How long can you walk with the newborn after the hospital and when to go out: the first walk in winter and summer

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  • 3. How to get dressed and what to take?
  • 4. Summer walks
  • 5. Autumn-spring walks
  • 6. Winter walks
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    • 6.2. Symptoms of overheating and frostbite
  • 7. Walking on the balcony
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The first walk with the newborn is an exciting event, even though at the discharge from the hospital the young parents receive certificates and advice on the upbringing and care of the baby. If breastfeeding and hygiene procedures are clear, then walks cause a lot of questions and doubts. Especially young mothers do not know how to act in the winter. Is it possible to walk in the cold season? When to take out the crumbs on the street? How to dress? How many minutes or hours should the walk with the newborn last?

However, winter is not the only time of year that you should pay attention to.

All 365 days a child can be exposed to external stimuli such as exhaust fumes, snow, rain, wind, sun, heat, dust, dirt, etc. Is it not dangerous for newly born babies and why go to the street? Let's understand.

The first walk with the newborn

The use and time of walks

Of course, on the street the baby is waiting for various natural effects, but it's even good. Immunity from the first days of life must adapt to the environment, so fortifying it with walks is the best solution. The benefits of fresh air and sunlight are known to everyone without exception, and this applies not only to children, but also to adults.

How many months do I have to start walking? Many doctors recommend leaving the apartment walls almost immediately after discharge from the hospital. If the baby was born in the summer, then you should wait a week, and if in winter - two weeks.

The total length of the walk varies depending on the age of the crumbs, the approximate time is shown in the table below:

Age Spring Summer Autumn Winter
First walk 10-15 min. 15-20 min. 10-12 min. 5-10 min.
1 week 25-35 min. 30-45 min. 20-25 min. 15-20 min.
1 month 2 times for 50-60 minutes. 2 times for 1-1,5 hours 2 times for 40-50 minutes. 2 times for 30-40 minutes.
3 months 2 times for 1,5-2 hours 2 times for 2,5-3 hours 2 times for 1-2 hours 2 times for 1 hour
6 months. 2 times for 2 hours 2 times for 2 hours or 1 time for 4-5 hours 2 times for 1 hour 2 times for 1 hour
12 months. 1-2 times for 2-3 hours 2-3 times for 2-3 hours 2 times for 1-1,5 hours 1-2 times for 1-1,5 hours

We can talk endlessly about the usefulness of walking:

  • the body is supplied with oxygen, which improves appetite and sleep;
  • temperature changes and hardening strengthen immunity;
  • correctly forms the musculoskeletal and nervous system;
  • the child learns the world around and meets new people;
  • function better in the respiratory tract;
  • improves blood circulation;
  • ultraviolet - excellent prevention of rickets;
  • exercises eye muscles by examining objects.
Walking mothers with children Walk is useful not only for babies, but also for his mother - you can share your experience with friends and discuss the "urgent" issues of

. In addition, walks are also useful for mom: improving lactation, normalizing blood pressure. It is also a kind of physical exercise that perfectly helps to bring the figure after birth into order, unwind and improve oxygen nutrition in the body. New acquaintances at playgrounds or in parks with the same mummies with strollers are another plus. Common topics for conversation will help to find good friends, with whom it will be possible then to be friends with families.

Important tips

It happens that the weather outside the window for a long time does not allow you to leave the house, for example, when the temperature is below -10 or above +30 degrees. Then the young parents decide to "walk" the child on the balcony. On the one hand, this is a good solution, because to be a few days in four walls is not the case. On the other hand, many mothers start to like this way of "walking", the kid in the open air usually sleeps and does not bother anyone. However, he should not get used to sleeping in a stroller, otherwise there may be problems with putting him in the crib. The crumb will be capricious and ask for air, you will have to open the windows and create a draft in the apartment.

Daytime sleep of the baby If the mother is tired or very busy, the baby's daytime sleep can be arranged on the balcony

If all the same weather conditions are favorable and you went for a walk, you should follow several rules:

  1. Do not walk on an empty stomach, especially on the streetcapabilities. Feed in advance. In addition, in the open air, a well-fed baby sleeps more tightly, and, accordingly, less capricious. For yourself you can take fruit or sandwiches, although it is also better to eat before a walk. Then there will be enough water or juice.
  2. Do not leave the stroller in the heat, but it is not worthwhile to stand in the shade for a long time. Warm weather with mild sunshine is an ideal time. For a certain season there are rules.
  3. A sick child( especially with a high temperature) should not be taken out into the street categorically. First, heal, otherwise aggravate the situation. The disease will last longer and more difficult. However, after treatment it is necessary to restore walks, as clean fresh air contributes to recovery, especially in diseases of the respiratory tract: it promotes liquefaction of mucus.
  4. Walk in parks, squares and coniferous forests. Avoid noisy places, since the baby can be afraid of loud noises. The quietest hours are in the morning from 9 to 12 and in the evening after 19:00.Accustom to the noise of the streets gradually.

Keep track of the baby's well-being. It can freeze or, on the contrary, sweat, so dress for a walk always in the weather.

Clothing for newborns Do not overheat - the same important task as not to "freeze" the crumbs. Wear a child according to the weather, guided by the rule: clothes "for yourself" + 1 layer

How to dress and what to take?

Another important question, tormenting mother: how to dress for a walk? Previously, the norm was multi-layered, but now manufacturers offer a wide selection of children's clothing from special materials suitable for certain weather conditions. This and jackets, and overalls, and hats. The main thing is that the child was both warm and not too hot.

Be sure to bring a diaper, a dummy, a handkerchief, a bottle of water and a toy. If the baby wakes up and wants to pokapriznichat, you can for a while carry away his favorite toy, and in the frosty season close the mouth with a pacifier. This will prevent cold air from entering, which may cause a cold. In the warm season, clean water will help to quench your thirst. This is where the diaper will be needed, because the baby does not know how to control its natural processes, and nobody likes to sleep in the dirty and wet.

For yourself, you should take a book or magazine to sit in a park on a bench, because reading under the open sky has always been considered the best pastime. Gently put all the necessary things into an envelope or a special bag in the wheelchair, if one is available. By the way, it is not necessary to walk with a stroller. If the physical state of the mother allows, then you can walk a few minutes with the baby in the arms around the yard or just sit on the bench.

Physical contact of mother and baby The physical contact of mom and baby is always welcome!

Summer walks

If the baby was born in the summer, then after discharge from the maternity hospital it is necessary to adapt the days 6-7 before going out for a walk. Although some modern doctors say that you can walk the same day. For example, before you get into the car, be like 10 minutes around the maternity hospital. The recommended air temperature is not above +30 degrees, and humidity - no more than 80%.From the basic rules it is necessary to allocate the following:

  • Clothes should be comfortable, soft, made of pure cotton. On synthetic materials, a baby can have an allergy. In addition, synthetics interfere with proper heat transfer, do not absorb sweat. It is better once to buy a thing more expensive than then for a long time to suffer with irritation on the skin and constant crying due to the fact that something itches.
  • The perfect set of clothes - razshonki, sliders, cap, shorts with a T-shirt or T-shirt, socks. Before buying things, pay attention to the quality of seams and applications. Incorrect and rough firmware can rub, hamper and discomfort the crumbs.
  • Summer retro-reflective colors - white, pink and blue. In the heat of light shades will help avoid sunstroke and overheating. The dark fabric absorbs the sun's rays very quickly and creates a heavy atmosphere in the stroller. It is allowed to use baby creams with sun protection.
  • You need to start with 10 minutes of being outdoors and gradually bring up to 2 hours. Ideally, walks should be organized every day in the morning and in the evening. For lunch, as a rule, we have the hottest time of the day. At this point it is better to arrange rest or feeding, i.e. Sit at home.

In summer, the weather can be changeable, so do not forget to take a blanket or jacket in case it suddenly rains or a strong wind rises. To check up comfort of the kid it is possible on a neck: if it is hot - an overheat, and if cold - supercooling. The main thing is not to wrap up so that the child can move or at least turn his head.

Walking with a newborn in summer Summer weather is deceptive - always have sunscreens for crumbs and additional attributes of clothes

Autumn-spring walks

The most unpredictable weather is observed in autumn and spring. In fog and windy weather, guessing with clothes can be very difficult. If the temperature is not below +10 degrees, then you can walk light, for example, in a thin overall and hat. If the thermometer shows +5 and below, then we are warmed by a tight jacket or sling. By the way, sling is an excellent solution for autumn. Do not take with you a mountain of warm clothes and worry that the baby will freeze. It can always be warmed by its maternal warmth.

Very convenient special children's raincoat, which completely covers the stroller and saves the baby from suddenly started rain. Mom also needs to take care of their health and take an umbrella just in case. All this does not take up much space in the bag and allows you to get home dry. However, walking in the rain especially not worth it. The raincoat creates a kind of greenhouse effect, and when you are in the wheelchair it becomes stuffy and hot.

Winter walks

If the baby was born in winter, then you will have to wait for walks. The first acquaintance with nature should be held not earlier than in two or three weeks, but how much can you walk with a newborn in this case? For the duration of walking with a newborn child and its benefits, in the first place, the temperature outside the window. If the temperature is about + 5 ° C by the day of the first "sortie", then you can walk 10 minutes, increasing the time by 5-7 minutes every day, gradually bringing the duration of the winter walk to 1 hour. When the temperature of winter air drops to -15 ° С, inThe first time a newborn on the street is better to be 5 minutes, but no more than half an hour later. The red cheeks of a baby can be a sign that the baby is very hot. When the window is very cold, below 15 ° С, it is better not to leave the house with the child and pause in the festivities. In such a situation, several times a day, airing the room and wet cleaning are necessary.

Winter walk Winter walks with a toddler are a necessary part of its development, as fresh air in the "diet" should be present every day regardless of the weather. The correct selection of children's things will help make a winter walk for a really fun and pleasant

. Walk preferably twice a day, for example, before dinner and closer to the evening. This applies to the already adapted children. For beginners in the first few weeks, being outside the home should not exceed 10 minutes. In winter, it is important to follow one more rule: first, put on the mom, and then the baby. To sweat is a minute affair, but then the treatment takes weeks.

Recommendations and tips

Let's give some more tips that will be useful for mothers of "winter" kids:

  • Walking with a child in the frost will be pleasant, if you choose a good stroller. The choice of a baby stroller should be taken responsibly and done during pregnancy. When choosing a wheelchair, first of all, look at the wheels - they should be with shock absorbers, as well as on the inner surface of the cradle - it should be flat, with a flat bottom. Separately, it is worth buying a stroller mattress in the stroller.
  • Very useful overalls-transformer with detachable warm lining. Such overalls are warm and practical, they reliably protect all parts of the body from airing and hypothermia. In addition, they are quickly and simply converted into an envelope. Such a useful feature makes it easy to undress a baby, even when he is sleeping. The com-bat can then be used in the autumn-spring period.
  • For 15-20 minutes before the release, smear the face of the baby with a special baby cream that protects the skin from frost. Carefully read the annotation to what temperature this remedy is intended.
Do not use a regular moisturizing baby cream or zinc cream, as they do not protect the delicate skin of crumbs from the effects of low temperatures. Do not forget to also conduct an "antiallergenic" test: apply the cream on the wrist of the baby beforehand, evaluate the reaction of the skin after 20 minutes and after a day. If the skin "reacted" normally, then the cream is suitable.
  • As for the baby's clothes, remember that she should not sit tight( this applies to envelopes, overalls, and even a warm swaddling blanket).It is important that there is an air layer between the layers of clothing, and also that the kid can freely move the handles and legs - all this is a natural thermal insulation.
  • The important point is that the child should not scream on a walk so as not to overcool the upper respiratory tract. Solve this problem by taking a pacifier or a bottle of warm water. Keep warm will help: self-heating bottle, thermos or cooler bag that maintains the water temperature.
Swaddling a child Swaddling in a blanket is a great way to insulate a crumb. In the wrapping process, you need to make sure that the blanket does not overtighten the body, and the toddler could move the legs

. The signs of overheating and frostbite

. The older child does not need so many clothes because he moves a lot and it probably will not freeze. Take care that things do not hamper the movement, because tight clothing interferes with normal blood circulation, increases the risk of frostbite, and there will be no benefit from walking. After you have dressed the baby and went out into the fresh air, do not forget to control his state of health, paying attention to whether he was sweating or not frozen.

Child feels fine if:

  • cheeks ruddy, but not red;
  • spout and cheeks slightly warm;
  • handles and backrest are cool, not cold;
  • there are no complaints from the child himself and he does not cry.

Signs that your child is very cold, maybe:

  • red nose on a pale face with pale cheeks;
  • cold knobs and neck;
  • cold feet - as a rule, on the legs, hypothermia is felt in the first place;
  • if the child cries.

Signs that the baby is hot, such:

  • warm red cheeks at outdoor temperatures -10 ° C;
  • wet body;
  • hot pens and sweaty feet.
Pleasure overall A warm overall with a hat is a great way to completely protect a child from frost even on the coldest day. Such a kit should not be used during warming, so that the baby does not sweat on a walk.

. When the baby is cold or is very hot, it should be taken home urgently. First, assess the condition of the legs. If they are very cold, you should wear another warm socks, if the legs are wet, change socks to plain cotton. If the cheeks are red, smear them with cream.

Walking on the balcony

In bad weather you can not walk with a baby, but you need fresh air every day. Dr. Komarovsky insists that in this case, you should put the crumbs to sleep on the balcony, and mom during this time will have time to do household chores or also have a rest. However, not every balcony will be a useful alternative to the street. It is important to consider some of the features:

  • The balcony must be glazed. Skvoznyaki, dust and unexpected loud sounds can negatively affect the health of the baby. In addition, a bird, insect or debris( stub, wrapper, husk from sunflower seeds) from the upper floors can fly in.
  • The first and second floors are immediately excluded, as cars are also driven in the courtyard and the child will not breathe fresh air, but exhaust fumes. There are even cases when a football ball flies into the balcony from the street. The child can suffer not only from the impact, but also from the broken glass. It is ideal to live on 4-5 floors.
  • You need to dress the same way as for a street walk. The window on the balcony will be ajar, and the baby can easily catch cold or overheat depending on the weather.

Do not leave a newborn for a long time or at least check his condition more often. Walking on the balcony can last up to 2 hours, but you should not abuse this way. When the weather is nice, it's the duty of every mother to go out with a sidecar into the park. In addition, it is useful for her, too. An exception may be the absence of an elevator, when the mother, who has not recovered from difficult births, is unable to drag the stroller alone along the stairs. In this case, no balcony will be very useful. EO Komarovsky in his book "The Beginning of Life," emphasizes that in the first 3-4 months of walking on the balcony - the best option for both the baby and his mother.


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How to swaddle a kid for a walk?

You can swarm all tiny ones with a simple blanket, but not very tight! How to properly wrap the child:

  1. Spread the baby blanket on the swaddling surface with a diamond. Top the corner under the blanket. They will be able to cover the face of the baby in the cold weather.
  2. After placing the child diagonally, we begin to wrap it, covering it first, for example, with the right corner of the blanket. Corner should be placed under your back only if the blanket is not very thick.
  3. Part of the blanket with which the swaddling was started, cover the whole body completely, close the handle.
  4. Next step we cover our legs. The bottom corner of the blanket covers the child from the legs to the neck, and the edge is bent inward.
  5. At the end, the free, left edge of the blanket is thrown over the bundle and fixed.


Young parents need to know not only how much to walk with the newborn on the street, but also how to plan their day( we recommend reading: the first days of a newborn's life: what you need to know).After the birth of a child, the life of a girl changes radically and it is necessary to adapt everywhere to succeed. It is necessary to build a certain regime of the day to learn how to cope with the upbringing of crumbs, and with all household chores at the same time. The main thing to remember is that fresh air and sunlight are sources of vital energy and joyful mood. With the right approach, your baby will grow healthy, calm and intelligent. In the extreme case, grandparents are always happy to help and take a walk with his grandson or granddaughter.


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