How to check a car for a deposit in a bank and a loan

How to check a car as collateral in a bank and a loan

How to check a car for a deposit in a bank and a loan

Buying a supported car is a risky occupation for a potential buyer. In addition to the fact that the vehicle may be in poor technical condition, there is a risk of getting even more trouble - the car can be a credit. Many do not know how to check the car for a deposit in the bank, and this procedure is very important. A vehicle with such a history is the worst purchase for a buyer.

How to check the restrictions on the car

When making a loan, the car is considered as a guarantor of payment, therefore, before you check the cars for a pledge in the bank, you need to find out all the restrictions applied by the police officers on it. PTA at the conclusion of the buyer's agreement with the lender remains with the second party. It will be issued to the owner only after the fulfillment of all financial obligations.

It is impossible to enter into agreements concerning the vehicle without a TCP, however, scammers invented a sch

eme, providing only a copy of the car's passport. The buyer's inattention can lead to the fact that all debt obligations imposed on movable property will pass by law to a new owner. Also on the TS put such restriction as arrest - the compulsory procedure of a single service of bailiffs of Russia in order to ensure the fulfillment by the debtor of court decisions on a loan agreement.

What indicates the pledge of

There are several signs that the car is pledged to the bank:

  1. Availability of data on the occupier. This information is in the policy of CASCO and its presence indicates that the car has a bad credit history.
  2. No original vehicle identification certificate. If you buy a car you are provided with a duplicate title, then auto is probably with a bad credit history. This document is done in a minimal simple procedure - the DPS submits an application for the loss of the original passport, and information is entered into the database.
  3. Extremely low price of a car. Before acquiring the desired movable property, it is necessary to study the secondary market of vehicles, its pricing policy. The understated cost of the car says that the owner is trying to sell the vehicle in the shortest possible time, which also means a bad credit history.
  4. Absence of a contract of sale. The document concludes that the vehicle is not paid for by a bank loan.
  5. Commission agreement. This nuance is the reason why you should refrain from buying a vehicle. The information is indicated in the TCP.
  6. Sale after the minimum period of acquisition. Since most loans are issued through a three-year payment system, the shorter time of using a serviceable vehicle for sale is unnatural, and the car is most likely not paid on a loan.

Where to check the car for a loan or a pledge

The procedure for the creation of a unified register of credit movable property, initiated by the state, was recently completed. This database of mortgage cars stores information about movable property that is in unpaid credit from a certain legal entity. To track the TS, which has an outstanding bank loan, it is possible: visit If there is a desire to receive data by an extract, it is necessary to buy this service for 100 rubles. There is also a way to find out the lien - check the car code code. You can do this by visiting the site

Checking by VIN code

You can also check the auto on the security according to the VIN code:

  1. Go to the site
  2. Enter the code of the vehicle under test( number of the chassis or body) in the appeared wine window.
  3. Make sure there is a tick in front of the option "security check".
  4. Click the "learn" button.
  5. Wait for the information to appear.

Video about collateral cars from banks

In order to purchase the desired vehicle went smoothly, you need to have the necessary information - whether a restriction is imposed on the registration actions of the car. A car with debts promises big problems to the new owner. Learn from the video: how to check the car for arrest and what to do if you were still deceived by scammers.

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