Highchair for feeding from birth - which is better to choose

Highchair for feeding from birth - which is better to choose

Immediately after birth or when the child learns to sit on his own, many parents are thinking about buying a chair for feeding. This acquisition greatly simplifies the life of moms, since children's food intake on the stool is faster and more convenient. There is no reason to worry about an inverted plate with hot food or the need to wash the floor and the sofa from the porridge. A chair can act as a place where the kid will play or watch what the mother is doing. While the child is having lunch, parents have the opportunity to do their own thing.

What are the types of highchairs for feeding

Thanks to modern manufacturers who offer convenient mechanisms for the transformation and adjustment of high chairs for feeding children, the usual models can be transformed into sunbeds, walkers, desks, swings or rocking chairs. Despite the fact that the traditional high chairs are not out of fashion, many more functional "competitors" are now responsible for rest and entertainment of the child. The model

range surprises with its diversity and makes parents doubt the choice. To facilitate this process, let us consider the classification of highchairs.

Pendant chair

Pendant high chair is a small compact structure without a frame, which is attached to the dining table by means of simple mechanisms. However, fixing the chair to expensive furniture is very carefully, so as not to damage the coating of the table. For safety reasons, the weight of the child must be taken into account. Children are suitable such a highchair for feeding from 0 to 3 years.

The advantages of hanging models for feeding children are:

  • A small size, thanks to which the design does not occupy much space in the kitchen.
  • Relatively low cost.
  • Mobility( you can take it on a trip or for a trip to a restaurant).

Disadvantages of hanging models are:

  • It is possible to use only if there is a table.
  • There are restrictions on the type of countertop, to which it is possible to attach a chair( it is not allowed to fix it on a glass surface).
  • The model is not suitable for single-legged tables, but only for maximum sustainable furniture.

Highchair booster

The model is suitable for children from the moment of birth and has the appearance of a compact portable highchair that can be fixed to a conventional chair with a backrest or used autonomously. Often manufacturers equip such models with a removable table. When choosing a parent, you must take into account that sometimes the height of the construction is not enough for a good view of the child, so the optimal solution will be a model with height adjustment.


  • Compact and lightweight stool.
  • Easy to install and transfer.
  • Ability to sit with parents at the same table, or independently.


  • Insufficient stability of the model, which, with a large activity of the child, can fall to the side.
  • There is no running board, which reduces the level of comfort and does not contribute to the correct position of the child.

High chair for feeding

Highchairs for feeding babies have long legs or a frame that lifts the child to the level of the dining table. The model is intended for both food intake and leisure( drawing, modeling, etc.).In the classical version, the chair does not fold, it is not adjustable and it is not even equipped with its own table top. More expensive highchairs have additional features( seat belts, soft seat covers, adjusting mechanisms) and allow you to put the seat in a position of sleep or rest.


  • High level and safety highchair.
  • With adjusting mechanisms, perfectly adapts to the height of the dining table, changing the position for greater comfort of the child.
  • Children in high chairs are comfortable, because they have a large field for review.


  • Large dimensions of the structure occupy a lot of space in the kitchen.
  • The height of the chair does not allow children to use it themselves, which reduces the activity of crumbs( especially if the parents leave the child in a sitting position for a long time).

Transformer chair

Transformer is a high chair consisting of several parts that can be assembled or disassembled and used for other purposes, not just feeding. Among the many different models, the most popular is the high chair, which is transformed into a table and a low chair. Parents can use this highchair since their birth, and can serve up to school. For very young children, the transformer will serve as a place for eating, and the older child can use it as a workplace for classes or games.

Other trnasformer modifications provide an opportunity to convert it into baby walkers, swings, low rockers and so on. In some wooden structures, the stool is dismantled and a cradle or deckchair is installed on the vacant seat. Therefore, you can use this model for children, whose birth was not even six months old, and who have not yet had time to learn how to sit on their own.


  • Rich functionality.
  • Long period of use of a highchair.


  • Relatively large sizes.
  • The risk that not all functions will be of interest to the child.
  • Costlyness.
  • For some parents, the disassembly and assembly process will be difficult.

Rating of high chairs for feeding - how to choose and which is better

It is difficult to determine the best highchair for feeding from the birth of a child. Today's market offers many children's products in a wide price range: from 2000 thousand rubles to an unlimited upper limit. Sometimes it is difficult for parents to make the best choice. How to choose a good highchair and which company's products to prefer?

Happy Baby William

Features of the model :

The chair is suitable for children from birth to 4 years. It can be used both during feeding and for the leisure of the baby. Reliable five-point belts guarantee crumb protection against falling out of the high chair. If your child is tired of playing and has fallen asleep, you can smoothly lower the seat back to a lying position, without waking the baby. When the child grows a little and wants to sit with his parents at the same table, you can simply remove the tray from the structure and adjust the seat height to the desired level( the height of the step has 3 positions).The model is folded up to small sizes, which is important for ease of transfer and storage.

Dimensions Happy Baby William :

  • Approximate Weight: 10.5 kg.
  • Dimensions in the unfolded position: 58х121х28 cm.
  • Dimensions in the combined position: 42х73 cm.
  • Country: United Kingdom.
  • Price: 5400-5500 rubles.

Chicco Polly

Features Chicco Polly :

Comfortable, soft seating material. The height of the chair and the position of the child seat can be changed, making the meal more comfortable for the baby. The tray is removed and you can install an additional table for accessories in its place. The positions of the backrest and footrest can be adjusted in three modes. The model is equipped with a double seat belt and 4 locking wheels. There are 7 levels of adjusting the height of the child seat. A highchair can easily be placed in a reclining position if the baby accidentally falls asleep in it. Removable cover for the highchair is made of waterproof material, so it is easy to clean it. The ability to automatically manage the folding or folding a chair with a single button.

Dimensions of Chicco Polly :

  • Approximate weight: 10 kg.
  • Dimensions in the unfolded position: 82cmx63.5cmx104cm.
  • Dimensions when folded: 63,5х92 cm.
  • Country: Italy.
  • Price: 7200 rubles.

Chicco Polly Magic

Features of the model :

Used for children of different ages( for newborns it is used as a chair, for adults it is also used as a place for games or for a short sleep).The child seat is equipped with a safety belt with five fixation points. The height of the chair can be adjusted( there are 6 allowable levels).The seat is as comfortable as possible, and the cover is detachable for washing. The back of the seat has three positions: lying, reclining or sitting. The chair is equipped with a special insert for the newborn and a basket in which the toys are stored. The feeding tray can be disconnected. When folded, the design is compact in size. The brake, with which all the wheels are equipped, guarantees the seat stability and reliability.

Dimensions of Chicco Polly Magic :

  • Approximate weight: 12.5 kg.
  • Dimensions in the unfolded position: 104.5 × 55 × 85 cm.
  • Dimensions in the folded position: 100 × 55 cm
  • Country: Italy.
  • Price: 9700 rubles.

Peg Perego Tatamia

Features of the :

The feeding chair will be useful to the baby from the moment of birth, as it can be transformed into a cradle and a swing. Later, parents can use it as a chair for creative pursuits or games. Table Peg Perego Tatamia is equipped with a removable tray with compartments for bottles, cups. The five-point belt guarantees safety when eating or enjoying food. Wheels help to transport easily, and built-in brakes prevent unnecessary movement of the structure. The height of the highchair is adjustable in nine positions, and the stand for the legs can take one of three permissible positions. For greater comfort of the children, the back of the chair tilts under four different angles. The rocking chair is easy to decompose, and when folded, it does not occupy a large area.

Dimensions Peg Perego Tatamia :

        • Approximate weight: 14 kg.
        • Dimensions in the unfolded position: 78х59х107 cm.
        • Dimensions in the combined position: 35х94,5 cm
        • Country: Italy.
        • Price: 16900 rubles.

Highchair Peg Perego Tatamia

Peg Perego Siesta

Features of the model :

Parents can use this multifunctional children's model from the very birth of the baby: at first as a comfortable chaise longue, and with half a year as a chair for feeding or playing games. With the help of the "Stop & Go" button it is easy to move inside the apartment, the wheels have special protection from scratches and are equipped with an auto-lock system. The cover can be removed and washed in a typewriter. The chair is equipped with two removable trays and a convenient compartment for small items in the back of the chair. The maximum angle of the seat is 150 degrees. The height of the structure can be changed, a stable footrest is provided.

Dimensions Peg Perego Siesta :

              • Approximate weight: 10.5 kg.
              • Dimensions in the unfolded position: 75х60х104,5 cm.
              • Dimensions in the folded position: 35х86 cm.
              • Country: Italy.
              • Price: 11900 rubles.

Hauck Sit

Features of the model :

The baby armchair combines a place for eating a baby and a chaise longue for its rest. Therefore, to use Hauck Sit is possible from birth crumbs. The inclination of the back of the nursery chair for feeding is adjustable in three angles of inclination. Five-point belts and a comfortable stand for children's legs provide the baby with absolute safety. The baby feeding chair is very compact, so it is convenient to store or carry it. There are seven modes for the height of the stool. Soft cover is to be washed and easily removed from the seat. There is a three-dimensional bag for children's things or toys.

Dimensions of the Hauck Sit :

              • Approximate Weight: 8.5 kg.
              • Dimensions in the unfolded position: 75х53х105 cm.
              • Dimensions in the combined position: 93х53 cm.
              • Country: Germany.
              • Price: 9000 rubles.


Features of the :

The baby feeding chair has eight levels of height and is suitable for both newborn babies and adults. The backrest can lean into the game, sleep or feeding mode. It is stipulated that two trays, pillows and a seat parents can remove and clean( wash).Good stability to the highchair is given by 2 reliable feet on wheels with stoppers. The chair for feeding Zuma is as compact as possible, as it follows the principle of a book.

Dimensions INGLESINA Zuma :

              • Approximate weight: 10 kg.
              • Dimensions in the unfolded position: 54х81х102 cm.
              • Dimensions in the combined position: 86х45 cm.
              • Country: Italy.
              • Price: 8400 rubles.

Age or when to buy highchair for feeding?

Some old-fashioned mothers believe that the chair for feeding should be purchased only for those who know how to sit on their own. However, this is not so, modern highchairs are designed for use immediately after the birth of babies. Seats for the youngest have the form of tall structures with the possibility of lowering the backrest into a horizontal state. So, the chair is transformed into a cradle or a chaise longue.

After the birth of a crumb, parents can put it in a similar cradle where the crumb will peacefully doze. Some modern models provide for automatic swinging of the cradle, completely freeing the mother from the process of lulling the baby. When the child learns to sit without outside interference, it should be transplanted into a child's armchair for feeding, and the function of changing the height of the chair will be very much in demand throughout the entire operation of the furniture.

Through how much after a birth of the kid to buy a stool

When it takes at least six months after the birth of a crumb, he can sit down on his own. From now on you can use all other options for highchairs. Most of the models are designed for ages from birth to 4 years, but the transformers can be in demand up to eight years. When choosing the size and modification of child seats, there are no rigid age limits, modern universal designs can be used even by adults.

Each family has an individual approach to the purchase of a highchair. Some moms and dads buy children's furniture at a time when the crumb turns 5-9 months old, others start using it from the very birth of the baby. This is also the case with the moment when they refuse to leave the chair. On average, furniture for feeding is used up to 2-5 years. For a larger age, only chairs-transformers are designed.

Tips for the use and care of a chair for feeding

Sometimes children eat five minutes, and clean up later takes considerably longer. To make this task as easy as possible, moms and dads need a removable table top and a fabric cover on the seat, which is machine washable. Excellent, if such a cover will be made of waterproof material, which is easy to clean. To protect the child from injury when using a highchair, it is worth observing some rules:

  1. To avoid overturning the seat, the structure must be stable and reliable. When buying a high chair model, make sure that he does not stagger. If you use a transformer, check the strength of the fasteners between its elements before putting a crumb into the chair.
  2. To prevent the baby from falling from the height of the chair and not being injured, use seat belts or lowering bars.
  3. Make sure that children's furniture is not moved arbitrarily. For this purpose, wheels with brakes are provided.
  4. Check that the structure does not have sharp edges, corners, protruding nails or other fasteners.
  5. Make sure that the baby seat to be procured is made from natural materials and does not contain toxins( low-quality lacquers, dyes).

Customer Reviews

Helena, 28 : Faced the problem of feeding children - they simply could not be seated in one place. When tired of chasing the kids with a spoon throughout the apartment, it was decided to purchase a children's chair. The children immediately adapted to eat in one place, they are even interested in sitting down and waiting for Mom to fasten all the straps and put on the colorful table kashka. I do not regret about the purchase, because the process of food intake has become more simple.

Ekaterina, 25 years old : We have a high-chair, we have been using it for 4 years already and we do not like it. Previously, it served only as a place of feeding crumbs, and now turned into a chair with a table where the child draws, plays soldiers, paints pictures. At a choice paid attention to the size of models, wanted, that the chair has served longer, and left. We all recommend a transformer.

Olga, 31, : My husband and I have taught the children to a certain regime, it was easier to cope with household chores and keep up. Stool really helped to reduce the time, which used to be spent on feeding. And although I still have to carry the younger with me, but the chair made it much easier - while I'm still working in the kitchen, the baby sits and watches. So I can look after my daughter while doing cooking or cleaning.

Highchair from the birth - which is better to choose