How to turn off the Radar service on Megaphone

How to turn off the Radar service on Megaphone

Concerned about the safety, well-being of children or elderly loved ones, we want to know where our people are. If you have a mobile phone, you will not be able to trace the movements of the person you are interested in: connect the required option via SMS, call or through the Personal Area. If there is no need, you can cancel this function at any time. How to deactivate the service Megafon Radar? Let's consider the main options and the order of actions.

How to disable Radar on Megaphone

How to find out where the subscriber of cellular communication is? Service Megaphone Radar helps to find the location of the mobile network user, information about the movements, providing information in the form of short messages:

  • Light is a basic service with data on the coordinates of one person.
  • Standard - common functionality with free first connection. Provides information about the coordinates of five people at a time. The cost of a subscription fee - 3 rubles per day.
  • Radar + - the expand
    ed version. Informs about the route of movement with the definition of the geographical zone. The fee for the use of - 7 rubles / day.
  • Navigator search "Locator" - is valid for subscribers of the Belgorod region and the Caucasus region. Determines the position of the face to the accuracy of the street.

How to disable the unnecessary Radar service on Megaphone? Members package Locator Light and do not have such an opportunity. Subscribers of the standard and extended versions can use one of the methods discussed below. Some require the Internet, others do not. If you have any difficulties, you can contact the nearest Megafon office and qualified personnel will help to solve the problem.

Through the subscriber's personal cabinet on the

website Are you a customer of the Megafon mobile operator, want to be aware of all the services provided by the company for your tariff package? Go to the official website, register in the Personal Area. By filling in a specially designed form, you can quickly manage the available options. To enter the Personal Area you will need to enter your login and password. After seeing the list of actions, select the item "Disable Megaphone Radar".This option will be the most reliable. In addition, once you enter the Cabinet, you will always be able to monitor the actions performed.

Service management in the mobile application Megaphone Radar

For smartphone owners Radar site provides opportunities to learn not only the location of the person you are interested in, but also to determine the route of his movements using the map. This helper portal allows you to connect, manage the settings of the basic and advanced services. Simple, fast registration requires the input of personal user data. If the need for the function is exhausted, please log in to the site, and then disable the unnecessary option via the mobile application.

Calling to operator's number

Is it possible to get a Megafon subscriber Radar how to turn off the service without having direct access to the Internet? Dial the single free number for users of this company - "0500", press the "Call" button. Voice menu and answering machine will help to make the necessary actions. By pressing the necessary keys on the phone, the command to disable the tracking system for one or several subscribers will be selected.

For residents of large cities with an extensive network of customer service points, this option can be made by looking into the nearest store-salon of the mobile communication company and contacting the employee with a request. If you doubt the correctness of the actions taken to manage a standard surveillance service or its extended version, entrust disabling to specialists.

SMS-request for connecting and disabling the service Radar on Megaphone

How to disable the radar service with MTS on Megaphone? Text messages provide the ability to manage this function:

  1. Option with sending SMS to 5166 .
    • To connect the basic functionality, send a message with any of the words: On, Reg., On, registration, reg.(Regardless of the case of letters) to a short four-digit number 5166 . After that the service will become available and you, with the permission of the subscriber of interest, will have an opportunity to track its location.
    • By sending a message to the same number with the words Off, Off, Off or Unreg., The owner of the mobile device waives the monitoring function.
  2. Disconnection via SMS to number 5051.
    • Dial any combination - "STOP 9220" or "STOP CEE" - and send to the above number.
  3. Would you like to connect an advanced package with the navigation function? By typing the symbol "+" or the word On, Reg., On, Reg. With a plus sign and sending to number 5166, you will become a happy owner of the service. In the future, to reject it, you need to create and send SMS with the text: Off +, Unreg +, Off +.

USSD code is a combination of numbers, characters or letters, by means of which a certain option is connected / disconnected, to disable the location search service using the

USSD code. If you do not want to use the navigator function that tracks the movement of the subscriber of interest, type the combination:

  • * 505 * 0 * 192 # and press the "Call" button - the basic package.
  • * 505 * 0 * 3790 # and the button "Call" - to refuse the service with advanced features.
  • Wait for the operator to ask for the correctness of the action and confirm the cancellation of the functionality.

How to turn off the service Radar

on Megaphone