Types of pillows for breastfeeding and twins: the use of an accessory and a masterclass on sewing their own hands

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  • 1. What types of pillows for nursing
    are: selection rules
    • 1.1. Varieties in the form of
    • 1.2. Kinds of filler type
  • 2. How to use the accessory
  • 3. Rating of the best pillows
    • 3.1. Russian-made
    • 3.2. Foreign brands
  • 4. Which pillow will suit in case of twins?
  • 5. How to make a pillow for feeding yourself?

The process of breastfeeding has an enormous physical load on the female body. The duration of one feeding usually ranges from 20 to 40 minutes, but its frequency is influenced by the needs of the child. Mums often have to be in an uncomfortable position for a long time, constantly straining their necks, arms, and back. In order to make this process not so tedious and more convenient, both for the nursing mother and the newborn, there is a specially designed pillow for feeding, which gives maximum comfort and extends the possibility of applying to the chest.

Mum is feeding the baby on the pillow

What kinds of pillows for nursing are: the selection rules

Modern manufacturers provide the consumer a huge range of products that simplify the care of nursing infants and make the life of moms a little easier. Among them, a niche is also occupied by a pillow for feeding a child. Its models come in different shapes, differ in the type of filler and the fabric from which they are sewn.

From this variety it is often difficult to make a choice in favor of one or another option. To simplify the task of which pillow to choose, you should consider the following parameters when buying:

  • cushion dimensions: its dimensions should satisfy the baby and provide comfort to the mother;
  • material that is used for filling;
  • removable pillowcase: it must be made of natural fabrics;
  • presence in the model of special fasteners or ties.

Varieties in the form of

There are several different variations of the shape for the pillows of feeding. It is:

  • Horseshoe shaped. With this model, feeding the baby will definitely become easier. All it takes is wrap it around your own body. Despite all the advantages of the form in the form of a horseshoe, there is also a minus - three-dimensionality, because of which it takes too much space to store it.
Horseshoe shaped pillow Horseshoe pillow can be useful even during pregnancy, and will also be an indispensable assistant during the HS
  • Form of the month. Thanks to this form, the child can be applied to the chest in different ways. The main advantage of the model is compactness, which makes it irreplaceable in travel and travel. Also, it can be used even before the birth of a child to maintain the belly of a pregnant woman.
Pillow in the form of a month Pillow of this form is very convenient - it can be fed with it in a variety of poses
  • L-shaped. This model can be called a shortened variation of the U-shape. To change the position it is necessary to transfer the babe on the pillow to the other breast. Also, during pregnancy, it is convenient to put it under your feet.

L-shaped pillow shape

  • Transformer 5 in 1. It is a model with many functions, due to the fact that it can take various forms. A similar effect is achieved by detaching or attaching separate parts. The standard model consists of three elements: pillow-bagel and 2 rollers, to extend the ends.

    Pillow-transformer Pillow-transformer assembled

As a result, it is possible to operate individual rollers of direct shape, and in the assembled state, as a horseshoe pillow. Also separately can be used part - bagel, as a L-shaped pillow.

Pillow-transformer Pillow-transformer in the form of L-shaped

The length of the whole product on the outside edge is 3.6 meters. This model is very popular, since it eliminates the need to test and select the appropriate form. You can always make a pillow of your own making that will satisfy all the requirements.

Varieties by type of filler

An important role in the convenience and quality of pillows for feeding is played by the type of filler. There are several basic options:

  • Synthepone. Hypoallergenic filler of high quality, which is a budget option. Of the shortcomings is worth noting that with a long and regular use of sintepon "falls" in lumps.
  • Fibertec. Models with such filler are unpretentious in operation. They are not characterized by deformation and absorption of moisture.
  • Hollofiber. Economical model, which is very easy to care for. After washing, this material retains its qualities and does not clump. However, pillows with such a filler have a drawback. They are unable to completely assume the shape of a child's body, which creates some discomfort in the process of feeding during their operation.
  • Buckwheat husk. This filler is distinguished by its natural origin. Ecologically safe option. Plus, the buckwheat husk perfectly passes the air, which will not sweat the head of the crumbs when feeding.
  • Polystyrene beads. Such a pillow can be used not only as a device for comfortable feeding, but also as a toy. Since the balls are pleasant to the touch and cause immense cognitive interest in infants.
  • Microballoons. Due to the size of the balls, the pillow instantly repeats the shape of the body and mom and baby. In addition, these models are characterized by ease of use, they are easily erased and quickly dried.

Pillow for feeding with a filler from microbeads

How to use the accessory

The use of a pillow for feeding is not limited solely to its direct purpose. It can be useful to a pregnant woman even before the baby's birth. First, with the help of a pillow, the expectant mother can support the stomach in the last months of gestation. Secondly, she is able to make the dream of a pregnant woman less uncomfortable.

The cushion should be placed under the breast and before feeding the baby, fix all the straps and straps to protect the crumbs. After, you need to take a sitting or lying pose, in which mom is most comfortable, put the baby, checking that he feels comfortable. It is important that the baby's breathing always remains free.

Rating of the best pillows


The most popular among manufacturers of pillows for nursing mothers in Russia are the following companies:

  • mama's helper;
  • milk rivers;
  • nanny globex.

Pillows manufactured by Mama's Helper have a bright, beautiful design and are quite practical in everyday life. Separately, two types of products of this company should be characterized:

  • Mama's Helper Premium. Pillows of this series are sewn from natural cotton fabric, and they are distinguished by the author's design. They have additional pockets and bindings for fixation. Another distinguishing feature is the filling, which is double and consists of balls and holofayber.

Pillow manufactured by Mama

  • Mama's Helper Comfort. This is a series of pillows of high quality, with a colorful design and a small weight, about 1 kg. Due to the fact that they are filled with budgetary material, they have an acceptable price. Most models do not have pockets and auxiliary outfits.

Models of Milk river pillows include auxiliary pockets, double fastening and a belt that is adjustable. This makes them safer. Plus they have a flat surface, which prevents the baby from rolling. Also they have a zipper, which greatly simplifies washing. Of the disadvantages - simple and patterned design and filler, which is foam rubber, which makes them short-lived and adds some difficulties in the care.

Pillow of Milk rivers

The pluses of Nyanya Globex pillows are affordable, a belt with a non-dangerous latch and the presence of a mobile platform designed for the baby's head. Among the minuses is a simple design, rigidity due to the foam filler. Also in the composition of the material from which the pillowcases are made, there is synthetics.

Nanny Globex

Foreign brands

Among the products of this kind of foreign manufacturers can be identified the German firm Theraline and the company from Israel Born.

  • The pillows of Theraline can boast of a bright design, a variety of the proposed product forms and multifunctionality. However, their cost is slightly overstated, since they are filled exclusively with holofayber, which is not of the highest quality.
  • The universal pillows of the Israeli company Born are suitable for any woman, regardless of her physique. Also, they are distinguished by a three-level model developed by the company, which is an indispensable aid for organizing proper feeding. Alas, the company's products are expensive. Another minus is the filler. They are polyester - a material not of natural origin.

Which pillow is best for twins?

The twins feeding pillow is usually sewn U-shaped, this model is the most suitable option in the case of twins, since it allows two to feed at once. Also the filler in it should be dense. The most popular pillows for twins are Milk Rivers Twins and My Brest Friend.

As filler in the first model is used foam rubber of the highest quality. It is ideal, as it does not deform during breastfeeding. The pillowcase is made of cotton fabric. The superficial slope of the pillow makes it possible for babies to lie with their bellies to their mother. Milk Rivers Twins is equipped with a special pocket for various trifles, which is located in such a way that does not interfere with the process of feeding twins. In addition to the pillow is a manual on the technique of GW.

Pillow Milk Rivers Twins

Twin twisting pillow My Brest Friend features a special backrest. It prevents the occurrence of pain in the nursing women in the back and neck. A set of carabiners and Velcro fasteners are included in the kit.

How to make a pillow for feeding yourself?

It is not always necessary to buy pillows of this kind, they are easy to sew and by yourself. This does not require a huge experience in needlework, it is enough to have a pattern and desire. As a result, a multifunctional thing will turn out, which is useful not only for HBV, but for mother during pregnancy, and also for a child in the future, when he will learn to sit. In addition to the product itself, you need to sew and a pillowcase to it, which will be equipped with zippers for easy washing and strings. With their help, the pillow can be fixed on the waist, which will allow you to get up with it.

For sewing you need:

  • Filler. It's best to use a holofiber, it keeps the shape perfectly. However, since it requires a lot, it is expensive. A more economical option is sintepon with a density of 300 g / m. It needs about 1.5 - 2 meters.
  • Paper for the pattern.
  • Fabric of two kinds, for napernika and for pillow cases.
  • Lightning 50 cm.
  • Tools required for sewing.

Below is a photo of a pillow for feeding.





Pattern must be transferred to the fabric. For this, the ironed fabric needs to be folded in half and the fold is placed as indicated on the pattern.

Pin pattern to fabric

Add on all sides for 1 cm for the allowances and cut.

Pin fabric

Folded to the inside of the part, you need to stitch it, leaving a hole.

Turn right side out

After the cushion is tightly stuffed with filler, sew up the place with a hidden seam.

Fill the stuffing

Pillow form

Pillowcase we sew almost the same. It is only necessary to leave a hole of 50 cm from the outside for sewing a zipper and a place for ties, if desired.

Attach the zipper and mark the opening of length

Closer look of the zipper

Straps are made of 4 fabric strips with a length of 20 cm and a width of 4 cm. They fold in half from the inside outwards and are spread out with indentations of 5 mm, are turned out by the face and are ironed. The product is assembled and the cushion is ready.

Brown nursing pillow

On the Internet, you can find a lot of videos with master classes for sewing pillows of this type. They also recommend which fabric and filler to choose and explain which form is best for feeding lying or sitting.


https: //www.youtube.com/ watch? V = 6_OwPNnWpqA