What are the children's electric swings for newborns to choose - a review of the best

What are the children

After the appearance of a newborn in the family, parents are waiting for a lot of trouble associated with caring for their beloved baby. But besides these cares, other household chores remain on Mom's shoulders: cleaning, cooking, washing. Combining homework with the care of an infant is very difficult. To at least ease the work of women, modern manufacturers of children's products develop different devices that can temporarily occupy the baby. These include electric swings for newborns. Let's try to figure out what their benefits are and how to make a choice.

What are electric swings for babies?

Swings remain a favorite entertainment for children of different ages. However, newborn babies do not roll, because they can not keep the back. Modern electric swing provides an opportunity to solve this problem, since you can use them from the very birth of the child. The swing arm is made in anatomical form, equipped with soft pads and a comfortable headrest, so the baby in it can be half-lying or e

ven lying. Thus, the device does not cause any harm to the spine of the newborn.

However, the main advantage of electric swing is the lack of the need to pump them, the device itself makes the motion sickness of the newborn. The design of the swing allows it to oscillate from side to side, which frees the mother for other tasks, while the kid enjoys wiggling. Almost all models are able to work from batteries or batteries, so they can be moved around the house or even taken into the car as a child seat. So, the device can play the role of 2 in 1 - be at the request of parents and electric plugs, and car seat.

How to choose electronic swings for newborns?

The modern range offers a wide range of different devices for swinging infants. However, how to choose an electric swing so that the newborn likes them and the mother was happy?

  • Pay attention to the quality of materials from which the chair is made, as well as the stability of the model. Fragile electric swing quickly deteriorate and break. Carefully inspect the product for sharp corners or details - this will prevent the possibility of injury to the newborn. The swing should be stable, then your baby will not be able to turn over even if it is very active. To parents feel that their child is securely protected, choose an electric swing equipped with a five-point seat belt.
  • It is better that removable covers come with the armchair. So you can keep them clean, because the material from time to time will get dirty.
  • It is recommended to purchase an electric swing with an adapter, through which they can work both from the network and from the batteries.
  • Before deciding what type of electric swing to choose, familiarize yourself with the functionality of different models. Inexpensive devices have only one swing speed, but it is better to have a few and you could choose the most comfortable mode for a newborn baby.
  • Be sure to consider the weight of the newborn. Most of the models are designed for weight up to 12-15 kilograms.

If the financial situation allows, choose an electric swing with a lot of additional characteristics. A good helper will be a device with the option of motion sickness, vibration, reproduction of lulling music. So a newborn baby will quickly fall asleep. It is not bad that the chair in the swing for the newborn is taken out, then it can be used as a chaise longue - a portable seat with a vibration function.

If the included electric swing includes a removable table, in the future parents can feed the child directly in the chair, using it instead of a special chair. A bar with pendant toys will entertain the newborn while mom is busy with homework. Choosing between the electric swing and a chaise longue, parents should understand that the second though is more compact, but not as multifunctional as a swing.

Which manufacturer of electric swings for children is better?

Baby electric swing - the device is not cheap, but the benefit from its purchase is much higher than cash costs. The price of an armchair is formed under the influence of the brand, the number of functions incorporated in it, the quality of the materials used, the variety of sounds and music embedded in the memory of the model. The most popular electric swings for newborns are devices from Graco, Bright starts, Jetem, Happy baby. Each brand has its advantages and only the parents decide who to give preference to.

Electric swing Graco( Graco)

Those mothers and dads who purchased the electric swing from the company Graco celebrate a high-quality musical unit of devices. As an example, you should bring the Graco Sweetpeace model. If the set of standard music does not like, you can connect an MP3 player to this chair. So parents will have the opportunity to include the music they want the newborn child to listen to. However, the original playlist includes several lullabies, tunes and sounds of nature, which are quite sufficient if you do not include them daily.

Bright starts

Bright Stars has become famous for its advanced technologies presented in the line of electric swing. The brand positions itself as "caring for mother and child" and offers parents a beautiful design, an ergonomic form of armchairs for newborns. The maximum load that the swing can withstand Bright starts is 11.3 kg. Thanks to the company's patented technology, electric swings operate on batteries longer than models from other manufacturers, and can swing in several amplitudes or directions.

Electronic swing Jetem Breeze

Jetem Breeze offer models of electric swings in different price categories. The simplest are able to rock the newborn at only one speed, have a fixed slope of the seat, do not provide for the presence of a music block and the possibility of vibration. More expensive devices change the speed( from 2 to 6 modes) and the amplitude of the movement, include a music block and other additional functions, such as a newborn baby sickness timer or head support.

Happy baby

The brand has tried to take into account all aspects and subtleties of newborn care, starting from the first days of his life. New models are versatile, have an adjustable orthopedic seat, which can be placed in one of three positions, a removable arc with toys. Using the buttons on the panel, parents can easily switch music or change the speed of jiggle. To ensure maximum safety of finding a newborn in an electric swing, there are fixing straps that you can fasten during swings.

Where can I buy and how much are they?

Electronic swings are available in various variations. When choosing, parents should take into account the maximum weight of the newborn, since a particular model can only be used until the child reaches a certain amount of kilograms. Most of the seats are designed for children weighing not more than 13 kg. Having bought a swing, able to withstand more weight, you will be able to use them for much longer.

Cost of budget models, starts with 3000 rubles ( Jetem Solo).More functional options have a price exceeding 6-7 thousand rubles. For example, the popular manufacturer Graco offers electric swing, equipped with many useful options, at a price of 8000 rubles ( Graco Lovin Hug).Acquisition of electric swings is possible in specialized children's stores: "Daughters-Sons", "Our Baby" and others. The devices are also sold in online stores, for example, Malishi.by or Toyway.ru

Customer Reviews

Ludmila : We bought an electric swing from Graco when the child was 3 months old. Of the advantages I want to note very high-quality music( 5 sounds of nature, 5 slow and 5 energetic melodies) and the ability to connect an external audio device. The newborn was very comfortable lying on a pillow in the shape of a bear's ears - the head did not roll from side to side, as it happens in children who do not know how to keep it smoothly. All woven materials are subject to washing, which also had to be done. We are already 14 months old, but we still use electric sticks, more often as a highchair for feeding.

Galina : We have a Happy Baby swing, which we bought a few months ago. Kid really likes toys, and swings with pleasure - he laughs, staggers to the beat with an armchair, tries to sing along when we turn on the music. Prilochilis fed on the same chair-swing, the cover is removed and washed off easily, though it is better to choose a delicate mode of the machine. We use electric swing for about half a year and so far there are no complaints, only positive emotions both for us and for the child.

Vlada : I also bought a swing for the newborn, although my husband was against buying at first, considered them unnecessary, expensive thing. And when, for the first time in two months, we went to bed on time, I was able to appreciate the beauty of the electric plugs. I advise them to all mothers with babies of this indispensable assistant. We swing very satisfied! And the baby is cozy in them - as soon as we lay down and turn on the lullaby, after five minutes it calms down and starts to sniff.

Video: the use of electric swing for babies

The most important advantage of electric plugs is that they do not need to be pumped or pushed. Almost all modern models are equipped with a battery, thanks to which the device swings from side to side. So, the young mother gets a little free time, while the newborn peacefully swings in a warm, cozy chair. Swings perform several important functions:

  • Soothe and comfort the crying child.
  • Entertain the kid while you are busy with other things and can not give the crumbs of time( toys, music, wiggles).
  • Served as a highchair for feeding.

Which children's electric swings for newborns to choose - a review of the best