How to teach a baby to chew food if he refuses

How to teach a baby to chew food if he refuses

The problem of the lack of skill in chewing solid foods in young children has been encountered by many parents. To solve it, some efforts will be required: it will not only be necessary to stimulate the chewing reflex, but also to eliminate the causes that hamper development. Remember that the baby will get used to the correct absorption of food not immediately, it will take some time.

When a child begins to chew solid food

Every child goes through a special way of development, therefore, with an accuracy of one month, it is impossible to say when he will be ready to chew fully. According to the opinion of authoritative pediatricians, at about the age of 1 year the baby is already able to eat solid foods. In some children, this skill is developed several months earlier, others - a little later. But if by two years the child has developed a small hand motor skills, and he is not accustomed to full-fledged food, it is necessary to take urgent measures.

The instinct of chewing arises at the ag

e of 5 months, even before the moment, before eruption of the first teeth. According to pediatricians, "trying on the tooth" teaser, drying or other small object, the kid not only tries to massage the swollen and itchy gums, but also trains the jaw muscles. After the first teeth are cut, the child will be able to chew the chopped pieces of food.

A child does not want to chew - what's the reason?

There are a number of reasons why a crumb refuses to chew, and consumes only liquid food. Do not immediately get angry and nervous, there is a possibility that this is not a whim, but a physiological problem. To find out the reasons it is worth observing the behavior of the child, to analyze the situation whether he wants to chew on his own. Sometimes, in order to get used to new products, it will take some time. There are such reasons for not having a chewing skill:

  1. Incorrect feeding of .This is the main reason that the baby refuses to chew, part with his favorite mashed potatoes and switch to an "adult" diet. Overly caring parents offer the baby such a wide variety of liquid foods that he simply does not want something else. Sometimes mother feeds her child with kashki and mashed potatoes because of fears that he will choke: do not be afraid, not chewed a piece he will spit out.
  2. Unmatched skills of .It is noticed that babies, who immediately after birth were on artificial feeding, reluctantly refuse liquid food. The reason for this is undeveloped jaw muscles: in order to get enough, you need to work hard, and you will not need a chewing reflex to get a nipple mix. Sometimes the child is forbidden to "try the tooth" of the steering wheel, various safety objects, do not offer a teetotaler: this also does not promote development.
  3. Physiological problems of .Occasionally the reason for the reluctance to chew foods is physiological problems. A small gourmet tries to swallow, but suddenly begins to cough, and he has to spit out not chewed bits. Difficulties with swallowing cause widespread diseases of the larynx and oral cavity - stomatitis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis. Any attempt to chew causes pain and forces you to eat grinded food. To identify such diseases, visit the dentist, surgeon and neurologist.

Tips for Teaching Your Baby to Chew Solid Food

There are several ways to develop a chewing reflex to an "adult" meal. If several methods are applied at once, success is assured. At first it is recommended to feed mixed - liquid food with impregnations of solid foods, so that he is accustomed to a new diet. The main principle of switching to a new diet is not to go on about and give up the goal. If something does not work out, you can not show it, it's better to try it next time.

Chewing Instinct

Serve a personal example of

There is nothing better for teaching a small gourmet something new, like learning from the example of parents and other adults. Calmly tell that from now on you will eat together, and he has grown to eat ordinary food, not justMashed potatoes. In order to develop a chewy reflex, show him a treat, the perfect piece of colored marmalade is ideal. Slowly bite off the delicacy, interest the child, let him ask for a piece.

Stop chopping food

If the toddler saw the cooking process, he should have noticed a crush, blender or other object to turn any dish into puree. Once tell the crumb that the blender has broken down or gone, and you will have to eat food without grinding, entirely. If a small gourmet does not like it, explain that this is only once, next time everything will be as before, but now you need to eat everything.

Snack on the street

If parents are not the authority for the child, try to use the authority of other children. Try to be more often on the street, in traffic, in public catering establishments, on picnics. When a child sees how other children carelessly eat any food, he will also want to try "for the company", there on his culinary requests and whims will be indifferent to everyone.

Video: what helps the child learn how to chew

Some, too worry about and without it. Sometimes the father and mother are sure that their child lags behind in development, and it's time to urgently teach the child to chew. But it happens that because of the peculiarities of development, it's too early to switch to solid food. Be careful, do not rush things. If the parents are sure that the child is not able to chew, it is necessary to act. We recommend that you start by watching a thematic video, which details the details that help you learn how to chew.

How to teach a baby to chew food if he refuses