Gymnastics for the eyes of Norbekov

Gymnastics for the eyes of Norbekov

Special exercises are needed to relax the body. The finished complex offers gymnastics for the eyes on Norbekov. Periodic discharge of vision is the prevention of certain diseases, improving visual function and overall health of the body. The constant work at the computer and the enthusiasm for the Internet after a while make themselves felt. Exercises for the eyes are very important for the modern person, they allow you to maintain the health of the most important of the systems, relaxing the main and auxiliary muscles.

Benefit of charging for eyes according to Norbekov

Hereditary or acquired diseases, deterioration of vision with age - with these problems gymnastics for eyes on Mirzakarim Norbekov fights. He presented the world with a methodology in which he combined two important principles. The first of them is psychological. The method involves convincing the person of his strength and confidence. The benefit is the spiritual renewal of the body.

The exercises for vision themselves hav

e a physiological principle. Useful gymnastics for the eyes with myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. With these defects, the complex of the exercises developed by the scientist can easily cope. Contraindications are more serious diseases, such as atrophy of the optic nerve or cataract. Gymnastics can not be their only treatment, so consultation with the doctor is necessary.

According to the idea of ​​gymnastics for the eyes on Norbekov, a powerful influence is needed, and the psychoemotional state of some people may suffer. Categories of persons to whom the classes are contraindicated:

  • patients who have suffered a stroke or heart attack;
  • suffering from epileptic seizures;
  • pregnant women;
  • abusing alcoholic beverages;
  • patients with mental disorders.

How to do eye exercises

Norbekov describes the exercises and the effectiveness of his method in a book called "The experience of a fool, or the path to enlightenment."The first is the warm-up for the eyes, which directs the flows of positive energy:

  1. Sit back, straighten your back.
  2. Tune to the positive, raise your index fingers to eye level and keep them as close as possible to the eyelids, take deep breaths with your nose and exhale with your mouth.
  3. After a few minutes of such breathing, raise and lower your eyes 8-10 times, as if looking first to the inside of the skull, and then to the thyroid gland.
  4. Repeat the same movements only in the horizontal plane, alternately focusing on the right and left ear.

After a qualitative warm-up, proceed to the main complex. Norbekov, while he considers the load to be soft, advises to monitor the level of eyeball tension. Posture is especially important in achieving an effective result. In addition to two warm-ups, the program for vision recovery includes 5 more basic exercises:

  • "eight";
  • "butterfly";
  • "strabismus exercise";
  • "exercise for breeding axes of view";
  • "the big circle".

Video: exercises on the Norbekov system

The program containing exercises for improving vision consists of 3 stages. A few days are needed to start the visual function. Another week is allocated for its restoration. The last step lasts about a month and consists in the development of conditioned reflexes for the normalization of vision. If you follow Norbekov's recommendations during all stages of the program, then you will notice a positive impact on your eyesight. The technology of exercises is better traced on the video, after seeing which, you can correctly perform any of them.

Feedback on results

Oksana, 35 years old

I have a vision with my husband -2.A year and a half ago, Norbekov's program began. Read the book, learned the exercises. Lenses were worn at -1.5, so that the eyes would not relax. My husband refused the lenses, and I wear glasses only when driving. After recovery, we recommend the technique to all friends and acquaintances. The main thing is the mood and regular training.

Ilya, 23 years old

I see badly, but I did not want to put up with it. Actively used the technique Norbekov, while he lived in the village. For two weeks, vision was restored to almost 90%.After returning to the city, he stopped training, and gradually the state became worse. There is no steady improvement trend. I do not advise gymnastics for those who can not practice regularly.

Vladimir, 59 years old

I have age-long farsightedness. I work on the Norbekov system every day for 20 minutes. Two months have passed, the result is, but so far small. I continue to exercise regularly, hoping for recovery. I recommend you try it, because it will not be worse.

Gymnastics for the eyes of Norbekov