Orthopedic pillow for newborns

Orthopedic pillow for newborns

Many chronic diseases begin to develop at an early age, so it is extremely important to provide the child with the proper conditions for rest and sleep. Parents should take care of choosing suitable sleeping accessories for the baby, including a pillow.

When it is possible to put the child on a pillow

Doctors are convinced that an orthopedic pillow for babies is not needed. To the development and growth of the spine of the newborn were correct, the baby only needs a hard mattress and a diaper folded 4 times. Only after the month the baby can buy a pillow, but many experts advise to postpone this acquisition for a year or two. Nevertheless, modern orthopedic models have a special structure, shape and angle of inclination, so that the cervical spine of the child develops correctly.

Orthopedic sleeping accessories are made taking into account children's anatomical features and contribute to keeping the newborn's neck in the right position. Due to this, the load on the cervical spine is reduced

, the blood circulation is normalized, and the muscles are in a tonus. The orthopedic pillow for the newborn provides the formation of a symmetrical shape of the child's head during its growth, and also prevents the development of torticollis.

Manufacturers of orthopedic products for newborns convince that without a pillow the child's sleep will not be so calm and strong, in addition, thanks to its safety for the healthy development of the spine and skull, the use of the product from an early age is permissible. However, the decision is when parents put their newborn on the pillow.

Positioner for infants

Appropriate orthopedic pillows for children provide them a healthy, calm and strong sleep with the correct body position. In addition, the positioner prevents deformation of the spine and helps to avoid the appearance of many problems. Anatomical cushion for the newborn is useful because:

  • reduces the pain that occurs in infants after childbirth;
  • relieves excessive strain on the child's neck and shoulders;
  • helps to form a normally cervical bend;
  • prevents the curvature of the cervical spine in early rickets;
  • leads to muscle tone, which helps to keep the head of the newborn after 2 months.

Butterfly Pillow

Represents a small roller that has a recess designed to fix the baby's head. The height of the platen is about 3-4 cm. The butterfly cushion for the newborn helps to form the skull and neck of the baby correctly. The butterfly can be used, starting at the age of two months of the newborn - until the child reaches two years of age.

Headrest cushion for children

It has a figured or circular shape with a recess in the center, a slight height and an inclination angle of about 15-30 degrees. Orthopedic pillow for newborns is needed to maintain the cervical area of ​​the child, so special attention is paid to choosing the width of the notch, which should be equal to the width of the shoulders of the baby. The edges of the product are made in the form of rollers with a height of 3-4 cm. Such a children's orthopedic pillow has a slightly elevated head and is placed across the width of the arena, so the newborn will not crawl from it. They put it under a sheet or a mattress.

How to choose the orthopedic pillow

From the pillow depends largely on how correct the physical development of the baby will be. Successfully matched bedding guarantees the baby a normal blood circulation in the brain when he sleeps. Thanks to the orthopedic pillow for newborns, the metabolic processes of the baby are carried out in normal mode. To make the right choice, it is necessary to take into account a number of important aspects:

  1. The shape and type of the product. They must correspond to the physiological characteristics of the infant, help solve certain problems. Before purchasing a product, it is better to consult a doctor.
  2. Quality. Seams should be even, strong, elastic. The filler can not go out in any case. The product must be resistant to deformation, have high wear resistance, sufficient elasticity.
  3. Security. A pillow for babies, who are inclined to frequent regurgitation, must necessarily have a slope and be without head restraints.
  4. Hypoallergenicity. It is important for kids who are prone to allergic reactions. They should choose bedding from hypoallergenic materials. The cover must allow for washing.
  5. Thermal insulation properties. The orthopedic pillow for the newborn should be distinguished by good air permeability and normal heat exchange so that the child does not sweat when lying on it.

How much is the

? The cost of the product varies within the limits of 350-3500 rubles. The price of the goods depends on the type of filler, the form, the manufacturer. Budget pillows from Russian companies with artificial fill are considered the most democratic option. Parents who want to buy a product that has useful properties( for example, designed to treat congenital distortions), it is worth paying attention to more expensive models with memory function.


The filler and fabric from which the pillow cover is sewn are important elements when choosing a bedding for a newborn. Not the best option will be natural fluff or wool, because the product can stimulate the appearance of allergies in the child. In addition, in such things, mites are often found, and it is difficult to wash such pillows. The optimal type of filler are artificial materials such as latex or sintepon: they are easy to clean, they quickly dry and do not undergo deformation.

Before buying a product with artificial filler, smell it: an unpleasant, sharp smell indicates a poor-quality material. It is better that the filler has a perforated or spongy structure: this way it will ensure good ventilation of the air. In this case, the baby will not suffocate if it bury its face in the pillow. The cover of bedding should be chosen exclusively from natural material - chintz, linen, cotton.

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Anna, 24 years old: We started using the pillow at an early age, because at the discharge from the hospital the child was diagnosed with torticollis. The doctor said that there is no reason for panic, as this can be corrected by massage and using orthopedic bedding. At 3 months, my daughter was back to normal.

Hope, 31 year: This is an excellent, useful and very convenient thing, but it is dangerous for children who often regurgitate( they should be put on a barrel).We have been using the pillow since 4 months: the little son is fast asleep on it, does not turn around and does not act up. You can erase a thing in the typewriter, it dries quickly - this is also a big plus.

Orthopedic pillow for newborns