How to distribute WiFi from laptop

How to distribute WiFi from laptop

Every home has more and more modern gadgets that have access to the network: a smartphone, a tablet, e-books. All wireless technologies require an access point that opens the channel to all devices. In order not to pay separately for each gadget, there is a way how to distribute wi-fi from a laptop.

Is it possible to distribute Wi-Fi from

laptop? For many users, a wi-fi adapter( router) is usual for creating a home network, but a laptop can also give out free Internet in an apartment. Modern computer models are equipped with models of Wi-Fi with the implementation of SoftAp, which allows the device not only to accept the Internet, but also to create a wireless connection zone. This is especially useful if there is no router available or use is made via a phone card and modem. You can connect to a point on any OS:

  • Windows;
  • Android;
  • Mac.

How to distribute the Internet from a laptop

There are several options for how to distribute the Internet from a computer. You can use for

these purposes:

  • built-in functions of Windows;
  • additional utilities that can be downloaded from the Internet;
  • command-line functions.

The easiest way is to create a wi-fi zone using third-party programs. The setup in this case is absolutely simple, no special knowledge is required for this. The most difficult to control is through commands in the executive line, for the average user this method seems too complicated. If you do not want to download third-party software, you can use the connection via standard system tools.

With the built-in tools in Windows

Virtually all modern computers have Wi-fi adapters with the technology of creating a virtual zone of wireless connection. If you have an older PC model, you should check if it supports the above function. You can do it in Device Manager, find your Wi-Fi module, check for technology. If so, here's a way how to distribute Wi-Fi from the laptop:

  1. Launch the "Control Panel" and find the "Network and Sharing Center" contribution.
  2. Click on "Set up a new connection or network".
  3. On the next screen, click on "PC-PC Wireless Network Setup", click "Next" 2 times.
  4. Come up with a name, a password of 8 characters. In the "Security type" section, select "WPA-2".Check the box before "Save this network settings".
  5. The system will configure the new point, then go to the "Enable Internet Connection Sharing" tab.
  6. After configuration, close the window using the "Close" button.
  7. In the upper left corner, open the "Change adapter settings" tab and activate "Network Discovery", you can open access to printers, files.

In the lower right corner, a new Wi-Fi point will appear, to which you can connect other devices. Before distributing Wi-Fi from the laptop, remember that the network will work while the PC is on. When you start the sleep mode or turn off the computer, the connection also turns off. To create an access point, you must have administrator rights, otherwise you will not be able to change the settings.

With the help of special programs

Many users in the reviews say that it is much easier to distribute wi-fi from the laptop through specialized utilities. On the expanses of the network they already exist not a little, but the principle of action is similar to them. The most popular are such programs:

  • Switch Virtual Router.
  • Connectify Hotspot.
  • MyPublicWiFi.
  • Virtual Router Plus.

The most powerful and simple option, how to distribute a free Wi-Fi from a laptop, is considered to be Connectify Hotspot. There is also a free version for home use, but you can buy the utility for $ 30 a year to have more settings and features. Switch Virtual Router is completely free, but does not have a Russian interface. Users say that this utility has not been updated for a long time, so it's not guaranteed to work correctly on new notebook models.

MyPublicWiFi can distribute Wi-Fi well, automatically starts right after turning on the computer, but does not have Russification. All utilities are very similar, perform the same functions. To distribute Wi-Fi, as a rule, you need to perform such simple actions:

  1. Install and run the application.
  2. Design a name for the access point.
  3. Enter the password.
  4. Choose the type of connection: mobile connection, modem connection, local cord.
  5. Click "Start" or "Create."In different utilities it is called differently.

When downloading such products, carefully check the installers for viruses. In some cases, attackers build spy scripts that infiltrate your computer and steal passwords to many services( especially personal mail), which opens up access to your personal data. For download choose authoritative file sharing.

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How to distribute WiFi from