Bloating during pregnancy

Bloating during pregnancy

It should be noted that bloating during pregnancy is often an unpleasant sensation when carrying a baby. And somehow with this uncomfortable symptom facing future mothers during pregnancy, that is forced to think about the factors of its occurrence.

If the discomfort does not leave, the swelling becomes regular, accompanied by pain, do not stay at home, you need to go to the doctor. He will tell you about the reasons provoking an uncomfortable state, will determine what you need to do to finally get rid of it.

It should be understood that bloating, the gases released after it are considered a natural process in a healthy person, therefore, medications are rarely taken in such cases.

Causes of bloating at different periods of pregnancy

Pregnancy at different periods of the course in 99% of cases of their 100 is due to several causes of bloating and all affect the work of the gastrointestinal tract.

  • Compression of the uterus muscles can provoke miscarriage. To strengthen them i
    n women, pregnancy in the early stages is accompanied by an increase in the content of progesterone in the blood. This substance is considered a female hormone. As a result of its presence in the blood, the muscles of the intestine become weaker, the remnants of food are delayed, and the formation of gas increases.
  • Another reason for the appearance of flatulence is considered to be a wrong meal. For example, a large amount of vegetable, fruit products leads to flatulence. Bloating can provoke legumes, drinks with a high content of gases. To avoid bloating during pregnancy, you should reconsider the diet. Food should be taken 5-6 times a day in small portions. Large portions will not have time to be processed and will lead to the appearance of flatulence. Bad chewing, swallowing large pieces will entail the penetration of air masses into the body.

  • Bloating in a woman during pregnancy can tell about the aggravation of persistent diseases of the digestive system.
  • Not always the body is able to isolate enzymes in sufficient quantities. A woman could not notice this before, do not know. During pregnancy, this phenomenon provoked an increased swelling. The remains of food did not dissolve in the small intestine, they turned into fat, organizing flatulence.
  • Abdominal bloating in late pregnancy is due to the inability of the intestine to work normally, as the uterus enlarged in its size supports it.
  • Another reason is considered to be stressful situations, emotional disturbances, increased nervousness. All these signs also disrupt the work of the intestines, lead to bloating, increased release of gases.

How to get rid of bloating

  • Observe diet, use plenty of liquid to avoid difficulties during defecation. Constipation can increase bloating, then you will need an additional course of treatment from them.
  • Make a portion eaten at a time, less. Switch from three meals a day to seven days. At home, it's always easy to do. Watch for overload of the digestive system. Eat according to the principle: less is better, but more often.


  • Take your food slowly. With rapid consumption of food along with it, an excess airflow penetrates into the body. Penetrating into the digestive system, it forms "gas pockets" in the intestinal region. Food should be chewed well, this facilitates the process of digesting food. The intestine will say only "thank you" for this attitude.
  • Try not to shrink. As a result of the strain, when you want to say something, but it does not work, the air mass is swallowed. Such an action can occur at any time. It is harmful to speak when the mouth is full of food.
  • Pay attention to the food you buy. For pregnant women, there is a special diet, excluding much permissive for the rest. Flatulence during pregnancy can occur as a result of eating cabbage, onions, legumes, and roasted foods.
  • When you eat, try to drink less. You can compensate for the required amount of liquid later.
  • Drink from a glass or cup in small sips, briefly hold the liquid in your mouth, then swallow it.
  • Discard the liquid containing gases.

  • You can not eat foods that contain sugar substitutes.
  • Do not take liquid in a lying, standing position. When you want something to eat, drink, sit down, even if it's just a sandwich or a couple of sips of water.
  • During pregnancy, bloating occurs if you put on garments that are squeezed. Buy clothes that fit freely around the body, in which it is convenient to move around.
  • Do not buy chewing gum, lollipops.
  • Do more moves. The tone of the digestive system can increase walking at a fast pace.
  • Give up bad habits. Smoking increases the acidity of the stomach, provokes an aggravation of other problems.
  • Look for relaxation methods, for example, try to do yoga. Learn the right breath. From this will be a double benefit: help with childbirth, get rid of bloating. Also learn how to deal with hyperventilation.
  • In some cases, doctors advise taking espumizan. This drug is not absorbed into the bloodstream, does not have any effect on the embryo, refers to safe drugs and works great for bloating.

Recommendations for the diet

First of all, exclude from the diet all legumes, fresh vegetable products, all fried, fatty. If possible, discard the black bread, bran. Switch to fractional power. Refuse completely from the fruit does not work, they have a lot of vitamin, therefore, observe moderation in their consumption. Remember that they can become a source of flatulence in case of overeating.

Pregnancy in the early stages can be accompanied by severe cramping pain because of the large accumulation of gases. In such cases, a special diet will help. The doctor will tell you what to do with swelling and how to get rid of it.

First of all, control the weight. The less he was before pregnancy, the more kilograms you can get. If the weight measures before pregnancy corresponded to the norm, in early terms, you can add 2 kilograms, in the second trimester of pregnancy an increase of 0.3-0.4 kilograms per week is allowed. In later terms, try to avoid any weight gain. If in the period of early toxicosis weight loss occurs, the doctor advises to lie down for preservation.

Most of all, the increase in weight in the second and third trimester of pregnancy is of concern, since this is due to puffiness in the development of gestosis. You should immediately go to the doctor if you notice that the rings are not removed from your fingers, if the amount of drunk and excreted liquid does not coincide, clothes are not likely to be small, but cut into the body.

Balance the food you eat, cook it for a couple, cook, simmer. Choose foods rich in minerals, vitamins. Do not go on about the existing myth, do not eat for two. There is need before saturation and no more.

Future moms should try not to eat in the early morning. In the evening, the last meal should be no later than 2 hours before bedtime. Between meals, take a 3-hour break. To reduce bloating, you can go a little on the occasion of their taste whims. Part of the menu will change during pregnancy. You should pay more attention to the wiped and cooked food. Add in the diet soups - puree, unsweetened skimmed yogurt, the collection of herbs.

Adequate recipes of folk remedies

How to get rid of bloating at home when the opportunity to consult a doctor is not? You can make therapeutic tea, but it's forbidden to drink it hot. The method of preparing it is quite simple. It is necessary to take a spoonful of chamomile flowers, add a pinch of thyme, pour them with hot, but not boiling liquid, let them brew and drink.

You can get rid of bloating after eating with a few pieces of cucumber. Wonderful means are walnuts. One handful of them after eating will relieve the flatulence. If time permits, you can prepare walnut milk. Take a glass of peeled, ground nuts, put them in a liter of milk, put on fire, cook over low heat for 10 minutes, cool, drink warm. However, do not overdo it, otherwise you will provoke constipation.

Breathing exercises, tilting forward, backward are good.

Abdominal bloating during pregnancy