How diapers differ from diapers

How diapers differ from diapers

When the shops have disposable panties, the process of baby care has become much easier and more convenient. Modern manufacturers of goods for children represent a rich range of products, which often makes it difficult for parents to make a choice. Such complications can arise even when buying baby diapers, because in this case, many different nuances should be considered. In order to choose the best product, it is worth knowing what kinds of baby panties are and how they differ.

Difference between diapers from diapers

To understand what diapers differ from diapers, it is necessary to give definitions to these concepts.

  • Diapers is a reusable undergarment that serves to keep dry skin and baby clothes when urination occurs not in the pot, but directly into the clothing. The content of the diaper provides an instant transformation of the liquid into the jelly, which guarantees the dryness of the newborn's clothes. Products are produced not only for children, but also for adults whose he
    alth condition does not allow them to control their emptying.
  • Pampers is the name of the brand of Procter &Gamble. And diapers do not differ from diapers, performing the same functions, but have their own brand.

What is the difference between diapers and diapers? The answer is: in nothing, only in the title. It turns out that the diaper is determined by the item of the toilet, helping to stay dry, and diapers is the name of the brand of the same diapers, in other words, a registered trademark, similar to dozens of other brands of existing manufacturers.

The main differences of diapers of popular brands

Parents, in order to determine which brand is better, it is worth knowing about the main advantages and disadvantages of different options. Diapers differ by such criteria:

  1. Name .Many mistakenly identify diapers with any kind of baby panties, although this is not the name of the product, but the company that first introduced a new product on the market of children's products - one-time underwear. A diaper is defined as any underwear of newborns( gauze, paper or polyethylene), which protects the skin from moisture.
  2. Quality of materials .Disposable panties consist of modern materials - silicone parts, internal absorbent, soft paper. Reusable products are often produced from ordinary soft cotton or gauze.
  3. Durability of the .Pampers are an exceptionally disposable item, while diapers can be either disposable or reusable( oilcloth or fabric).
  4. Design by .The most common type - panties with fasteners on the sides, simplifying the use process. For more adult children, diapers are created, which are worn through the legs, and to remove them, it is necessary to break the side parts of the product.
  5. Aromatic additives .Often diapers or diapers are saturated with flavors that prevent the passage of an unpleasant odor. However, parents should take into account that children with frequent allergic reactions, it is better to choose products without such components.
  6. Additional functions of .Some companies equip diapers with special sensors, signaling its filling, preventing leakage. Although these additions are not compulsory, they greatly facilitate the parents' care of the child.

How diapers differ for boys from diapers for girls

For children who have reached the age of six months, special models of diapers have been created that differ in gender. Products for boys and girls are made of the same materials, they have an equal price, but they have certain differences.

  • The location of the absorbent coating is the most significant difference. Most of the absorbent in diapers for girls is in the back and middle part of the diaper, and in boys - in front.
  • Models for boys are slightly more relaxed in front, which protects the genitals from excessive pressure.
  • Design diapers for girls more vivid. As a rule, models have pink or bright yellow colors with images of butterflies, flowers. Pampers for boys are made in green or blue tones with painted robots or typewriters.
  • In diapers for boys, the location of the buckles is different - it will be slightly higher than in the models for girls.

What is the difference between premium premium and economy class?

As for a day parents have to change a child's disposable clothes 5-6 times, and their cost can not be called low, the total amount of monthly expenses for this type of product is impressive. In order to save money, it is better to use disposable gauze panties or replace them with reusable tissue types. Parents who prefer disposable diapers do not need to purchase expensive brands. Each company produces several product lines: from luxury class to economical products. What is the difference between these two species?


Economy models are made using no less quality materials than diapers, but their design can be less attractive - as a rule, they are monochrome panties without any drawings.

Appearance of diapers


In a larger number of diapers, the economy class provides for a disposable Velcro. So, once using a diaper, it is unlikely that it will be securely fastened the second time.

Velcro on diapers

Additional functions available

Unlike budget options, expensive products often require the presence of an aromatic regulator or a filling sensor.

Are they harmful diapers?

The volume of the retained liquid

Econom-pampers absorb liquid as efficiently as expensive models, however they will have to be replaced more often. This is due to the fact that filled with 2/3 inexpensive panties can flow on the sides.

Absorbency of diapers


The economy panties are often sold in large profitable bundles, unlike the improved models, which to some extent explains the lower cost of the first.

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Price for large package,
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Pampers New Baby( mini)Mini)



As you can see, premium pampers and budget models are not much different. However, for very young children it is better to purchase special panties with a fullness indicator and cutouts for the navel, which have a higher cost than conventional products. And when a child reaches an older age, it is allowed to use the simplest paper or gauze diapers.

What is the difference between diapers from a diaper