Choosing a breast pump: which is better - manual or electric, how to express them correctly breast milk?

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  • 1. When is the breast pump required?
  • 2. Types of breast pumps
  • 3. Ratings of modern models
    • 3.1. The best manual models of
    • 3.2. Popular electric models
  • 4. advantages of electric and manual models
  • 5. Terms of Use and care
  • 6. Reviews and advice

mothers Young mothers often buy breast pumps - devices that help to express breast milk. Why does my mother regularly breastfeed a baby to get a breast pump?

  • lactation decline - the so-called lactation crises - breast pump helps to stimulate the production of breast milk, because the lack of mother's milk is reflected in the first place on the child.
  • There are days when a child is ill or small to breastfeed for various reasons, then it is necessary to carry out preventive pumping using a breast pump, so that the milk does not stagnate.
  • If there are stiffenings from stagnation, the device will help to dissolve these places and bring the breast int
    o a "working" state.

When choosing a breast pump, the mother carefully chooses the functions and capabilities of each species, the rules of use and care. The correct choice of the device will facilitate the life of a young mother.

Breast-feeding need for decanting milk may even occur in that moms who are constantly feeding your baby breast and does not plan to be away from him

When the breast pump is needed?

  • If a child sucks milk poorly for physiological reasons, this is the most common problem in premature infants.
  • The child refuses to suckle.
  • A faithful assistant with mastitis and lactostasis, it reliably and carefully dissociate sore spots.
  • To express the milk in reserve, if you need to go somewhere.
  • To help maintain the baby's nutrition if the mother is not around( in school, work, sick).
Doctors strongly recommend not to express milk daily, as active stimulation of the mammary glands can cause mastitis. Watch your health, as it is the guarantee of your kid's well-being.

Types of breast pumps

All breast pumps for expressing milk are divided into two main types: mechanical and manual. Manual( mechanical) instruments are divided into two groups:

  • pump, equipped with a pear;
  • piston - the most popular and natural.

The prices for breastmilk units differ greatly and will depend on a number of properties:

  • modes of operation;
  • adjustment of the rate and intensity of decantation;
  • additional accessories( bottles, linings, bags and spare parts).

Rating of modern models of

The experience of mothers all over the world helped to make a full rating of breast pumps. If we talk about the manufacturer Philips AVENT , then it is rightly considered the leader among manual and electric models. The Swiss brand Medela is the market leader in electrical appliances. A little less convenience offers breast pumps companies Chicco, Nuk, Canpol .Domestic manufacturers «World of Childhood» and «winged samaras» offer lower prices, but also lower quality compared to foreign brands. Make a wish list and based on this make your choice which breast pump is best:

  1. handheld AVENT Philips is the best and most convenient;
  2. electronic model Medela Freestyle is the most productive;
  3. stylish model Medela Harmony is considered very delicate;
  4. budget option Medela Swing Maxi is considered the most powerful of its price range;
  5. compact and mobile version - Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature;The
  6. breast pump model Philips AVENT SCF332 / 01 is the most convenient;
  7. quality pump device with a bottle - Chicco 600;
  8. the smallest option is Medela Mini Electric 3700;
  9. most budget model - Nuk E-motion 3200.
AVENT Philips Manual AVENT Philips can without exaggeration be called a bestseller - it is chosen for the hundreds of thousands of mothers breast pump milk worldwide

best manual models

  • AVENT Philips 330/20 - mechanical model, it is easy toUse plus it comes with a full set of spare parts. The cost is 3000 rubles.
  • Medela Harmony - there is a choice of rate and intensity of expression. The cost is 2100 rubles.
  • Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature - mobile breast pump. The cost is 2300 rubles.
  • Chicco Fast Flow - great for stable lactation. The cost is 500 rubles.
  • "World of Childhood" is a budget model not for regular use. The cost is 1100 rubles.
Medela Harmony Medela Harmony is very easy to use - it allows mom to choose the intensity of the pumping

Popular electric models

  • Nuk E-motion Medela Swing Maxi - one of the most reliable breast pumps operating totally silent. The cost is 10000 rubles.
  • Philips AVENT SCF332 / 01 - quite noisy apparatus, but offered in the maximum configuration. The cost is 7000 rubles.
  • Medela Mini Electric is the most compact electric appliance. The cost is 4500 rubles.
  • Medela Freestyle - high-tech and productive breast pump in expanded configuration. The cost is 17000 rubles.
  • Nuk E-motion is the best affordable version of a noiseless and very high quality breast pump. The cost is 3700 rubles.

Advantages of electric and manual models

  • In the absence of serious problems with lactation, it is recommended to take a manual version of the device.
  • Mechanical models with a piston mechanism to express milk more delicate, but the price is higher than in the pomp breast.
  • Mechanical options are easier to use, they do not need to be charged or replaced with batteries, plus they are almost noiseless.
  • The electric device for expressing saves time, which is why we recommend using it when you need to express milk every day.
  • In case of lactation and for daily use it is better to take an electrical version of the device.
  • The use of electric breast pumps is more labor intensive in terms of sterilization, but at the same time they save time and effort. Another disadvantage is the noise produced and the high price.
  • When choosing an overlay, give preference to a silicone overlay anatomical shape, do not use a variant of plastic.
  • considering pumping system, choose the 2-phase model, as well as kits, in which there is a bottle and nipple.
  • safest material for equipment considered polypropylene containing no Bisphenol A.

Terms of Use and care

for pumping milk with a breast pump electric type need to attach the device to grip the areola so that the nipple was strictly in the center of the crater. Next, you just need to turn on the breast pump according to the instructions.

Mechanical model work on the same principle, only for the work it is necessary to squeeze the bulb( in the version with pump) or press the lever( in piston devices).If the apparatus is possible, set the required pressure intensity before use, following the instructions. To prepare the breast for breastfeeding, it is possible to make a small massage with your hands beforehand and strain a little by hand, a warm compress will be also welcome. If you express painfully, try to alternate breasts.

At the end of work, the breast should be wiped with a damp towel, and all the detachable parts should be thoroughly washed, sterilized and left to dry. You can sterilize in various ways: in a special device( we recommend reading: sterilizer), in a double boiler or over a boiling pan. Carry out disinfection for at least 5 minutes.

After drying, all parts should be removed in a special container or box, so that they do not sit on the dust. Before the first application, you should make a deeper sterilization - about 40 minutes. It is recommended to treat all plastic parts with boiling water, but before starting work, read the instructions to the breast pump.

Reviews and advice moms


https:? // watch v = xmTo00u5oh0

  • Pros and cons of the model «Medela»
    • In the hospital escaped with the help of Medela. Electric and powerful, he helped to normalize and stabilize lactation, milk began to arrive every day.
    • I tried Medela in the electric version, and he helped me to fix lactation and remove all the unpleasant sensations in the chest. This option has arranged me also because it is important for me how long it takes for the whole process of expression.
    • Has stopped the choice on electric model Medela Mini as there was an unpleasant painful experience of use of manual analogues. It is happy that it is easy to disassemble and wash, it also pleases lower cost compared to Avent.
    • There was an opportunity to test at once two popular models of breast pumps: Medela and AVENT Philips. Both are electronic, but Medela seemed to me more convenient and more accessible.
    • Lactostasis has always been treated with Medela Swing.
    • I had the opportunity to try a huge number of different devices, since I nursed all my children, and I have three of them. The most beloved were the electric version of Medela Mini and the mechanical AVENT Philips.
  • For and against the model "AVENT"
    • I use the breast pump rarely, so I stopped on the manual version of AVENT.This is a good, but, it is true, not very cheap option.
    • The best breast pump for me is AVENT Philips. I used it for a very long time, because for all the food I used my milk. It turns out that a not very cheap model fully paid for itself.
    • I chose for a long time what type of unit would suit me and stopped at the mechanical version of Avent, since with its help it is possible to vary the intensity of expressing independently, and it does not make any noise at all.

Video, which explains the features of using a breast pump, will help inexperienced mothers to adapt to this new assistant for them in breastfeeding.


https: // watch? V = kdSajR5pO4Q