Bromcampor tablets: indications and instructions for use to stop lactation


  • 1. Properties preparation
  • 2. Dosing and accompanying measures
  • 3. Safety preparation
  • 4. Contraindications and side reactions
  • 5. Advantages and disadvantages Bromkamfory

lactation nowadays possible to stop a variety of methods -Folk recipes, hormonal drugs, a variety of medications, but more than others, such a drug as "Bromkampora."It does not apply to hormonal drugs and even to those that are usually prescribed by mammologists.

Nevertheless, in the obstetric practice of Bromcampor for the cessation of lactation has been used for many decades. It is popular largely due to the fact that this drug effectively stops the process of formation, accumulation and excretion of breast milk.

Bromkamfar Bromkamfory main advantage - its non-hormonal structure that allows to stop lactation without much harm to the reproductive system features


It is a synthetic product, which is derived from camphor bromide. The drug has a strong soothing ef

fect, which is why it is used to stop lactation. It is known that sedatives significantly reduce the process of forming breast milk in the mammary glands.

The drug has its own characteristics:

  1. The effect of the drug is not that less milk becomes, the hormonal background of a woman changes or the formation of breast milk stops. The drug works a little differently. It affects the work of the nervous system, calms it, even "slows down" a little, thereby changing the condition of the woman herself. Breastfeeding mother reacts more slowly to everything, processes in the body slow down. Due to this effect, the sharp tides of milk no longer occur, on the contrary, the chest is filled slower.
  2. For the period of taking the drug it is necessary to stop feeding the baby. If you continue feeding, then there will be a kind of stimulation of the breast, which means that the milk rush will resume. In addition, you can not express milk, since this action is also stimulating.
  3. Before taking the pill, make sure that you and the baby are looked after by someone. The drug can exert too much influence on the female body. There may be complete apathy to everything that is happening, drowsiness, a breakdown will occur. In this state, mom can not follow the child.
  4. The drug can stop lactation for 7-8 days. Minor effects begin to be felt about the third day, when milk production is significantly reduced. On the fifth day of taking the drug, lactation is practically not manifested, but already disappears on the 7th or 8th day. Doctors still recommend drinking tablets for 10 days, without decanting that lactation stopped for sure.

The drug is marketed under several commercial names. Its analogs include:

  • camphor single-bromo;
  • buffalo monobromab;
  • 3-bromocamphor.
Failure to feed When using the drug on breastfeeding will have to give, not to stimulate lactation

Dosing and accompanying measures

Formulation "Bromkamfory" - tablets, you must take them, keeping an accurate manufacturer's instructions, which is always attached to the package. Dosage for people over 14 years of age is 1-2 tablets three times a day.

Please note! In order to find out if you have a reaction to the drug, in the beginning it is necessary to drink tablets only in the amount of 1 piece. If the medicine is transferred well, the reception can be continued.

Given the fact that the tablets do not directly affect lactation, but indirectly through the nervous system, you need to use other methods of stopping lactation while taking the medication. Recommended:

  • should limit drinking to 0.5 liters per day;
  • need to pull the chest, but not much to not injure;
  • should be expressed very rarely and so that only a little to ease the "swollen" condition of the mammary glands;
  • to ensure that the mammary glands are not clogged in the nipples( lactostasis state), if any seals are found in the chest, make a light massage on these areas so that they slightly resorb.
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. Safety of the drug

Bromcampora is considered a safe medication because, according to the instructions attached to it, it is allowed to take even to children aged 7 years and older. In addition, the drug in addition to the main active substance contains talc and potato starch, which significantly reduces the risk of allergic manifestations.


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Contraindications and adverse reactions

As with any medication, tablets have a number of contraindications. They are:

  • kidney pathology;
  • liver pathology;
  • special sensitivity of the body to bromine.

Among the side effects are the following:

  • stomach pain, which occurs most often immediately after taking the pill( gastralgia);
  • nausea, vomiting( gastrointestinal dyspepsia);
  • begin to tremble hands, legs( tremor of limbs);
  • increased drowsiness, which can manifest itself with the use of a double dose of the drug.
Do not ignore the dosage instructions, it is important to follow it exactly. In case of an overdose, there may be convulsions, difficulty breathing. If you find such symptoms, then consult a doctor immediately. As a first aid to a woman, you can wash your stomach and give a sorbent.

Advantages and disadvantages Bromkamfory

To use this drug for stopping lactation, doctors, mammologists, and midwives often recommend themselves. When taking this drug, it is worth considering that there are some risks. Some doctors believe that it is not worth using these pills at all, since they have many drawbacks.

Side effects of the drug Although bromocamphor-based tablets are still prescribed, they have some side effects.

The drawbacks of the drug are:

  1. Indirect effects of the drug on lactation. The result is not immediately achieved, compared to many of the more effective and quick-acting drugs that modern pharmaceuticals offer.
  2. Motherhood of a woman. In the description of the medicine it is said that during the period of its use it is forbidden to perform activities that require an excellent reaction, for example, to drive vehicles. A nursing woman is first of all a mother, who also needs to have a fast reaction, attention, as she cares for a small child. Side-effects of the drug in the form of apathy and drowsiness can become a serious obstacle in this matter.
  3. The occurrence of adverse reactions from the central nervous system, GI tract - if they have appeared, then the drug should be stopped.

Despite all the shortcomings, many doctors advise it is "Bromcampor", as a means of stopping lactation. Precisely because the drug has a number of advantages:

  1. The tablets do not affect the hormonal background of a woman, do not affect it in any way, unlike hormonal preparations that carry the likelihood of undesirable consequences in the future because of the disturbed hormonal state.
  2. Availability. The drug is cheap and easy to use. In combination with other methods of cessation of lactation shows effect in a week.

In any case, to take the drug "Bromcampor" or not, it's up to you. In this case, it is worth to assess all its visible advantages and disadvantages. Despite the fact that the question of taking the drug remains controversial, many women use it to stop lactation because of safety, accessibility and effectiveness.


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