What is dyspnea and how to get rid of it?

What is dyspnea and how to get rid of it?

A condition in which breathing is difficult can occur at any age. The disease worries after strong physical exertion, has a different intensity. If the shortness of breath appears after a long run or a quick walk, there is no cause for concern. However, when such a state worries after rising to the 2 nd floor, it is worth to undergo a doctor examination, because this may be a sign of the onset of health problems and the onset of a serious illness.

Causes of shortness of breath and heart palpitations

Severe shortness of breath can be triggered by oxygen deficiency, as a result of which the respiratory organs are unable to provide a full blood gas composition. Fetal breathing and hoarseness during inspiration-exhalation develops in certain diseases that are directly related to lung, central nervous or cardiovascular disease.

When walking and exercising

Frequent seizures that require some time to normalize breathing, while worrying about dizziness, weakness, fever, are the first symptoms of

health problems and a sign of the development of a dangerous disease. Provoke shortness of breath can various causes, the most common among which are:

  • Strong lack of air during exercise.
  • Fast and long walking.
  • Frequent exposure to emotional stress causes the development of a disease such as shortness of breath. In the state of anxiety, adrenaline develops, resulting in air overfilling the lungs. After cessation of panic, it becomes easier to breathe, shortness of breath passes. Do not need any special medication.
  • Anemia, anemia. If dyspnea does not persist for a long time, it is necessary to take special medications intended for the treatment of a particular disease, it is desirable that such a remedy include iron in its composition.
  • Obesity. This is an unpleasant disease that provokes shortness of breath, because full of people's heart is difficult to bear any kind of physical activity, so they often have trouble breathing. The remedy should be selected by a doctor.

After eating

Strong sniffing manifests itself after a meal. As a result of overfilling the stomach, the diaphragm is under high pressure, so it is unable to fully participate in the process of breathing, worried about pain. You can not eat a large amount of food not only in the presence of certain diseases, but also because there is a load on the digestive organs.

The mechanism of the appearance of this disease is as follows:

  • After entering the stomach, the active work of the digestive system begins.
  • A large number of enzymes are produced by the stomach, intestine, pancreas.
  • Energy is used to push food through the gastric tract.
  • Recycled enzymes( proteins, carbohydrates, fats) are absorbed into the bloodstream.
  • A large amount of blood enters the digestive system.
  • Redistribution in the body of blood flow begins.
  • The intestine receives more oxygen, in contrast to other organs.
  • If there are no malfunctions in the body, unpleasant sensations are not observed. When there is a variety of diseases or abnormalities, the oxygen starvation of internal organs begins. To get rid of this phenomenon, the lungs begin to work at an accelerated rate, which provokes the formation of dyspnea.

Severe shortness of breath with bronchitis

This disease occurs as a result of narrowing of the bronchi, certain changes in the lung tissues, which provokes an insufficient intake of oxygen into the blood. In this regard, the respiratory system begins to function at a too fast rate. There may be a cough, a sound like a wheeze. Often this condition provokes bronchitis - with chronic and acute course of pathology. As a result of the development of a chronic type of disease, shortness of breath is manifested constantly. The only way to prescribe an effective remedy for such a disease is a doctor.

Pregnant women in the early stages of

Very seldom is this unpleasant feeling manifested in the first months of bearing a child. Provoke shortness of breath is capable of leading a woman with an unhealthy and unhealthy lifestyle, a variety of serious illnesses or a reaction to medicines. In early pregnancy, shortness of breath manifests itself for various reasons:

  • strong physical load;
  • anemia;
  • asthma;
  • emotional overstrain, stress;
  • allergy;
  • alcohol abuse;
  • smoking;
  • a strong hormonal surge;
  • increase in the volume of circulating blood;
  • wearing synthetic and tight clothes.

The child

is provoked by increased respiration, both with increased physical activity, and in the case of the development of certain pulmonary diseases, problems in the functioning of the cardiac or nervous system, allergies, gas exchange, respiratory viruses, asthma. If a child often has shortness of breath, parents need to be alert, because this may be the first sign of the formation of a serious disease. Only a doctor can prescribe the use of any medicine.

What kinds of shortness of breath are there?

Regardless of the type of shortness of breath, the same symptoms appear, but there are minor differences that are evident in the individual phases of breathing. There are several types of dyspnea:

  1. Mixed - manifested due to difficulty in exhaling and inhaling.
  2. Expiratory - is formed directly on the exhalation.
  3. Inspiration - worries during inspiration.

How to treat shortness of breath?

For the treatment of this unpleasant disease, a variety of methods are used - both modern medicines and unconventional medicine, which gives no less effective result. But first the cause is determined, why there was shortness of breath, otherwise it will not be possible to solve the problem. Taking into account the type, severity of the disease, the patient's condition is selected the method of treatment.


Significantly reduce the manifestation of dyspnea and normalize the condition will help certain medications:

  • Nitroglycerin - you need to take 1-2 tablets, depending on the strength of the attack of breathlessness. Relief occurs in about 5-10 minutes. It is desirable that this remedy is prescribed by a doctor. Angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors. There is an expansion of the artery, after which the breathing normalizes after a few minutes. Do not use this medication to treat dyspnea disease too often.
  • Cardiac glycosides. Taking this remedy, there is an improvement in the functioning of the heart muscle and an attack of dyspnea is reduced.
  • A drug based on isoprenaline helps relieve the condition with cardiac dysfunction and remove shortness of breath. The drug improves the performance of the respiratory system. Such drugs are contraindicated in ischemia.
  • Adrenaline helps to stop severe attacks of shortness of breath. The agent is injected 0.4-0.5 ml subcutaneously. Contraindicated in use at high blood pressure.
  • Diuretics are often used in the treatment of dyspnea. There is no delay in the body fluid, which significantly improves the patient's well-being.
  • Beta-blockers reduce the frequency of contraction of the heart muscle, which helps to reduce oxygen starvation, quickly eliminated signs of shortness of breath. Applied only as directed by a physician.

Folk remedies and methods

  • Tincture. Take flower honey( 1 liter), lemons( 10 pcs.), Garlic( 10 heads).Squeezed juice from lemons. It is peeled of the garlic and crushed with a meat grinder. All components are mixed in a glass container, tightly covered with a lid. After 7 days, the finished drug is taken on an empty stomach daily for 4 tsp. Until the full recovery and the attacks of dyspnea cease.
  • Goat's milk. Drink this folk remedy in the morning, on an empty stomach, boiling in advance. It is allowed to add a little liquid honey( not more than 1 tablespoon).This remedy will help to get rid of such a disease as dyspnea, provided a complete course of treatment lasts exactly one month.
  • Dill. Seeds and dry grass of dill( 2 tsp) pour one glass of boiling water. Prescribe the medication for an hour, then strain through gauze. Take the drug three times a day for half a glass, pre-heating the liquid.
  • Herbal collection. Take in equal amounts of 1 tbsp. L.Roots of cyanosis, lovage, licorice, yarrow herb, peppermint, bean pods. A remedy for the treatment of such a disease is taken up to complete disappearance, eliminating even slight attacks of dyspnea.
  • Aloe. From the leaves of the plant, an infusion of vodka is prepared, which is left for exactly 10 days. For 1 tsp. Ready mix with 1 tbsp. L.Liquid honey, the medication is taken orally. After 10 minutes you need to drink a glass of hot tea. This is the most effective remedy against such a disease as shortness of breath.

What is dyspnea and how to get rid of it?