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it necessary to strengthen the immune system

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kid can occasionally get sick, but remember, this is not always and not necessarily evidenceWeakened immunity, which is supposedly time to stimulate in all possible ways. In contrast, just disease and form a natural protective response of the body which tends to preserve constancy of the internal environment( homeostasis).

Before taking care of the baby, listen to the doctor's recommendations. He will do the necessary tests, conduct research and, if the child is often sick, will tell how to strengthen immunity. Sometimes it turns out that weak defenses are a congenital disorder called immunodeficiency. And if you try to stimulate the "defense" of the body, the consequences can be unpredictable: it is "to fail" and

to dwindle more and more.

Perhaps your baby will need help not an ordinary doctor, but an immunologist. Here are the indications for visiting this specialist:

  • ARVI at least 6 times per year;
  • complications after colds;
  • increased fatigue;
  • the course of diseases without high temperature( this means that the body can not fight back against bacteria and viruses);
  • constantly increased( but soft and painless) lymph nodes in the neck and in the armpits;
  • allergy;
  • herpes on the lips;
  • repeated purulent otitis media, pneumonia, and other complex diseases.
If violations are observed for 6 months or more, the doctor will make an immunogram. These are measurements of blood parameters that reveal key indicators of immunity. The most informative is the immunogram, if the baby is more than three years old.

Well, if nothing special in the health of the baby is not seen and all within the normal range - enough to implement the recommendations of a pediatrician and use drugs that increase immunity in children( both pharmaceutical and natural origin).

Folk remedies

If you prefer to try natural treatments instead of the first signs of sickness run to the pharmacy for pills - Describes how to strengthen the immunity of the child folk remedies. This is not particularly difficult, but in principle it gives a good effect. Try the following.

  • Onion, garlic .Many people have heard about their wonderful properties. If a small dog is confused by the taste, appearance or other features of healthy vegetables, try adding a finely chopped onion to the first or second dish, rub a piece of bread with a clove of garlic. This also helps to strengthen immunity in children, even if you just cut garlic cloves or bulbs, put them in saucers and arrange them around the house( but not very close to the baby bed).
  • Nuts .Feel free to get nutty mixtures - on their own or with fruit. Suitable almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts.
  • Fermented milk products .If pathogenic microbes get into the intestine, lactobacilli and bifidobacteria will help to improve the microflora. Make a homemade yogurt on leaven, bought at a pharmacy, or kefir. This is an excellent tool for improving immunity in children. In addition, these products contain calcium, which strengthens the bone system.
  • Sweet honey in a glass jar and cut into slices of lemon Lemon and honey .If the child does not have any allergies, give him a strengthening natural remedy - lime or buckwheat honey( a day is enough of a teaspoonful).It can be added to different drinks, mixed with any nuts. A wonderful stimulant of immunity - lemon juice with honey, diluted with warm water.
  • Fresh vegetable, fruit juices .You have the opportunity to make freshly squeezed juice - fine. Especially it is useful in the cold season.
  • Berries, herbs .Broths of chamomile or linden flowers, as well as rose hips, especially in combination with honey - not only tasty, but also healthy drinks. Fresh or frozen currants, raspberries, blueberries can make delicious smoothies and fruit drinks. And you can serve whole berries.

All these are products that increase immunity in children. Of natural remedies, fish oil also has a very good effect. If in the days of our grandmothers it was given in its pure form( it is told, it tastes terrible), now fish oil in capsules is available. It is rich in vitamins A and D, contains useful minerals, fatty acids and is useful if the child is often sick for a long time. Observe the dosage. The main thing in the application of any means, including people's, is not to overdo it.

Pharmaceutical preparations

Before using any of the immune preparations for children, it is not superfluous to get a specialist consultation. Corrective treatment can be prescribed only on the basis of a number of analyzes. Not all drugs are suitable for a certain age. Therefore, self-treatment is completely excluded. It is necessary to strictly observe the prescribed scheme of therapy, as well as dosage.

Here are some preparations for immunity: for children, they are prescribed strictly individually, despite the fact that some of them are dispensed without prescriptions.

  • Immunal .This is a plant-based remedy in drops, with an extract of Echinacea purpurea. Suitable for the prevention of colds, especially if the baby is prone to frequent illnesses. Immunal is taken by diluting with a small amount of water.
  • Eleutherococcus extract, tincture of ginseng or Chinese magnolia vine .These drugs have an immunostimulating effect and allow the body to adapt more readily to sharply changing conditions. They must also be taken up in water.
  • Ribomunyl tablets in white packaging Ribomunil, broncho-munal .These drugs are produced in tablets, contain bacterial enzymes that do not pose a health hazard, but which strengthen the body's defense. Well suited to children who are prone to frequent diseases of the upper respiratory tract.
  • Likopid .The drug is used in the complex treatment of various chronic, slow or recurring inflammations, wherever they occur.
  • Viferon, influferon, anaferon, arbidol .These drugs, containing biologically active substances, prevent the development of infections. The best effect they give with the appointment at the initial stage of the disease, and for the prevention of infections are not appropriate.

All this - effective and recognized by experts medicines for immunity for children. And, of course, there are also vitamin complexes that, in spite of their usual fortifying effect, are also best used in consultation with the attending physician.

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How to Strengthen Children's Health: 6 Tips for Immunologists

Several tips of an immunologist about improving the health of your baby will help you organize your life, menus and leisure in such a way that the child feels good in all circumstances.

  1. More movement .Morning exercise, which used to be very popular, is now undeservedly forgotten. Scientists have proved that only 10 or 15 minutes of activity( even if not very intense) immediately after awakening is an excellent stimulus for the body, which is more willing to resist all sorts of attacks. Do exercises with the baby under pleasant cheerful music, keeping a good mood, and periodically change exercises. Your example and fun charging will raise the child's mood, sleep will be lifted like a hand, and other things will be given easier.
  2. Phytotherapy .When the terrible season of epidemics sets in, give the child more vitamin C - one of the first means, than it is recommended to raise the child's immunity( of course, if there is no allergy).Tea with honey, lemon and echinacea or ginger tea is a good match. Acquire pharmacy effervescent tablets or vitamin complexes with ascorbic acid.
  3. A smiling girl holds two large broccoli "Vkusnoterapiya" .Buy more fruits, vegetables. It turns out that green vegetables are well strengthened immunity: broccoli, cabbage, green peas. And fruits in general should appear daily in the children's menu. With the help of "vkusnoterapii" it is easiest to raise the immunity to a child of 3 years: you can quietly strengthen his health.
  4. Hardening and walking .Walk with the baby even in cold weather( unless not very long).Hardening can be very simple: 5-7 minutes a day, alternately hot( 35 ° С) and cold( 20 ° С) water forearm and calf's eggs alternately. Contrast shower should be done from the beginning of autumn to the end of spring. Thus it is easy to raise immunity to a child 5 years and older. Over time, you can train the children's body in such a way that it will have very flexible "settings" for thermoregulation and high resistance to environmental influences.
  5. Vaccinations for .Seasonal vaccination of the entire population is conducted every year for free. Of course, the child is vaccinated only with the consent of his parents. Particularly help vaccination in front of the kindergarten, where children often "bring" a lot of diseases.
  6. Down with stress and lack of sleep .Nervous tension is one of the main causes of various diseases, including respiratory ones. Stress and lack of sleep greatly reduce the barrier properties of the immune system. Observe the mode of work, games, rest, let your child go to bed on time.

It would seem that everything is quite simple, but not all parents follow these recommendations at home. And yet the health of the child is above all, and it depends on the older ones how it will be. In this case, some cold should not be taken as an emergency. Explain to the kid that his body is successfully fighting, and nothing special is happening. Just need a little help to "brave soldiers"( phagocytes that destroy bacteria): lie down quietly, drink medicine or infusions, follow the doctor's advice - and everything will be fine.

Now you know how to improve immunity to the child. Laboratory research will help determine what your child needs to improve his health. Constantly keep in touch with specialists who examine the baby, and clearly follow their recommendations - no matter whether you want to raise immunity to the child folk remedies or use pharmaceuticals.