How to beautifully tie a shoelace

How to beautifully tie a shoelace

Shoes or boots, sneakers or moccasins - rare shoes, especially men's, do without laces. You can tie them in a classic - fast, simple and standard - method. But it is much more interesting and fun to use one of the modern fashionable and stylish schemes. Variants, how beautifully to tie shoelaces, set. Below are the most popular of them.

Ways to tie the shoelaces

Even such a trivial process as lacing up the shoe will turn into a fascinating action. The main thing is to approach it creatively. The options are limited to your imagination and the amount of time that you are able to devote to this process. Classy lace will come with short and long, narrow and wide strings. In your power to hide the knot or turn it into the main element of the composition. Lace shirting is possible:

  • straight;
  • double reverse;
  • nodal;
  • is spiral-shaped;
  • with weaving;
  • color;
  • without a bow or with it.

Remember: the lacing scheme determines the ability to fix the foot in the shoe. The main con

dition is your comfort: do not pinched or hitch shoes, shoes or sneakers should not. To tighten knots costs more tightly. They should not be untied when walking! When wearing sports, military( not everyday) shoes, the latter factor is an absolute priority.

On sneakers

The question of how to tie shoelaces on sneakers is beautiful, relevant for those who do not think of life without sports or prefer this type of footwear to everyone else. It is acceptable to use any schemes - and those that are convenient for you in training, and those that will stand out in the company of peers. A few skills, and lace walking, running, basketball and even warm winter sneakers will be very easy.

The original, unusual lacing of the sneakers is simple straight. Do not attach importance to boring name and ease of execution - it looks great on shoes. Suitable is lacing for shoes with an even number of holes, for example, with 6 holes on one side. Your actions:

  1. Tip the tip into one of the upper holes, output in the lowest hole on the same side.
  2. Pass the cord through all the holes of the sneaker in such a way that it forms parallel lines.
  3. Pull the other end through the opposite hole for the knot.

How nice to tie short laces? Use the principle of lacing the butterfly. It is also acceptable to resort to it if your favorite sneakers are with an odd number of holes, for example, with 5 holes on each side. How to proceed:

  1. Slide the ends of the lace directly into both the furthest holes so that it is over the tongue of the running shoe.
  2. Each end of the string alternately cross criss-cross the top. Having completed everything correctly, you will see that the bow will be at the very end of the tongue.

Want to know how fast to tie shoelaces on sneakers with 4 holes on each side? The method proposed below is so simple and convenient that they really fix the sneakers with just one hand:

  1. Thread the knot on one end of the string, another carry under any of the outer upper holes.
  2. With zigzag movements, draw the string on the top from one hole to the other parallel to it. Then go along the bottom of the lacing - to the opposite bottom, until you reach the very last hole.
  3. Pull the free end of the cord up under the resulting lacing.

How to lace up the sneakers beautifully

Keds are the invariable favorite of the youth. Comfortable, practical, stylish, versatile, such shoes are found in the wardrobe of any teenager - or a person who has long since emerged from adolescence, but who is always 18 years old. The instruction how to tie beautifully laces on sneakers, is applicable and for conversions. These shoes are small in size, discreet. Steep design of a string with a complex knitting - one way to emphasize the individuality of the owner of the sneakers.

In this case, the "Lesenka" system is quite applicable. Large long color strings will be appropriate. We will have to get on, but the result will please.

  1. Pass the shoelaces through the bottom holes, thread the ends into the outer upper holes.
  2. Place the ends of the string on each other criss-cross and thread under the longitudinally formed lacing.
  3. Repeat the procedure to the very top, decorate the ends with a bow.

How to tie shoelaces on shoes

Standard shoe classic style - shoes. They are worn with strict business clothes, which do not allow excesses. In shoes, anything beyond the dress code is not expected. Thin ties of the same color as the shoes themselves, to experiments with appearance also do not have. Do you like the official closed lacing or vice versa, an open type? Whatever your preferences, lacing on shoes should look perfect. Accurate rectangular in this case is appropriate.

  1. Pull out the lace from one of the upper holes, hug the opposite.
  2. After pulling the drawstring from the bottom through one hole, pull it outward and again pass it over to the parallel hole.
  3. In this way, lace up the entire length of the string.
  4. When you finish lacing up your shoes, you should have an elegant ladder with a bow on top.

How to lace burs

When fixing on the foot of the tibia it is not so important how beautiful it is to tie the laces on them. These shoes are not everyday. In a hike, in the field, it is much more essential that the tightener be comfortable, and the fastening itself takes place quickly. Yes, and remove the criminals if necessary in a matter of seconds. Therefore, experienced participants in the campaigns recommend using the simplest cross lacing: the string stretches from the top on top with large stitches, passing from one side of the tongue to the other.

Video: types of laces

Much more clearly the original ways of fixing shoes are presented on the videos below. Thanks to them you will learn how to beautifully tie a bow on laces, how to stand out in a crowd, shoeing ordinary sneakers. You will learn how to lace at once with two strings of different colors in a staggered order, where each checker will differ from the neighboring ones. In your power to look different, without spending a penny on it, only resorting to a different type of fixing shoes. Dare to be fashionable!

How to tie the shoelaces on the

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How beautifully to tie shoelaces