonsillitis, angina, sinusitis, pharyngitis and stomatitis.

The ancient physicians considered it an indispensable substance. In far from the civilized pharmacies, healers used this remedy for wound healing and calming. In order to prevent malaria, healers were advised to plant eucalyptus trees in the areas of settlements.

Assignment to infants

Doctors, neonatologists and pediatricians in polyclinics offer moms to use chlorophyllipt to treat various problems in newborn babies. The remedy is absolutely harmless, based on plant components, it has an excellent antiviral property. As the main active agents here are extracts of chlorophylls, vitamins a and b, as well as essential oils.

Eucalyptus oil Eucalyptus oil is one of the main components of the Chlorophyllipt
Septic conditions caused by staphylococcal pathogens are successfully treated due to chlorophyllipt. He also copes with burns, trophic ulcers and diseases of the upper respiratory tract.

Chlorophyllipt can be used externally and internally by inhalation. For this, the use of an oily, aqueous or alcoholic variation of the agent is possible.

For infants, this drug is prescribed as an antiseptic for the treatment of skin in diseases caused by staphylococci, as well as in the case of a hearth for the rapid healing of the navel after birth. When a doctor diagnoses a child with a puff, it is often given advice to wipe the affected areas with an alcohol solution, before it is heavily diluted. The procedure should be carried out 2-4 times a day. After the first applications, my mother will notice the visible results. The skin of the baby acquires a natural light shade, and the crumb becomes less irritable and restless.

It is also possible to heal the itch after insect bites with the help of this tool. Small scratches and abrasions will heal faster if the damaged area is treated with an alcohol solution of chlorophyllipt.

From a common cold and sore throat

Doctors-ENT advise to apply an oil solution for the treatment of the common cold, as well as for the treatment of glands and ingestion. Snot in children will go faster if you instill 1 drop of solution into each nasal passage. Before this, it is important to wash each nostril with Aquamaris, saline solution or simply boiled water. To clean the nasal with an aspirator, and afterwards to drip medical droplets - so the agent will begin to act quickly and the respiration of the crumbs will come very soon.

Instilling a spout To get rid of the common cold you can also use Chlorophyllipt

The sore throat to children of the first year of life can be lubricated with chlorophyllipt, after dipping a cotton swab into it. You can treat and tonsils, and sore throat. The procedure is best spent together. One of the parents holds the head of the baby, and the other uses a spoon to open the mouth and, with a quick movement, lubricates the inflamed areas.

If you can not reach the tonsils, you should only rub the back of your tongue, as close as possible to your throat. A good therapeutic effect will be observed in this case.

Cold can be treated with inhalation procedures with this remedy. Thanks to the pairs of eucalyptus, the airways get cleansed, the pathogenic bacteria die and breathe the child becomes much easier. A full-fledged inhalation in the case of an infant is unlikely, but nevertheless, it is quite realistic to create conditions under which a child can breathe useful vapors.

For the treatment of stomatitis and gingivitis, also resort to the aid of an oil solution of the agent. To treat damaged areas, moisten the finger-wrapped finger in the solution or use a cotton swab - lubricate the areas of the oral mucosa that need treatment.

Do not rush to apply the drug inside for infants. Such use is possible only after consultation with the doctor and only if there are certain indications. When all of the above is done, the remedy is brewed with boiled water or breast milk, and then lets take the crumb inside.

Navel processing

The umbilical cord treatment process should be performed immediately after bathing. This is necessary in order to soak dried out crusts and apply the medicine on clean skin. For water procedures it is acceptable to add decoction, marigold or chamomile decoction to bathing water( we recommend reading: broth of chamomile for bathing a newborn).Use herbs after consultation with the pediatrician and with confidence in the absence of allergic reactions in the baby.

DETAILS: how to brew a string for bathing a newborn baby?
Bathing in herbs To crust on the umbilical wound a little soaked, you should first redeem the baby in the decoction of herbs

After gently wiping the baby after bathing, lay the crumb on the changing table in the position on the back. On the navel, you should drip a drop of hydrogen peroxide. The presence of a foamy reaction indicates that there is festering or blood in the umbilical wound. Blood in the navel will stop appearing towards the end of the second week of life. The existing suppuration can be cured with chlorophyllipt. After applying hydrogen peroxide, the crust on the navel, if possible, should be carefully removed. Do not be zealous and do not make efforts not to do much harm. Washed and cleaned wound on the navel should be treated with 1% alcohol solution. This procedure should be done twice a day - for example, during the morning toilet and in the evening after bathing.

For the treatment of the navel in a newborn, chlorophyllipt is more preferable than green. Zelenka strongly stains the skin, and the eucalyptus solution is colorless - the mother will be able to notice in time if the inflammatory process starts.

Allergy testing

Before using the product, the presence of an allergic reaction in the child should be checked. Do this as follows: drip 2 drops of oil solution to the baby in the mouth or dilute them in boiled water and give with a spoon. Absence of reddening and rashes on the body after 9-10 hours, as well as negative reactions in the form of edema, runny nose and tears, suggests that you can begin the treatment process.

Important! Do not drip into eyes! To avoid getting the solution into the eyes, do not apply a tincture of the area around the spout or mouth.

Test for allergy For a test for an allergic reaction, a slightly diluted drug can be given to a child with a spoon


Do not use the drug with:

  • individual intolerance to components;
  • allergies.

Detect allergic reactions in the manner described above. Not noticing the negative manifestations, you can safely use the remedy for your baby.

Prolonged and frequent administration of the drug may cause adverse reactions in the form of nausea, allergies, dryness of mucous membranes, vomiting and muscle spasms. Ask your doctor to prescribe together with this drug another drug that you could use alternately with the first - so you will protect your baby from negative manifestations.

Preparations with eucalyptus

Thanks to the medicinal preparations based on the extract from the leaves of eucalyptus, the body receives a positive effect. A painful cough can be alleviated by using chlorophyllipt - it will help improve the expectoration and sputum production. In addition, the product has a sedative effect, effectively works in the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, having a positive effect on the digestive process. The drug protects tissues from the loss of oxygen. Skin covers are healed and anesthetized. The itching disappears, and the permeability of the vessels decreases. This remedy is really unique in its medicinal properties, but it should be used only after consultation with the district pediatrician - however, as with any other new drug.


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