Can boys wear diapers

Can boys wear diapers

There are no cardinal differences between the process of dressing girls and boys. However, disguising a small man, it is necessary to take into account the location of the genital organs. Parents should try not to transmit the testicles of the baby, as this will cause him discomfort. Pull the diaper down slightly when adjusting it, and do not forget to check the side bands so that they do not curl inward. Then the boy will be comfortable in the diaper. However, many mothers and dads are worried about the question: is it possible for boys to wear diapers? Consider the most common myths about the harmful effects of diapers.

Diapers for boys - can or can not?

There is no single answer to this question. Leading pediatricians assure that quality disposable products do not cause harm to the child, but this only applies when they are properly used. If the diaper is not removed for a long time, the body temperature of the boy under the product rises by a couple of degrees, and this is dangerous for th

e genitourinary system of the baby.

Modern high-quality diapers have an excellent breathability, which creates an optimal climate for the boy and protects from accumulation of excessive moisture. Therefore, the answer to the question: is it possible for boys to wear diapers, becomes obvious. There are no compelling reasons to say that diapers harm the health of a boy. Moreover, disposable panties have many advantages: they are practical, convenient, hamper the development of diaper dermatitis, save time and strength of parents.

Myths about the harm of diapers for boys

Modern moms no longer represent caring for a baby without disposable diapers. This despite the fact that only twenty years ago, most women did not even know about the existence of such products. Apparently, therefore, some parents of the older generation believe that disposable panties are harmful to children's health. Let's consider some of the most common myths.

  • Pampers spoil the skin . Marinated products are unambiguously harmful to the skin of the baby, because, wetting, they provoke the appearance of irritation and diaper rash. In contrast, disposable diapers in the front have an enhanced absorbent layer that absorbs the maximum amount of moisture. The usual gauze is not capable of this and can not guarantee the skin of the baby is sufficiently protected from moisture.

    "Harm of diapers for a boy is a frequent manifestation of allergies" - some parents are convinced of this, but when changing diapers or creams, the problem is solved by itself. Modern moms and dads do often encounter allergic reactions of boys to certain components, but in most cases, the cause of irritation is not the diaper itself, but the skin care products used with it.

  • Constant wearing of diapers distorts the legs of . Some doctors insist that boys should not wear diapers because of the risk of curving the legs. This statement has no medical justification, since modern products are characterized by anatomical shape and minimal thickness. They can not affect the development of the musculoskeletal system and the shape of the baby's limbs.
  • Disposable diapers are worse than diapers . Many talk about the harmful effect of disposable panties on boys, because when they are worn the testicles and scrotum heat up, which does not happen in diapers. However, this statement is false, because no greenhouse effect and overheating can not be in the case of increasing the temperature of the child's skin by only one degree. It is very difficult to raise the temperature in the testicles, because they are protected by seven membranes and the climate inside reliably regulates the ovarian artery.
  • Pampers affect the childbearing function of . The most terrible myth associated with the harm of diapers is that they can lead to impotence or infertility. This statement is easily refuted if you recall the lessons of anatomy. Boys have special Leyding cells responsible for the production of male hormones. In the first 7 years of the boy's life they do not produce anything at all. Only with the onset of 10 years of age in the male half full sperm develop. So, in the first years of life diapers can not be harmful to the sperm of boys, because it appears much later.

How to choose the right diapers for boys

Parents should carefully consider the choice of personal hygiene products for babies, they should be safe and environmentally friendly. This applies to diapers, so when choosing them, adhere to the basic rules:

  1. Kind of fasteners .For kids, special models with reusable Velcro are created - it is convenient to track the condition of the boy's skin under disposable panties or to correct the diaper. Older children can be worn in ordinary diapers with side Velcro or choose products in the form of panties, made without seams.
  2. A variation of the material. To protect the baby's skin was protected, diapers should be created from quality raw materials. It is better to turn to proven companies that are systematically tested for compliance with world standards. Leading brands offer different lines of disposable panties for any budget, so parents can buy quality products inexpensively.
  3. The filler sensor .Modern disposable panties for boys are equipped with an indicator - special strips that change color with sufficient fullness of diapers. It's easier to keep track of the times when the baby needs to change clothes. This prevents the formation of excessive moisture on the skin of the child.
  4. Convenience of the rubber bands .This parameter is one of the most important when choosing single-use panties for boys. Soft and elastic gums do not rub the skin, which means that the baby in diapers will feel comfortable. Mums should watch for the strength of the rubber bands, because in too stretched models can not hold the liquid inside, and hard ones are uncomfortable and harmful to the skin of babies.

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Are diapers harmful for boys? Negative influence of diapers on the skin or genitals of boys is a false stereotype. However, they can not be abused, in order to avoid further problems with the weaning of the baby from disposable panties. Not all parents understand why one should not wear a new diaper immediately after removing the old one. It is important to give the skin to the baby rest, air baths saturate it with oxygen and allow the cream to dry quickly. Caring for baby's skin, observe the main rules of hygiene, then the use of diapers will become absolutely safe.

Can boys wear diapers