Glycemic index of products - table

Glycemic index of products - table

An indicator that indicates the degree of increase in blood sugar, depending on what product was used, is called the glycemic index. With this in mind, it is easy to determine which food will be uniformly converted into energy, and other types of food with carbohydrates and a high level of GI, which are deposited as fats. In order to quickly lose weight, be constantly in shape and eat properly, it is worth considering the glycemic index of each product. Consider this value for different types of food and give the best recipes for food with a low rate.

What is the glycemic index?

The conventionally designated GI parameter indicates the rate of decomposition of the carbohydrate-containing product in the human body as compared to such a characteristic of glucose cleavage. Between these indicators there is a direct dependence. This means that the faster the product splits in the body, the higher its glycemic index value. Given these data, nutritionists divide all food into 3 categories: high, medi

um, low GI.

If a person wants to lose weight, then he is recommended several weeks to eat foods with a minimal glycemic index. After passing this stage, the diet is allowed to include food with an average GI.Food with a high level of glycemic index is not recommended for use by almost all people, not just those who want to lose weight. Some types of such food are considered unhealthy and can adversely affect the general condition of the body.

What does the GM product depend on?

Products with a low glycemic index are called complex( slow carbohydrates, consisting of starch), and with high GI - fast( empty carbohydrates).All food products are divided into 4 families: cereals, legumes, fruits, tubers. That the starch from these products is digested by intestinal walls, it is converted into glucose. This occurs with the help of the digestive enzyme amylase. The following factors influence the glycemic index of a product:

  • The ratio of amylose to amylopectin. Grains of starch, when combined with a liquid, swell, resulting in a viscous mixture. The more amylose in the product, the less it gelatinizes and little glucose forms during decay. In this case, the glycemic index will be low.
  • The type of food processing( mechanical, thermal).When heated in water, the glycemic index increases, this visually reflects the viscosity of the food.
  • Retrogradation( reverse process by gelling).If the product reduces viscosity, temperature and moisture content, the glycemic index will decrease. But it should be understood that it is impossible to completely reverse the gelling process.
  • Presence in food of proteins, dietary fibers. If these elements are present in the products, they can reduce the breakdown of starches and reduce the glycemic index.
  • The degree of maturity of products, their shelf life. The more ripe the vegetable, the fruit, the more its glycemic index. In the long-term storage of products, their GI will also increase.

Diets based on the glycemic index

The essence of the diet is to replace simple carbohydrates in the diet with complex ones. So, food will be slowly absorbed by the body, for a long time to saturate it with nutrients, and jumps of sugar in the blood will be absent. Such a diet based on the glycemic index was previously developed for diabetics, but with its help people manage to easily lose weight and come to the desired forms. Consider the basic rules of the daily diet:

  1. To consume foods only those whose glycemic index is low.
  2. Portions of food should be small.
  3. When fixing the results, it is allowed to eat foods with an average glycemic index, but must limit themselves in: sugar, honey, baking, potatoes, rice, corn, bananas.
  4. Do not cook or fry food for long, eat fresh foods.

Recipes of dishes

  1. Vegetable soup with a low glycemic index. In a container of boiling water( 2 liters), discard washed, fresh, soft peas and leave for 10 minutes. Add chopped onions, peppers, cabbage, broccoli. After all the ingredients have boiled for 1-2 minutes, add finely chopped tomato with olive oil, salt, a little bit of sweet pepper, a bay leaf and lots of greens.
  2. Baked fish with low glycemic index. Clean medium-sized, low-fat mackerel, remove the head. Inside the fish, put the chopped onion, tomato and lemon wedges. Top the dish with salt, pour lime juice. Bake in the oven, pre-wrapped in foil, about 20-30 minutes at medium temperatures. Seafood salad with a low glycemic index. Boil the shrimp, squid, quail eggs. All clear, cut into small pieces, add chopped cabbage, tomatoes. After the salad is salted and dressed with sunflower oil, it is ready for use. Bon Appetit!

Reviews on the effectiveness of the diet

Irina, 23 years: "A diet in the base of which products with a low glycemic index, my mother advised me. I ate only 2 weeks with food that is in the 1st group with the smallest GI.Then about 3 weeks in my diet were already products with an average glycemic index. In the end, I lost 5 kg of excess weight without any special efforts. Now I support the same food, because it is also very tasty. "

Natalia, 45 years old: "During my life I tried a lot of diets. Many of them were effective, after I finished they lost kilograms, but after a while I dialed again. After a diet based on nutrition with products with a low glycemic index, it was possible to lose 6 kg in 3 weeks. But the most positive thing is that over the next 2 months I dropped another 5 kg, eating food with an average GI level. "

Victor, 38 years old."When I was 35 years old, I decided to radically change my appearance, because I did not like my weight - 95 kg with a height of 178 cm. During the year I ate only products with an average GI level, as a result: 74 kg, beautiful physique and well-being. However, I supplemented the diet with exercise in the gym. My way to lose weight on the basis of the glycemic index is used by the spouse. "

Table of products with the indication of the glycemic index

Each person can prepare himself a diet for several weeks or months, for this it is worth looking at the table of products with a low and medium glycemic index. It is also necessary to take into account cooking rules and factors that can increase GI.We present tables with the corresponding values ​​of the glycemic index of popular products.

List of products with high GI( from 70 and above)

Product Glycemic Index
Dates dried 103
White bread toasts 100
Modified starch, 100
substitute buns fresh buns 95
Fried in butter potatoes 95
Potato gratin in 95
oven baked potatoes in a pan 95
Boiled rice noodles 92
White rice, round 90
gluten-free white bread 90
hamburger buns 85
Unsweetened popcorn without salt 85
Rice milk pudding in 85
Carrot( poached or braised) 85
Cornflakes without glaze 85
Muesli with nuts and raisins 80
Cracker 80
Sweet donuts 76
Baguette 75
Rice porridge on milk 75
Watermelon 75
Pumpkin fresh 75
Homemade waffles 75
Soft wheat lasagna 75
Chocolate bar( Bounty, Twix, Snickers, others) 70
Sweet soda 70
Croissant with chocolate 70
Pearl barley 70
Potato chips with salt 70
Brown sugar 70
couscous 70
Munk boiled 70

Products with an average GOP( 50 to 69)

Cranberries( fresh, frozen) 47
Grapefruit juice( without sugar) 45
Brown basmati rice, boiled 45
Canned green peas, purchased 45
Grapes 45
Coconut 45
Toast from whole grain bread 45
Orange fresh without sugar 45
Whole-breakfast breakfasts in ready-made form( withoutUse of sugar, honey) 43
Dried figs 40
Buckwheat boiled 40
Carrot juice( without sugar) 40
Pasta cooked by al dente 40
Prunes 40
Dried apricots 40
IBlock 35
Wild( black) rice, boiled 35
meat and beans, stew 35
Nut 35
Dijon Mustard 35
Fresh green peas 35
Dried tomatoes 34
Chinese noodles and vermicelli 35
Orange 35
Sesame podsushenny 35
Quince 35
Plum 35
Low fat yogurt 35
Soy sauce( withoutAdding sugar) 35
Ice-cream lean on the basis of fructose 35
Fresh nectarine 34
Bean boiled 34
Peach 34
Pomegranate 34
Compote( without sugar) 34
Tomato juice 33
Yeast store 31
Apricot 30
Soy milk without sugar 30
Grapefruit 30
Brown lentils 30
Garlic purple 30
Green string beans 30
Fresh beets 30
Fresh carrot any sort 30
Pear fresh any sort 30
jam( no sugar added) 30
Cottage cheese low fat home 30
tomatoes( fresh) 30
Blueberries, Blueberry, lingonberry 30
Yellow lentils 30
Almond milk 30
Bitter chocolate( more than 70% cocoa) 30
Passionfruit fresh 30
Milk( any fat content) home 30
Blackberry fresh 20
Mandarin fresh 30
Green lentils 25
Cherry fresh 25
mung bean big 25
Red currant 25
Raspberry 25
Strawberry 25
Soy premium flour 25
gooseberries fresh, ripe 25
Pumpkin seeds raw 25
Artichoke boiled Peanut butter( no sugar added) 20
Soy yogurt home 20
Eggplant Broccoli 20
Almond crude 15
eshyu crude 15
Cabbages white or blue 15
Bran any 15
Celery root 15
Cauliflower boiled 15
Brussels sprouts fresh 15
Cucumber fresh homemade 15
Chili 15
Asparagus boiled 15
hazelnuts, pine nuts, pistachios, walnuts 15
Forest Mushrooms 15
Ginger root 15
Onion, white 15
Fresh squash 15
Leek, greens 15
Pesto 15
Peanuts raw 15
Green olives 15
Rhubarb 15
Pickled or pickled cucumbers 15
Soybean 15
Tofu( bean curd) 15
Spinach Avocado Fresh 10
Lettuce green 9
Parsley, basil, cinnamon, oregano, vanilla 5
Product Glycemic Index
Product Glycemic
index of wheat flour of first grade 69
instant oatmeal 66
Fresh pineapple without midway 66
Jam 65
Orange juice, freshly squeezed 65
Black purchase leavened bread 65
Beetroot( boiled or stewed) 65
Muesli cooked with sugar 65
Marmalade 65
Raisins from any grape variety 65
Canned pineapple with sugar 65
magazine Rye bread 65
Maple syrup 65
Sorbet 65
Wholegrain bread shoplifter 65
potatoes, boiled in their skins withsalt 65
Canned vegetables straight ambassador 65
sweet potato( sweet potato) 65
cooked pasta with cheese 64
pancakes made from wheat flour and eggs 62
Chestnut 60
Banana 60
Dlinnozernovoy white rice 60
Ice 60
Magazinny mayonnaise 60
Lasagna 60
Oatmeal with butter 60
Melon fresh 60
Cocoapowder( with sugar) 60
sweet canned corn with sugar 57
Ketchup shoplifter 55
Grape juice( without sugar) 55
Spaghetti boiled 55
Mustard shoplifting 55
Bulgur 55
Sushi 55
Shortbread, purchased 55
Canned peaches with sugar 55
Cranberry juice( without sugar) 50
Basmati rice cooked 50
pineapple juice without 50
Kiwi sugar fresh 50
Mango fresh 50
Lychee 50
Brown brown rice, boiled 50
Persimmon fresh 50
Applejuice( without sugar) 50

with a low GI( 49 and below)

Glycemic Index of Products -