How to develop a child in 4 months: a review of useful toys, educational games and lessons at home

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  • 1. What can you develop with the help of a 4 month old baby?
  • 2. What toys offer crumbs?
  • 3. General rules for developing games
  • 4. Games for development of the emotional sphere and hearing
  • 5. Games for the development of movements
  • 6. Game for development of tactile sensations

The first year of the child's life is the most saturated both in terms of development of emotions, Intellectual growth, and in the physical aspect. In the first year of life, the baby is not perceived as an object for feeding, washing and sleeping. It is necessary to play with it, because at that time the basic mechanisms of human behavior as a person are laid. The kid learns different ways of emotional, moral and physical reaction to external stimuli and events.

Child 4 months At 4 months the kid seems quite small and defenseless, but this does not prevent him from actively exploring the surrounding world and developing at a tremendous pace.

Training is largely

done by the imprinting method, that is, the child unconsciously remembers, and in the future copies the behavior of significant adults, firstThe turn of parents - they need to remember this when demonstrating these or other reactions in the presence of an infant. The brain is not a muscle, but it needs to be "pumped", like a physical body, only by training, it is improved. Developing games are one of the main ways to develop the intellectual sphere of children.

What can you develop with the help of a 4 month old baby?

  • grabbing movements;
  • tactile sensations;
  • muscular corset and, as a consequence, the ability to hold your head, and in the future sit down, get up, walk;
  • organs of touch and their corresponding think tanks;
  • emotional sphere.

In 4 months the child needs toys, because the time of wakefulness increases - it is already possible to entertain the kid with pleasure, play with him at home, offering classes for developing the body and mind. By four months the baby has to learn to take what is put in his hand, grab the objects in his field of vision( if he can reach them), is able to distinguish different surfaces. Hands should be involved as much as possible and more often, then classes are easy to conduct at home, they allow "to kill not two but three birds":

  • improve tactile capabilities;
  • stimulates the centers in the brain, connected with the palmar surface of the hand, and this is a large part of the brain;
  • uses biologically active points, which normalize the work of internal organs.
Allow the baby to touch a variety of objects, gnaw them, sort out, then he will grow smart. At the age of 4 months the kid needs a massage and exercises that will allow him to keep his head - for this purpose the child should be spread on the tummy.
Exercises on fine motor skills Exercises on fine motor skills - the basis for the development of a baby at this age.

. What toys to offer to crumbs?

  • convenient for grasping;
  • suitable for gnawing;
  • large enough and having different shapes;
  • bright, desirable presence of all colors of the rainbow;
  • with audio effects( rattles, rustles, bells, pshchalki, etc.).

Toys for a baby in 4 months should be suitable in size to its handle, convenient for grasping and holding, that is, with rings, relatively small diameter, rattles. By this age, the child begins to actively cut into the teeth, so everything you give to the crumb will be in your mouth. Accordingly, the toys should not have paper stickers or a removable varnish, which he gnaws at, the size should be such that the baby can not swallow them. At least part of the toy should easily enter the baby's mouth. Not all children are actively gnawed by teethers, many use for "carding" gums absolutely unsuitable for this purpose: children's spoons, plastic caps from cans of water, etc.

In 4 months, toys can be put into the baby's handle or hung over the crib so that he can reach out to them with his hand - these can be rubber, plastic toys( small animals that can be called a baby) or parts from a large designer( parallelogram, cube, balletc).

Toys over the bed Lovely funny toys over the crib - not just the decor of the children's room, they help the baby to develop and perfectly affect the fine motor skills.

General rules for developing games

The general rules for any game with a child in 4 months are reduced to the willingness of the baby to them. It should be:

  • healthy;
  • full;
  • is alert, not sleepy;
  • comfortably dressed and in a clean diaper.

Dr. Komarowski emphasizes that children can not stand hunger for 4-5 months, so it will not be possible to distract a toddler with an interesting occupation for a long time - a hungry child will not want to play. Do not also entertain the baby who wants to sleep - it will do more harm than good.

Games for the development of the emotional sphere and hearing

"Reading in the faces" will help to take the baby during wakefulness and establish contact with it at the level of emotion transmission, will spur to the development of the first speech skills. For this game, the mother puts the baby in the crib and reads a fairy tale with an abundance of dialogues. Read should be in the faces, expressively, accompanying facial expressions with those or other aspects of the emotional state of the characters. The kid will listen to the voice of his mother, learning to differentiate intonations. Over time, he will walk in response.

The next game - "bells" , is very easy to perform. To do this, small bells or rattles are tied to the hands( feet) of the crumb with ribbons or any rubber bands. Moving the pens, the kid will use the toy, his ringing attracting him. First, in this way, he learns to understand where his hands( legs) are, secondly, sound sensors will be trained and understanding that it is his movements that are triggered by musical sounds. There are other games, which can be found on the video.


https: // watch? V = VWtXX-5HGOg

Games for the development of movements

Your baby four months? It's time to develop its ability to roll over .To do this, you need a toy that the baby likes, and a wide bed. The child is placed in the middle of the bed and shows him his favorite toy, then puts it on the corner of the bed, so that the child has to roll over on the barrel in order to see it. Most likely, the baby does not immediately succeed, for the first time help him - show how to do it. If the baby tried, stretched and tired, push the toy to him, do not overwork the child.

Exercises and massage in the form of the game not only strengthen the muscles of the baby, remove hypertonia, but also will please the child. Begin the exercises with a preliminary massage - it consists in stroking hands, legs, tummy. Then do 3 crosses with handles and legs. Completely repeat the exercise 5 times, then alternately tighten the legs crumbs. Then they simultaneously raise and lower both hands of the baby, alternately raise, and lower the child's hands. Exercise is done 5 times each, the complex is repeated again in full.

Massage for infants Cot and massage games contribute to the physical development of the baby
Do this twice a day with a baby. If the crumb does not want to, resists each movement, straining the legs, postpone the game for another time.

Game for development of tactile sensations

Developing game in knots , most likely, will interest the kid and help development of his tactile skills, and also stimulates grasping movements. To conduct it, you need a braid or ribbon with knots tied on it. The total length of the tape is 0.4 m, the knots are tied every 0.1 m.

The prepared ribbon is given to the child's hand, then it is slowly pulled, giving the baby to feel the nodule. Movements should be smooth, so as not to injure the skin of the baby. It is important to understand the baby and his reaction to the presence of nodules. In four months he is fully capable of realizing what is happening. If the exercise does not bring any visible benefit immediately, do not drop it - over time the effect will be.

Developing game with a child of 4 months may well be interesting and useful for strengthening relationships and building mutual understanding.


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