Stretching exercises and flexibility

Stretching exercises and flexibility

In everyday life, many people do not have the flexibility to feel like a full-fledged person: bend down the laces or fasten the dress on the back, for example. Women especially need plasticity, because this is the first external sign of femininity, grace, beauty. Exercises for stretching and flexibility are designed to solve this problem, to present the joy of full-fledged movements, to make a huge contribution to health and mobility. You can learn the main most useful and effective of them below.

Effective stretching exercises and flexibility for beginners

An effective stretch program is not an easy exercise, designed to pull the tendons, before, it is a competent approach to the implementation of each movement. To do this, you need to know the correctness of this or that exercise, do not overload yourself, be able to pause in time. You must remember that there are two ways to stretch the body: static and dynamic.

The static form of the stretch is designed for the moderate stretching of th

e beginner's tangles. This program of flexibility exercises provides smooth exercises with fixing one or another posture to several minutes. In this case, a person mentally tunes and feels how his muscles, ligaments gradually stretch. Dynamic stretching is provided for more advanced active people who have been working on their flexibility for a long time. Read more about the special exercises for stretching the entire body, which are intended for those who are just starting their studies.

  1. Approach the wall, place your palms no higher than the level of your shoulders, bend over, observing the correct posture. Gently bend your arms in the elbows until the moment you head against the wall. Fix it up to half a minute.
  2. Stand upright, and raise your hands above yourself. Stretch out so as not to tear off the heels off the floor. Then bend over, touching the hands of socks. Repeat this exercise several times.
  3. The right leg should be bent at the knee in front, the left one - rest on the floor with the knee on the back. Hands rest in the front leg, slowly give the torso to the right leg. At the moment when there is a feeling of tightening the muscles of the thigh, hold the movement for up to 30 seconds.
  4. Change the starting position from the previous exercise by straightening the front leg and placing it on the heel. With both hands, rest in the rug, make a slope to the right foot. It is important to make sure that your back is flat. When you feel the maximum tension of your body, hold, counting to 30. Slowly change the position to the next exercise.
  5. Lie on your back, raising your right leg evenly and wrapping it around your calf. With a smooth exhalation, pull the limb as much as possible to yourself, slowly. Hold the pose, counting to 30, repeat the exercise with the other leg.
  6. Take the frog pose, pressing your feet together. Elbows on your knees. Keep your back straight all the time. Leaning forward, spread your legs elbows in one movement. Fix this until 30 seconds. It is necessary to do the repetition up to several times.

A set of exercises for stretching the spine and back muscles with a photo

The spine performs a function of a kind of support that holds the entire body. To feel comfortable, not to experience back problems, accustom yourself every day to wake up with a little exercise, the exercise program which is aimed at stretching the muscles of the back, the tendons of the spine. Below see some more in more detail:

  • Accept the cat's pose, standing on all fours, alternately change the position: arch your back, bend back. It is important that the press is pressed to the back as much as possible. Fix each movement for 15 seconds, perform at least two to three minutes.

  • Lying on your back, press your shoulders against the rug, and one leg over the left and put on the floor. Turn your head in the opposite direction, hold for half a minute. Do the same exercise with another limb.

  • Take a seat on the chair, pull your hands forward forcefully, feeding the top of the case behind them. Do not bend forward. Fix in this position for one and a half minutes.

Exercises for stretching the legs on the cross-strand

The performance of the cross twine is beyond the power of the beginner. Without preliminary long preparation, you are not that you will not be able to fulfill it, but you risk getting a significant leg injury and you will never be able to complete this exercise fully. Remember that this complex of exercises can be performed only after warm-up and complex stretching of the body.

  • Sitting on the floor, spread your legs to the maximum of your body. The back should remain strictly level when you raise your arms and begin to bend to the floor. Repeat these manipulations several times.
  • Take the starting position from the previous exercise, keep your hands in front of you, reach for the ends of both legs so that the torso is pressed against the floor as much as possible.
  • Standing obliquely at the arm, taking both hands by the elbows, with a flat back, bend down as far as possible, not spreading your legs too wide.
  • The initial position of the body remains with the previous exercise, but this time, slowly move your legs in different directions. When the hands get to the floor - continue to sit on the string, slowly overcoming the slight pain.
  • Standing spread your legs wide to perform attacks in different directions: one leg stretches to the stop, the other bends in the knee, change each one in turn.
  • From a vertical position, lift one leg and, clutching the shin with your hand, straighten your extended leg. Body stretch upward, resting on the supporting leg. Repeat the exercise on the opposite side.

  • Feet bring together and lean with an even back forward until you rest your chin on one knee and then on the other.
  • The starting position, as in the previous exercise, just tilt down with the whole body, grasping the heels with your hands. It will be ideal if you touch your head to the rug.
  • Sit on the rug, spreading out even legs with turned toes socks. Lean forward, transferring the mass of the body to the arms that are on the floor. Look straight, trying to put your stomach on the floor.
  • After completing all the previous exercises, you can directly perform the twine yourself, slowly and gently dropping to the floor.

Yoga exercises for stretching joints

Yoga is not just a cunning exercise, this kind of oriental exercises involves a whole way of life, which consists in concentration, positive attitude and energy feeding from space. Applying yoga in your classes, you will feel that the body becomes not only flexible, easy - you will gradually return to life forces, health will begin to improve, and success in everything - grow with each passing day. Consider and apply some interesting exercises for stretching joints from yoga.

  1. You need to start in the standing position, legs spread wide, so that the pelvis is between the heels. One leg is placed on the floor with the knee from behind, and the second one is straightened before you, turning the foot inside. Gently and slowly you must sit on your hind leg.
  2. Sitting on the rug, spread your legs with your knees in different directions and close them with your feet. Put your hands on your knees and maximally rest so as to completely lower your legs to the floor. Hold your back strictly straight. Hold in the lower position of seconds 10.
  3. While sitting, straighten the legs in front of you, and the right one bend so that her foot is on the floor behind your left knee. Tilt the left foot to the left to touch the floor with your knee. Hold for up to 10 seconds.
  4. Stand with your feet on each other so that the front is the right leg. With your right hand, hold the head, while holding the elbow exactly up, with all your might reach the shoulder blade of the same hand. Perform a gentle incline to the left and with your left hand pull the torso down, grasping the right elbow.

Video: stretching or stretching at home for women

To achieve good body flexibility - it is not necessary to attend a training hall, spend money on it. You will be able to achieve remarkable results at home, performing classes together with your child. To do this, use the recommended techniques, the secret of which is the correct approach and the stage-by-stage execution of the entire program. The task is not easy, but your body will open up and feel much younger at any age. If you're interested, watch the video with stretching exercises and flexibility that apply to professionals.

Stretching exercises and flexibility