What book should I give to a girl

What book should I give to a girl

To present such a universal gift can be any representative of the fair sex. It can be a love story, a cookbook, a tutorial on decoupage or a biography of a great woman. The main thing - to determine the interests of the girl, her hobbies.

How to choose a book as a gift to the young lady

The girl on her birthday, March 8, or even without reason, you can give a useful book in everyday life. As a rule, young housewives are presented with publications on the topic of cooking, needlework, medicine. However, before buying such a specimen, it is better to find out about the preferences and interests of a woman, otherwise such a gift will collect dust on the shelf. In addition to the appropriate content, the book as a gift to a girl should have a good hard cover. It is better that the gift copy be sewn, not simply glued.

Original tips for everything

Choosing a practical book that contains useful tips about everything is a good solution. Such literature will help the young housewife to comprehend

the cunning of home economics. For a gift, the girl can be advised:

  • "Means to reduce expenses in the household"( authorship of Elena Molokhovets).
  • How to raise a happy child. The principle of continuity "(author - Jean Ledloff).
  • "Reference book of sensible parents"( author - Eugene Komarovsky).
  • ¬ęTime management for women. How to do everything "(author - Natalia Jeremic).
  • "I again have nothing to wear. How to improve your wardrobe and change your life "(by Jennifer Baumgartner).
  • "100 promises to my child. How to become the best parent in the world "(author - Mallika Chopra).
  • "Lifting gymnastics"( author - Olga Dan).

The book of recipes

This is not a very original gift to a girl, but it is guaranteed to be useful and necessary. You can give not just a culinary publication, but a whole gift set, which can be purchased in the literary shops of Moscow. In addition to the book itself, it includes various accessories for cooking - cornices, shapes, etc. Such a gift just like the girl and will inspire her to culinary feats. What book can you give a girl:

  1. Nick Belotserkovskaya. Gift set of 2 books."Recipes. Diets. "Bright and colorful edition includes recipes of varying complexity, because the book will rejoice both the young bride and the experienced mother of the family.
  2. "A book about tasty and healthy food".A rarity for today's Soviet edition, which is still cooked with pleasure by many mistresses.
  3. Julia Vysotskaya."Fast breakfast."This collage of popular dishes will allow the hostess to deserve the praise of the guests.
  4. A cookbook for writing recipes. A comfortable, high-quality notebook on the spring for notes. Provided liner with a table of the ratio of weight measures of products.

Gift books for girls

You should not buy a bestseller if you are not sure that a woman loves works of this genre. The best books for girls are classics, but this type of literature is not loved by everyone. Therefore, it is better to give something more practical and useful: books on psychology, sports, history. Or, in advance, find out what kind of genre the recipient likes to read.

Romantic series

In order not to lose, it is better to give the novels of famous authors, rather than the work of a young writer - so it is more likely to please the recipient. If you want to present something fresh, do not be lazy to read reviews on the Internet. Novelties often invade the list of books, immediately falling on the crest of fashion. Which book to present to the girl:

  • A set of three books by Cecelia Ahern, containing: "P.S.I love you "," Gift "," I love your memories ".
  • Gift copy "Pride and Prejudice" J. Osten.
  • "Jane Eyre" Charlotte Bronte.
  • "Gone with the Wind" by Margaret Mitchell.
  • "Chocolate" by Joan Harris.
  • "Diary of Memory" by Nicholas Sparks.


If the book is the only, main presentation - it should be of high quality, good quality. Otherwise, if the book publication acts as a postcard, you can choose a bright, colorful specimen containing colored illustrations so that the gift will cause the recipient pleasant emotions. Poetic books for women, which you can give for any holiday - March 8, anniversary or Valentine's Day:

  • Collection of poems "Spring Book. Poems for girls, girls, moms "(classical poetry).
  • Gift edition of Marina Tsvetaeva "My Muse" or "Pink Youth"( the price of such a gift reaches 9 000-10 000 rubles).
  • Omar Khayyam "Rubai".
  • Collection in the gift cover "Stars in the snow."
  • Anna Akhmatova "Poems and Poems".

Fantasy or science fiction

Lovers of all the incredible and mysterious definitely like the story in the style of fantasy. You can present the following works:

  1. Natalia Shcherbina "Chasodei. Time of the hour. "A beautiful fairy tale, filled with magic and adventures, is more suitable for a young person.
  2. The Pentateuch of Terry Pratchett "Flat World".A popular fantasy filled with sparkling humor and deep philosophy.
  3. Olga Kuno "Black and White Palette." On the confrontation of white and dark magic.
  4. Daniel Suarez "The Stream".Recognized as the best fantastic novel of 2016.


Modern girls are addicted to detective themes, especially if the work contains elements of mysticism. Fans of thrillers should be presented:

  • Paul Hawkins "Girl on the train."
  • The work of K. Obizov "The Red Chains".
  • The famous "Inferno", written by the brilliant Dan Brown.
  • The book "Call of the Cuckoo" by Robert Galbraith. Roman Gillian Flynn "The Disappeared".
  • Classics of the genre - "Hotel" by Arthur Haley.


It is believed that classical literature is immortal and will never lose its relevance. Why not give the girl such a work, a popular book? An excellent version of the presentation will be:

  • The famous "Life on loan", written by Remarque.
  • Roman Francis Scott Fitzgerald "The Night is Tender".
  • Emily Bronte "Wuthering Heights".
  • Mikhail Bulgakov "Master and Margarita".
  • The collection of short stories by Ray Bradbury.
  • "Easy breathing" Bunin.
  • Guy De Maupassant "Dear Friend".

What book should I present to girl