Peptides - what is it and their functions

Peptides - what is it and their functions

These invisible helpers play a significant role in the work of the human body. Peptides coordinate the operation of all systems, help to solve important problems, and order the processes occurring inside. Medical preparations with them activate body forces, help to look younger. It's time to get acquainted with these assistants closer.

What are peptides

The human body constantly synthesizes substances that actively participate in the regulation of all physiological processes - peptides and proteins. Without their activities, there is no existence of any of the organs. Peptides - what is it? These substances, whose molecules consist of a short chain of amino acid residues, are joined by an amide bond. Another name for peptides is small proteins.

Medicine has more than one and a half thousand peptide compounds. The properties of each depend on the number of amino acids in the chain and their particular organized spatial arrangement. Peptides act separately on various functions of the body. Ar

e noted by quantity of amino acid residues:

  • oligopeptides - have up to ten links;
  • polypeptides - more than 10;
  • tripeptides - contain 3 links.

Why are these connections so important to humans? Because peptides are bioregulators of the following processes:

  • digestion;
  • analgesia;
  • hormonal activity;
  • stabilization of blood pressure;
  • purification from toxins;
  • weight reduction;
  • immunological action;
  • the breakdown of fats;
  • antitumor effect;
  • cell renewal.

An important task of peptides is to strengthen the protective forces of the human body. They help:

  • normalize the work of the digestive tract;
  • neuropeptides - correctly act on the nervous tissue;
  • to regulate processes related to memory;
  • cleanse the body of toxins;
  • withdraw the products of processing;
  • to debug the exchange processes;
  • cope with inflammation;
  • to fight infections.

What are peptides in cosmetology

Women who dream of possessing a faultless appearance often resort to the help of peptidotherapy in beauty salons. Special compounds with peptides in serums, creams, and solutions are used for anti-aging procedures. These funds are needed:

  • for the production of collagen proteins;
  • slowing down the aging process;
  • for moisturizing the skin;
  • increased muscle tone;
  • for the production of hyaluronic acid;
  • acceleration of metabolic processes;
  • for blocking the activity of the sebaceous glands.

The use of peptides in cosmetology, due to the penetration of molecules into the deep layers, helps:

  • to change the structure of the skin;
  • perform cell-level rejuvenation;
  • reduce the wilting of epidermal layers;
  • improve the condition with acne due to antibacterial action;
  • cell regeneration;
  • to reduce the harmful effects of the environment;
  • to shorten the recovery period after plastic surgery;
  • to avoid side effects, reduce the risk of adverse effects from cosmetic procedures.

Peptides in food - the list of

A person is able to help the body, reduce its biological age, if it starts using products containing peptides. Over the years, an addition to the natural production of protein compounds is required. Peptides are in the composition:

  • greens;
  • of dark chocolate;
  • bananas;
  • walnuts;
  • of dairy products;
  • vegetables - radish, spinach;
  • cereals - buckwheat, barley, wheat, corn;
  • eggs;
  • fish - tuna, sardine;
  • beans;
  • chicken meat;
  • of sunflower seeds;
  • royal jelly;
  • seafood;
  • of soybeans.

What is the C-peptide in the blood test

This indicator is one of the important in the biochemical blood test, in the early stages it helps to diagnose diseases. When the result is obtained, they judge the level of their own insulin in the body. C-peptide in the blood test helps:

  • diagnose type of diabetes;
  • predict the course of the disease;
  • monitor the progress of treatment;
  • detect pancreatic tumors.

Norm of C-peptide in blood

Normative indicators in modern medicine do not have international standards. In many respects, the peptide values ​​depend on the analysis technique, the corresponding reagents, equipment, units of measurement. The standard and the actual value are written on the form of the results. It is considered to be the norm of C-peptide in the blood:

  • 0,5-2,1 mng / l;
  • 0.27-0.64 mmol / l;
  • 0.79-1.9 ng / ml.

C-peptide - the norm in men

Representatives of the stronger sex are often prone to bad habits - smoking, alcohol abuse. They are more often sick with cirrhosis of the liver, have physical overload at work and during sports. All this leads to a change in the indices during a biochemical blood test. The rate of C-peptide in men should correspond with fasting on an empty stomach according to the method of Knyazev Yu. - 0.54-2.89 ng / ml.

C-peptide - normal in children

A child may develop diabetes mellitus suddenly. Parents need to know the symptoms of the diagnosis in order to make an analysis in time, to begin treatment. Because children have a high sensitivity to insulin, the peptide values ​​in the assay are often below the normative or reference limits. It requires consultation of the endocrinologist. The norm of the C-peptide in children does not differ from the adult. According to the enzyme immunoassay it can be 0.41-0.79 ng / ml.

C-peptide - the norm in women in the blood

This analysis has a very special significance for women - the peptide content diagnoses one of the causes of infertility - polycystic ovarian syndrome. This is often caused by an excess of insulin, which increases the production of androgens. Timely diagnosis made helps to start treatment, avoid complications - diabetes. The norm of C-peptide in the blood in women by the average method can be 0.31-0.38 ng / ml.

C-peptide increased

What shows the deviation of the indicator in the larger side? C-peptide above the norm is observed if a person takes hormones or medicines containing sugar. If the values ​​of the analysis diverged in the direction of increase, the patient is diagnosed with:

  • insulin - a neoplasm in the pancreas;
  • type 2 diabetes;
  • renal failure;
  • polycystic ovary;It is a disease of the pituitary gland;
  • resistance to the action of insulin.

C-peptide reduced

Low peptide values ​​in relation to the norms give rise to the thought of incorrect preparation for the analysis. To this result results stress, alcohol consumption, physical overload. It happens that the C-peptide is lowered on occasion:

  • of type 1 diabetes in which pancreatic tissue is destroyed;
  • of prolonged fasting;
  • artificial reduction of sugar due to insulin intake;
  • removal of part of the pancreas.

C-peptide for diabetes mellitus

The product is formed in the body as a result of the synthesis of the hormone insulin and is contained in the same amount with it. In the analysis, he shows the production of his own insulin pancreas. C-peptide in diabetes mellitus helps to correctly identify the type of disease that is important for the appointment of treatment. If patients receive the substance in parallel with insulin, complications such as lesions can be avoided:

  • of vessels - angiopathy;
  • kidney - nephropathy;
  • of the nerves - neuropathy.

Peptide preparations

Pharmacological companies have developed medicines that differ in their bioregulatory effects. Preparations based on peptides, getting through the gastrointestinal tract and blood into the cells, affect DNA.Each of the remedies acts on a specific cause:

  • Pinealon - improves the functioning of the brain;
  • Vesilyut - affects the genitourinary system;
  • Prolactin - is responsible for the active production of breast milk;
  • Somatotropin - is a growth hormone that affects the hypothalamus.

Application of peptides

Long-standing dream of a person - to increase the life span - can be achieved by using peptides in the form of medications. Their use is aimed at improving the work of a particular body, can significantly improve the quality of life and push aside old age. Effective action of drugs containing peptides:

  • Normoftal - improves the retina of the eye;
  • Cardiogen - promotes the prevention of cardiovascular diseases;
  • Pankraten - activates the pancreas;
  • Vesugen - normalizes the condition of the vessels.

Among those who use peptide drugs for beauty are women. Special powders and solutions with peptides are used as additives to cosmetics - masks, creams, serums. They are actively used for injections in mesotherapy. Popular remedies for cosmetology:

  • Matrixil - increases skin elasticity, rejuvenates it;
  • Argireline - relaxes muscles, reducing facial wrinkles.

Cosmetic preparation Leufasil - straightens the unevenness of the skin on the forehead, under the eyes due to the decrease in the activity of the nerve impulse in the muscles. Reduces their reduction, as a result, there is a smoothing of facial wrinkles. The agent with peptides is used alone in cosmetology or enhances the effect when used together with Snap-8, Shin-eik.

The use of peptide drugs is very popular among athletes engaged in bodybuilding. This is due to the ability of these tools:

  • quickly restore strength after training;
  • stimulate the growth of muscle tissue;
  • is rapidly excreted from the body;
  • treat inflammation of joints after exertion;
  • strengthen cartilage and bone;
  • increase the tone of the body;
  • to strengthen the immune forces.

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Anastasia, 27 years old

Mom watches the appearance and sent me to the beauty salon, although I am happy with my skin. The cosmetician approved this decision. Ecology spoils the skin very much, it's easier to start nursing earlier - the result will be better. We began to make masks with Leufasil containing peptides. I was surprised that my face was fresh and smooth. I go on routines regularly.

Alexandra, 42 years old

She made several injections of Botox for several years, her face looked smooth but lifeless. There are no facial expressions, muscles are constrained, sensations are unpleasant. I was very happy when I found out about the alternative - Agrigelin. It relaxes the facial muscles, but without nyxes, with external application. In the salon, masks are made for me, and I add the composition of the house.

Valentina, 45

Allowed a birthday present - went to the procedures in the beauty salon. There they blamed me that it was too late. They pissed at me for an hour, made masks, applied serum. I did not recognize myself in the mirror-the skin is fresh, young. It turned out - such miracles are made by peptides. Now I visit the salon constantly.

Peptides - what is it and their functions