How to take Lactogon tablets to increase lactation: composition, instructions and analogues of dietary supplements

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  • 1. All about hypolactivation
  • 2. Composition, form and storage conditions for
  • 3. How to take Lactagon correctly?
  • 4. How can I replace Lactagon?

After birth, some women face a lack of milk. Those who did not plan to breast-feed, so as not to spoil their own forms and not be in constant dependence on the baby, sigh with relief. Those who wanted to feed their baby with their own breast milk, so that the baby's health was strong, as well as the connection between mother and child, fall into despair. The lack of milk in the maternal breast or its insufficient quantity is caused by hereditary factors, peculiarities of the course of pregnancy, general anesthesia.

Lack of milk Some women are concerned about the lack of milk, which must be urgently addressed, since the baby should receive a full meal.

Mom should not feel depressed and despair, there are many ways to increase lactation. One of the most effective - dietary supplements for food Laktogon for l

actation. This is a proven, long-known tool. Let's look at the causes of hypolactia and consider the features of the action of Lactogon. Determine how best to take - dissolve, or swallow and wash down with water?

All about the hypolactivation of

The absence of milk after delivery is not a pathological condition, but a characteristic of the woman's body. Far from everyone immediately after childbirth flows milk rivers, although such a positive trend is observed. Usually, women who suffer from weight loss, have suffered a variety of gynecological diseases, stress during pregnancy, general anesthesia during childbirth, milk is not enough. Types of hypolactation depending on the time after delivery:

  1. Primary. Within the first ten days after the birth of the child. The phenomenon is rare, manifested no more than three percent of women in childbirth. Primary hypolactation is caused by endocrine, psychoneurological and other serious problems. Sometimes it comes to the stage of agalactics - the complete absence of milk.
  2. Secondary. Lasts up to several months, is caused by the transferred infectious and inflammatory diseases, for example, mastitis. Sometimes it occurs after the child is incorrectly applied to the breast, using nipples and pacifiers.

Hypo-lactation happens to be false when the nursing mother is sure that the milk is small and the baby is not eating, although in fact everything is in order. A child can cry not so much from hunger as from a colic, but whether he eats or not, can only be told by a doctor after examining and weighing the crumbs.

Mum is breastfeeding a child Very often a lack of milk is an imaginary problem, with which it is necessary to "fight" only with more frequent attachments in the chest, which also simulate lactation.
Primary hypolactation is treated only by hormonal means, however they are harmful to the baby, so they often resort to transfer to artificial feeding. The drug Lactogon is used only for secondary hypolactivation, because it can be treated with dietary supplements.

Composition, form and conditions of storage of the preparation

Composition of Lactogone in tablets:

  • royal jelly is a known lactogone, strengthens the body with nervous and physical exhaustion;
  • carrot juice - in addition to lactogenic action strengthens hair and nails, improves eyesight;
  • dill, which dilates blood vessels and relieves spasms in the intestines;
  • ginger;
  • nettles;
  • potassium iodide is an excellent tool for improving the functioning of the thyroid gland;
  • ascorbic acid, which strengthens the immune system.
Lactoigon Lactogon consists of natural ingredients that help increase the production of milk in the breast of a nursing woman

Composition of Lactogon in the form of tea:

  • leaves of nettle and fennel fruit;
  • herb oregano, which can not only strengthen lactation, but soothe and relieve pain;
  • rosmarinic acid.
Lactogon, as a drug, is completely harmless to a child, pediatricians note even an improvement in the condition of babies. They become calmer, they have a chair, appetite and mood. Lactogon not only stimulates the production of milk, but also allows the body of a young mother to recover from childbirth.

Form release BAA:

  1. Tablets at 0.55 g. Blisters of 20 pieces, packed in cardboard boxes. The most effective option. Tablets are indicated for use in cases of hypolactia, they can be consumed as an additional source of iodine and ascorbic acid.
  2. Filter packages 2 gr., 20 pieces in one cardboard bundle. Lighter appearance, slightly increases lactation, strengthens the body. Tea is used for general strengthening of the body, it acts in cases of hypolactia. Contraindicated in pregnancy, as it contains the herb of oregano, which provokes the tone of the uterus.

Any preparation for the nursing mother should be taken only after consultation with the pediatrician, gynecologist and specialist in breastfeeding. Begin with a small dosage of both tablets and tea, because you or the crumbs may show an individual intolerance to this or that ingredient. To prevent a strong allergic reaction, try first a quarter of a tablet or two tablespoons of tea. Shelf life - up to 24 months at room temperature according to the instructions.

Consultation of the pediatrician Before drinking tea or dietary supplements, Mom needs to consult a pediatrician

How to take Lactagon?

Composition Laktogona we describe, discuss how to take it correctly:

  • tablets in any case can not resolve, as some moms. They are swallowed with water. Dosage - drink three to four tablets a day, with meals.
  • Filter tea bags are poured into a glass of boiling water and insist up to 10 minutes. Twice a cup a day with meals. The duration of application of both the first and second form of the Lactagone preparation should not exceed 10 days, it can not be drunk for a long time.

How can I replace Lactagon?

Analogs Laktogona:

Country of origin Drug Name Characteristics and possible side effects cost
Russian Laktomil Increases lactation due to the content of fennel, anise and cumin, protein, folic acid, taurine, dietary fiber. Side effects occur rarely. 300-400 p.
Mlekomin In the composition - meadow chamber, vitex and nettle. It is produced in the form of granules, for increasing lactation and treatment of mastitis. An allergic reaction to components is possible. 140-160 p.
Femilak Dry mix containing cow's milk. Contraindicated in allergies to cow's milk. 280-300 р.
Milky Way Dry protein mixture containing soy, chicory and galleys. Increases lactation. Contraindicated in case of individual intolerance to soy. 550-600 p.
Grandma's basket Tea with chamomile, anise and rosehip. It has lactogonic and restorative effect. 70 р.20 grams
Estonia Apilak formulation in tablets for ingestion of the content of royal jelly. Possible sleep disturbance and allergic reactions. 140-150 p.
Switzerland Hipp tea for nursing mothers with the content of anise, caraway seeds, nettle and lemon balm. It is very popular both in the CIS countries and abroad. 280 p.packing
Germany Humana Herbal Tea for nursing mothers with raspberry or blackberry flavor. 130 p.200 grams of

Young mothers love to drink special herbal teas, they are delicious and healthy, especially if there is no allergic reaction. Analogues of Lactagone can be combined with such teas, only in moderation. Especially popular is the firm Hipp, most moms note the effectiveness of their herbal tea for nursing and harmless to the baby's body. Apilac, Lactogonum, like other analogues of drugs, rarely cause side effects.

It should be remembered that these are not medicines, but biological additives to food, therefore their effectiveness is relative and depends on the individual characteristics of the mother's body.


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