How to unlock a key Android

How to unlock a key Android

Use a pattern key to lock devices with a touch screen. It represents a certain sequence of connections of images of points on the display. The owner of the gadget himself sets a graphic password during the activation of protection, but it is not uncommon for users to forget the order of connection of points on the screen or their small children accidentally block the device. What are the ways to unlock the graphic password? Is there any universal key to restore the device?

How to unlock android if you forgot the pattern key

What should I do to solve this problem? There are several ways to unlock gadgets that run on the Android system. One of them will suit only those in which the device is connected to the Internet. So, many people use Google's account to solve this problem. This method is suitable when you used a Google password and login with the initial settings of your smartphone, tablet. To use this method, do the following:

  1. Enter the wrong key 5 times. This will cause the device to
    be permanently locked and the system will prompt you to perform the password recovery procedure.
  2. Click on the button with the words "forgot key?".After that, the user will see the graphs on the display for entering the password and login of the account on Google.
  3. Enter your account information. If you forget these Google settings, then you should try to restore them through a computer or other device. If you correctly enter data on the blocked gadget, you will be prompted to activate the device administrator.
  4. Use the "Activate" button. After that, the gadget will be unlocked, the password is reset and the user will be able to set a new password.

The above method will not work if the owner of a locked Android does not have a Google account or is currently not connected to the Internet. But the next effective way to unlock the android is suitable for smartphones or tablets with a SIM card:

  1. To fix this type of problem, you need to call from another phone to the problem device.
  2. Then it is necessary to receive a call and during the communication session enter through the "Settings" in the "Device lock" section, in this tab click "Graphic key" and deactivate it.

Another simple way to solve the problem with Android locking is to require a certain amount of patience: it is necessary to defuse the battery of the device to the extent that it notifies the user of a low charge. At this point, you need to go into the settings and deactivate the password, with which an inexperienced user can cope.

The following method is effective, but will not work for those on the gadget who have important information, the loss of which is impossible. It's about resetting the settings to the factory settings:

  • Before using this method, you need to charge the phone or tablet to 80%( minimum).
  • Next, turn off the phone and press a certain key combination, which will reset your device's settings to factory settings. Each phone has its own circuit for carrying out this procedure. You can find a combination for a particular phone model( HTC, Fly, LG and others) on the Internet.
  • After pressing the correct key combination, select wipe data / factory reset from the menu.
  • As a result, the settings will be reset to the factory settings and the phone is unlocked. Then you can set a new graphic password.

Following are the combinations of the simultaneous keys for performing the procedure of resetting settings on common gadget models:

  • Samsung Galaxy S3 - buttons on / off, home, adding volume;
  • LG L3 - power buttons, volume down, "Home";
  • HTC - button to reduce the sound with the on / off button;
  • Asus tablet - turn off the buttons and turn the volume down;
  • tablet Prestigio - buttons to increase the volume, "home", on / off.

How to remove the pattern: a program to reset the

If there is a risk of accidental locking, it would be prudent to install a special program on the gadget - SMS Bypass. Then, in case of a problem with the key on the device, it will simply be reset by sending an SMS message to the phone with a special text( by default, SMS writes "1234 reset").Then the Android will reboot and will be unlocked, and the user will be able to set a new password. In order to use this method if necessary, then with still not blocked Android, perform the actions listed in the following paragraphs:

  1. Get the rights to the Android Root.
  2. Install the SMS Bypass utility.
  3. Give the program access to Root rights.

How do I delete a pattern from an already locked Android? If SMS Bypass application was not previously installed on it, in this case it will be possible to do it remotely provided that the device is connected to the Internet, the Google account is logged in, and Root is right. If these 3 parameters are available, then install the utility from the computer. After that on the blocked gadget send SMS, as described above. This will demolish the lock and restore the normal operation of the phone.

How to bypass or pick up a key to unlock the

tablet To unblock the tablet( Lenovo, Datum or another), you must remove the gesture.key program from the device. To do this, you need to go to the system recovery menu and perform the following steps:

  • Pre-downloaded version of the program via Recovery is installed on the device.
  • Reload the tablet and set a new password.

Quickly crack the pattern will help and another way:

  1. Download Aroma File Manager.
  2. Install this program on the gadget through the recovery.
  3. Go to the data system.
  4. Remove gesture.key.
  5. Restart the gadget.
  6. Begin entering a new password.

How to learn the pattern and remove the lock

How can I remove the screen lock because of an incorrectly entered graphic password? Remove it simply with the help of the utility Adb Run. This program should be downloaded, installed. Next, connect the Android to your computer( this can be done provided that special drivers are installed on the tablet or smartphone).The next step is to open Adb Run and enter the menu, controlling the number keys and the Enter button. Select Unlock Gestere Key and delete or go to data / system and deactivate gesture.key. Reboot the gadget.

Graphic keys: variants with photos

Often people use simple and easily predictable graphic keys. Many gadget users choose letters or simple geometric shapes as passwords. This is an unreliable password, especially when the first letter of the user's name, his wife or children is selected as the symbol. Although such keys are difficult to forget, they do not give reliable protection. Specialists recommend choosing more complex combinations, so that the device is reliably protected from burglars.

Video: unlock android for 1 minute

How to cancel a pattern on an Android? If your child accidentally blocked the gadget or you forgot the password yourself, then the simple way to resume normal operation of your device. However, this method has a significant disadvantage: after its application from the gadget all applications and other important information disappear, on Android there will be only factory settings. Watch a video that demonstrates one of the ways to remove a password:

As a graphical unlock key Android