What toys are needed for a child under 1 year: a list of useful developing products from birth and from 6 months


  • 1. Baby toys for the first 3 months of life
  • 2. Developing toys for the baby 3-6 months
  • 3. Developing toys from 6 to 9 months
  • 4. Toys under 1 year old for children from 9Up to 12 months
  • 5. Conclusion

The child is not yet born, and future parents are already buying the toys they like for him. Not one year after the birth of their little son or daughter, there is nowhere to put dolls without hands and feet of all sizes, teddy bears and rabbits with torn ears, broken toy cars, soldiers, rattles, balls and the like. So that the child not only breaks his first toys, studying what is inside, but developed, learned something new, playing with them, it is worthwhile to find out which educational toys for children under 1 year will actually be needed, from whichYou can refuse. Let's think about what toys are necessary for a child from birth to 1 year on a monthly basis.

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Selection of the right toys is the key to the successful develo
pment of the baby, both physically and emotionally. Think about their purchases better in advance, and those wishing to please the child relatives can tell what to buy for the baby.

Toys for the baby the first 3 months of life

Now the child needs bright, colorful, large toys that will attract attention and he will be able to treat them lying in a crib or stroller, and later pull the handle and touch. He still does not know how to take objects, but only learns to focus his eyes. Approximate list of toys for the baby aged 0 - 3 months, which can develop the visual and auditory perception of the child:

  • An arcing in a crib or wheelchair with bright toys hanging on it. Well, if they are all different - balls, flowers, fish. Such a simple device like your crumb. The arc is good because the objects hanging on it can often be changed so that the baby can surprise each time with something new. It is not necessary to hang a lot of colorful toys on the arc, enough 3-4 colors in the product, necessarily among them must be white and black, otherwise the crumbs will get tired eyes.

Musical arc for a stroller

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Developing mat A game mat with bumps resembles an arena in which the baby will be extremely comfortable and comfortable. Protected by soft walls baby can play and move around within the rug

Developing toys for the child 3-6 months

  • Rattles. For a newborn, they are not interesting yet, since he sleeps round the clock with a deep sleep. Day by day the crumb draws more and more attention to the surrounding objects, is interested in the world. At the 5th week of life, you can already offer the baby the first rattle. Place the rattle in the baby's hand and lightly hold it, showing how to hold the toy. Later, he himself will take it from his mother's hands and shake, making a sound. The connection between sight and hearing is just beginning to be established - a rattle may well be the object that helps to establish such a connection. Let her still difficult to grasp with tiny fingers, but the child will consider it, learn new colors, try to touch the pen, thereby developing coordination of movements, fine motor skills and actively learning the world around. Buy a few rattles of different colors and designs: rattles in the form of a mace, on the ring, a soft rattle;You can buy the smallest rattle-bracelet with bells or rattles with socks with bells. Let the children have those toys that do not have small parts, because the baby can put them in his nose or in the ear.
  • A doll is a tumbler. Babe will be curious to push the tumbler and watch her get up. A little later, she will be able to play the role of a fairy-tale heroine in games.
  • Ball. Already at the beginning of the 4th month the kid can observe how the ball jumps, rolls, touches it to the touch and even pushes it with his little hand. To play with these children, you can buy an inflatable ball, as well as soft fabric balls with a sounding, rustling or squeaking "stuffing".Suitable also are rubber massage balls with "spikes" - they will introduce the baby with new tactile sensations.
Baby ball Do not think that the ball is suitable only for adult children - the babe will gladly use a suitable size, especially if it is convenient to grip with the handle

Developing toys from 6 to 9 months

After 6 months the child starts to conduct active cognitive activity, andAlready need more toys. Each of the items of household utensils can contribute to the development of tactile sensations of the baby, teach him the motility of the movements, give him new impressions. Pick up those toys for children under 1 year old who can teach something. The kid will continue to play with rattles, with pendants in the wheelchair, he himself will learn how to rotate the mobile. To old toys for children do not get bored with your baby for a year, from time to time hide any of them, and in a month or two again get it - there will be no joy! It should be borne in mind that at this age, children will always taste every new toy. So what's new from developing toys to give the baby in 6 - 9 months? Short list:

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  1. Plastic cubes with rounded edges, or soft dough. The kid with surprise will discover the previously unknown geometric form. He will be interested to knead the dough with his hands, watching the magical transformations.
  2. Waterfowl educational toys for baths up to 1 year. For all kids there is no greater pleasure than playing with water. For bathing, buy your child a small rubber or plastic toys. Since the baby is all pulling into your mouth, choose products from a good manufacturer, with a pleasant smell, from environmentally friendly raw materials. Before bathing, wash toys with baby soap, be sure to dry after use and discard if they have stains.
  3. Toys-animals. These are the most favorite toys for children up to 1 year. In 3 - 6 months it is already possible to tell the child who such animals are, to present him with toys. The kid at this age can already distinguish a bear, elephant, bunny, chanterelle, kitty, dog. Teach your son or daughter to love animals with the help of toys. Toy animals should not be very big, cute, cute, cause a smile, laughter, joy in the child.
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Toy owl pillow Toy animals can be not only decorative, but also carry a useful function. For example, a charming little girl is a pillow that can be put under the back of a baby

Toys for up to 1 year - for children from 9 to 12 months

Growing up, the kid becomes a real little researcher. With his old toys he is still interested, but he already needs a more extensive arsenal. What are the educational toys for children under the age of 1 year to buy it now? Top best toys for children 9-12 months:

  1. Dolls are the best of toys for girls. Puppets can be several, with moving hands and feet, preferably without hair. For a doll it is good to have a crib and a set of diapers, so that your little girl learns to wrap it and put it to bed. By the way, dolls at this age are willingly played not only by girls, but also by boys.
  2. For the puppet "family" will need a toy dish. Plastic cups, spoons, plates, saucepans, toy products - all this is useful for the development of fine motor fingers. Show the baby how to "cook", how to set the table.
  3. After 9 months it's time to give the child wooden cubes. Do not leave the baby alone with them, see that it is not injured by sharp corners.
  4. Pyramid - let your little son or daughter learn to alternately put the rings on a stick. First, select a small wooden or plastic pyramid with large rings that differ in size and color.
  5. Constructor for the development of logical thinking. The first child constructor should be as simple as possible to fold and consist of large parts.
  6. wheelers will appeal to children beginning to walk. Kids love to carry a toy carriage with "lyalei", a wheel with a long handle and ringing bells, a machine for a string.
  7. Box-sorter in the form of a boat, a house, a bus with various holes, and figurines with which the baby must fill the sorter through the holes. Teach the child to take the figurines out of the box for a new game. Make sure they are not too small, so that they do not swallow them.
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Adults should take care that toys do not have sharp edges or small parts that can easily be in the airways, were made of environmentally friendly material. Insufficient vigilance can be very dangerous.


Since the period of newborns and up to one-year-old age, the main source of entertainment is, of course, mom. The first thing each child learns to stop his gaze is her native face, the first thing she hears is her voice. Remember that even the best educational toys will not replace the mother's love, affection and attention. Any toy will be much more interesting and useful for the child, if the mother or father will play with him.


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