All about penny boards: how to choose the best board and learn how to ride it quickly and simply?

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  • 1. History of penny boards
  • 2. Features of penny board
    • 2.1. Dimensions of the boards
    • 2.2. Difference between penny board and skateboard
    • 2.3. Subspecies of boards
  • 3. At what age do you ride on a board?
  • 4. Skating equipment
  • 5. How to ride a penny board?
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  • 7. Penny analogues padding

Penny boarding is part of a youth culture. Adolescents with bright boards on wheels can be found on the streets and in parks. The invention, similar in design to skateboards, came from Australia. The idea of ​​its creation is to allow the inhabitants of big cities to move at a good speed. Learn to ride a penny board is better than the whole family, attracting her small members 5-7 years.

Penny Board Penny Board - a small skate that allows children and adults to quickly move around the city

The history of penny boards

The board manufacturer, Penny, became famous in the 1970s, thanks to the production of pl

astic skateboards as an alternative to the popular wooden boards at the time. However, the penny time for boarding has not yet come, and the company has curtailed the work. The second attempt to return to the market in the 2000s was successful. The company offered a wide range of bright boards for city driving, which deserved success.

Deck made of plastic alloy reduced the weight of the tool for riding, and the adjustable suspension provided a stable position for the longboarder. Penny Original - lightweight and manoeuvrable boards that fit comfortably in a backpack. Sometimes they are called "pocket skateboards".However, riding on them is not easy, because it requires excellent coordination.

Features penny board

Penny board is a small copy of the skateboard with some structural differences. It is suitable for children, teenagers and young girls who are not stranger to speed and excellent coordination of movements. The main features of the tool for riding:

  • bright design - fashionable colors, original ornaments, which are shown in the catalogs of Penny;
  • wide polyurethane wheels( diameter 59 mm) with replaceable bearings of high quality( АВЕС 7);
Penny-Board Wheels Wide, strong wheels perfectly withstand the load
  • the material of the deck is a strong and at the same time lightweight plastic alloy( because of this the boards are called plastboards);
  • correctly curved tail, which allows you to jump on the sidewalk, perform interesting tricks;
  • is an anti-slip deck design that helps to maintain balance.

Dimensions of boards

Table of sizes of boards manufactured by Australian company Penny:

N Deck length, cm Deck width, cm
22 " 56 18
27" 69 19
36 " 91 24
Board with a deck length of 91 cm is called longboard - these are adult boards designed for professionals. Plastboards with a deck of width 56 and 69 cm refer to children and adolescents. Board 27 "designed for beginners and owners of wide stops. On a graceful tool, the size 22 "sharpens the skill of adolescents with excellent coordination of movements.

Difference between penny board and skateboard

Penny boards and skateboards are almost analogous. They are similarly constructive and designed for riding on the streets, but they have differences, the main of which is the size of the boards. Penny is small, which is used by children and teenagers. They are made of strong polymeric materials, have softer wheels. Thanks to this, trips on the plastboards guarantee good grip and stability, although their speed is lower than that of skateboards.

Riding a penny-board Due to the features of the design, the penny board is slower in speed than the skateboard

Subspecies of the

boards The Penny boards differ in their characteristics and design. The manufacturer produces such types of boards for riding:

  • custom - bright and expressive boards( large color scale);
  • fadex - buyers themselves create a penny design, which is suitable for creative natures;
  • marbles - a penny board with a marble design;
  • complete - category combines boards of the same color;
  • pastel - boards of gentle shades - mint, marshmallow, lemon, peach, that are suitable for girls 7-12 years and adolescent girls;
  • fluorescents - in the night they shine with neon colors, ideal for boys 5-12 years old and boys;
  • holiday - pennies in vintage style, with Hawaiian motifs;
  • penny board transparent - a classic, which will appeal to boys and girls.
Линейка "custom" Ruler "custom"
Линейка "marbles" Ruler "marbles"
Борд "pastel" Board "pastel"
Борд "holiday" Board "holiday"
Board with a transparent deck Board with a transparent deck
Board with luminous wheels Board with luminous wheels

At what age do you ride on a board?

Bright and light boards are suitable for children from 5 years of age. For kids 5-10 years, special boards with a maximum load of 45 kg are produced. Teenagers are recommended to use plastboards that can withstand a weight of 100 kg. Each model has its own weight limitations, and this criterion should be considered when buying. To properly choose a tool for riding, it is also important to consider the foot size and width of the deck.

Equipment for riding

For training to skate on penniborde it is necessary to prepare equipment. It will protect you from injuries in case of accidental falls and will allow you to train without restricting movements. A beginner athlete needs:

  • not constraining the movements of clothing on the weather;
  • knee pads;
  • arm ruffles;
  • gloves;
  • helmet;
  • sneakers on a light sole for better grip with the board.
The child broke his knee Injuries when falling - not uncommon, so it is always advisable to use

outfit How to ride a penny board?

Penny boarding gives pleasure to fans of speed and spectacular stunts. Beginners need to learn how to correctly put their feet on the deck, be able to stop in time, dial and adjust the speed. For this it is important to determine the leading leg.

How to ride a penny board to children? Beginners who never stood on skates, skates, master it should be gradually:

  • should first stand with two feet on the board and stand still, trying to maintain balance;
  • to start the movement should be pushed one foot( the supporting leg is placed with the toe forward between the front pair of wheels and the center of the board);
  • do not think about which foot to push off - the body itself will tell;
  • legs can be changed so that none of them get tired;
  • the next goal - to gain speed and overcome the distance, not pushing with the foot( the board construction is ideal for this kind of ride);
  • after speed dialing, the second leg should be carefully attached to the board, the feet should be parallel to each other and positioned at an angle of 45 degrees in the direction of travel;
  • for the new acceleration should deploy the supporting leg( the one that stood on the board) with the toe in the direction of the ride;
  • if necessary, rotate the weight to the supporting leg and deflect the plane of the board in the direction of rotation;
  • before turning it is important to slow down to keep the balance.
The ability to maneuver on corners is affected by the degree of fixation of the suspension bolt. When it is tightened tight, the penny board is more stable and not subject to sharp turns - this position is recommended for beginners. When mastering the skills of riding it is possible to loosen the fixation of the bolt, which will allow maneuvering during the trips. Hands can be kept at random when riding, the body should be relaxed.
Tricks on penny When the penny board is already mastered, it is possible to do a lot of tricks on it.

plastboard possibilities. The first lessons of riding are better spent on level ground - in a park, in a stadium with asphalt pavement or large tiles. Having mastered skating on a flat area, it is worth to try downhilling - use of natural descents, which will help you to enjoy speed without effort.

Those who have mastered skating on the board, I want to try different tricks. There are a number of basic maneuvers, which are the basis for further effects. Among them - turns, curly driveways, complicated racks. All tricks that are performed on a penny, you can do on skateboards( and vice versa).Professionals do not see this as a complication, but it takes more than one month to perfect their skills.

Analogues penny board

A good board is the one made by Penny according to the standards. Now there are many counterfeit boards of dubious quality. To distinguish the fake will allow the marking. The pictures on the Internet show that on the original board there is an inscription Penny Australia( in a circle or along a plastic support).On the underside of the board is the embossed letter P. The wheels also have the Penny marking, and on the bearings - Penny Skateboards Abec 7.

For those who can not afford the original Penny plankboard( their cost starts from 8 thousand rubles), one can lookAvailable analogs. Among them - cruisers Fish Board, Union, Sunset, Shark and other brands. They are maneuverable, and a number of models are also equipped with abec 7. Bearing in mind the same criteria( weight of children, penny board sizes, style).

Penny board is a gift that will help to instill a love of a child in sports, teach coordination of movements. Children like its bright design, maneuverability, speed, soft and smooth running. Activity in the fresh air positively affects the health of the child, helps to make friends with a company of like-minded people. Penny board will not replace the section, but will allow you to have a good time with your family or friends


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