Treatment of prostatitis in men at home

Treatment of prostatitis in men at home

Men do not like to be treated. Even feeling the pain, experiencing frequent urge to go to the toilet, they do not rush to apply to specialists. Only the threat of impotence makes them go to the doctor. Until recently, men of mature age were sick with prostatitis, and now twenty-year-olds come to the reception. It is important to correctly identify the causes of the disease, start treatment in time. Doctors prescribe medications. A necessary supplement is the treatment of prostatitis in men at home. Charging, massage, herbs - all this speeds up the healing process.

Symptoms of prostatitis in men

The main symptoms of prostatitis differ in acute and chronic. The first are manifested by fever, a headache. Frequent trips to the toilet do not give relief. When urinating, pain occurs and intensifies. The person becomes irritable, very excited. Chronic disease is asymptomatic. All processes are sluggish. Problems with potency patients explain fatigue, lack of rest. Often the chronic prostatitis is con

fused with the prostate adenoma, but the treatment for them occurs in different ways.

How to treat prostate inflammation at home

There are all possible methods of treating prostatitis in men at home. These include yoga, running, gymnastics, massage. Very good effect gives home treatment of prostatitis with various folk remedies. There are recipes with the use of herbs, plants. They allow you to make a medicine for prostatitis yourself. It is taken along with pharmaceuticals. All this helps to get rid of the symptoms of the disease much faster.

Drug treatment

For the treatment of prostatitis in men at home it is important to take medication. In urology, the drug prostomol uno is popular. Doctors prescribe it with inflammation. Depending on the cause of the illness, doctors prescribe the pill:

  • Antibiotics for fighting infection.
  • Spasmolytics that relieve spasm.
  • Immunomodulators for improving immunity.
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory, relieving edema.
  • Alpha-adrenoblockers, normalizing the excretion of urine.

Folk remedies

How to treat prostatitis at home? There are folk ways that give excellent results. Here are some recipes for treatment:

  • Raw pumpkin seed pass through a meat grinder. Stir with honey. Both components are 200 grams. Roll balls of 1.5 cm. Take in the morning, in the evening before eating, chewing.
  • Bark of aspen collected in spring, dried in oven, chopped. Add 100 milliliters of vodka to 100 grams. Insist in the dark for up to 15 days. Take twenty drops per 60 grams of water.
  • When treating prostatitis at home, garlic suppresses the infection. For treatment, you need to take 5 denticles, pour two cups of boiling water, insist about 12 hours. Strain, drink 60 grams on an empty stomach.
  • A good effect gives treatment with homemade candles. Take 40 g of propolis, add 200 ml of alcohol, evaporate. One candle is obtained from two grams of cocoa butter and 0.1 grams of extracted extract. Enter into the anus 1 time in the evening. Treatment takes 3 months, then a break for a month is made and further procedures are continued.


How to cope with prostatitis - the number one enemy for men's health with the help of herbs? They are drunk as an infusion. Here are some ways:

  • Take the celandine and hemlock over half a tablespoon, add 100 mg of alcohol. Keep the infusion in the dark for up to 12 days. Take under the scheme: every day in a glass of water or milk dripping tincture. Start with one drop, then bring to 30. After the process of decreasing drops to one.
  • A good effect with exacerbation of prostatitis gives the use of parsley seeds. Brew 5 teaspoons with a glass of boiling water, soak for 15 minutes. Drink a large spoon 3 times a day on an empty stomach. Treatment of prostatitis continue for up to a month.
  • There is a very simple recipe with the use of Kalanchoe. You need to chew one sheet for 3 appointments to feel better.
  • Excellent results in the treatment of prostatitis with chamomile with the help of microclysters. The drug through the mucous membrane gets directly to the diseased organ. For 250 milliliters of boiling water, take 2 tablespoons of chamomile. She insists half an hour. For the enema, you need 100 g of infusion at a temperature of 30-40 degrees. This recipe not only reduces inflammation of the prostate gland, but also improves the activity of the gastrointestinal tract.


Treatment of prostatitis massage is used to relieve the symptoms of the disease. It is better, if it will be done by a specialist finger, through the anus. When the massage increases blood circulation, the inflammatory secret of the prostate is separated. Unfortunately, men do not like going to the doctor, but they are also embarrassed by this procedure. And it's hard to do it yourself, at home, at home. The simulator Vadim Markelov will come to the rescue.

The operation of the device is based on electrical stimulation of the muscles. Massage is done without penetration. The patient sits on a special saddle, moistened with water. The process lasts 20 minutes. Select modes of work, differently affecting the contraction of muscles. Improvement occurs after 3 sessions. For the prevention of prostatitis it is desirable to do such a massage once a week. About contraindications for this procedure, read the passport.


An excellent help for recovery with prostatitis is gymnastics. To carry it out, you do not need to allocate a special place and time. A chair at work, a place in transport will replace a sports simulator. It is done gymnastics imperceptibly for others. It reduces soreness, prevents stagnation. It is based on the contraction of the muscles of the anus and responsible for urination. It is desirable to perform gymnastics at least three times a day.

We offer several exercises for the prevention of prostatitis:

  • Slow muscle contraction. Squeeze and unclasp for ten seconds. Perform for both muscle groups.
  • Rapid shortening. The cycle is 5 seconds. Perform twenty times.
  • Flashing. In this case, the muscles of the one and the other group alternately contract.
  • Popping. The process is as if you are walking.
  • Exercise "elevator".At first the muscles are compressed easily, then with medium effort, then strongly. Each cycle is 10 seconds long.

Consequences of

If you do not conduct a timely diagnosis, do not start treatment for prostatitis, the consequences can be sad. Violation of urination, frequent desires at night, separation of urine in small portions, urethritis. Erection problems that lead to impotence begin. As a consequence, then infertility may occur. It is worth starting the treatment, and acute prostatitis will become chronic. Begin irreversible processes that can result in prostate cancer.

Prevention of prostatitis

To prevent the development of prostatitis, it is worth taking up prevention. To do this, you must not allow hypothermia, you need to adjust the diet. The menu should be a lot of vegetables and fruits to exclude constipation. You can not sit in one place for a long time. It is necessary to get up from time to time, do unnoticeable gymnastics. It's good to walk up the stairs, take a walk along the corridor. It is necessary to strengthen physical activity, to conduct regular training. Running, Nordic walking, yoga will be an excellent prevention of the disease.

Video about the disease of the male prostate

If you have any questions about how inflammation of the prostate gland occurs, what causes prostatitis? Under what circumstances does it become chronic? Is it real to treat prostatitis at home? Check out the videos below and get answers to the questions. You will learn the doctor's recommendations about which specialists should be contacted.

Chronic prostatitis

Dr. Boris Sachko in this video will tell you about the various causes of prostatitis. Why does each factor have its own method of treatment? How do doctors of different specializations make diagnostics? For what reason at a chronic prostatitis at the husband it is necessary to pay attention to health of the wife? How does an integrated approach to treatment shorten the period of recovery?

How to massage

After watching this video, you will learn how to massage yourself at home. Why does every man after 30 years have to do this regularly? How to do it at home? In what position is it better to carry out the procedure? Does massage of the prostate help to heal? Is it effective for the prevention of prostatitis? You will see how to facilitate the process of the massage.

Treatment of prostatitis in men at home