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So, if lactose can be found in any yogurt, then lactulose in natural products is not, and never was. It can be produced only in the laboratory, on special equipment. Scientists concerned about the creation of such an isomer( that is, a substance in the molecules of which the location of certain atoms has been changed) and drugs based on it to adjust a number of negative processes in the intestine.

Principle of the drug

The cleavage of lactulose( Dufalac's active ingredient) in the rectum has a number of positive effects.

  • Improves the absorption of micro- and macro-elements. Phosphorus, calcium and magnesium from food.
  • Restores the normal acidity of the rectum. In this department of the intestine a weakly acid reaction is normal.
  • Suppresses the proliferation of pathogenic microorganisms. Those that are in the intestinal microflora. For the life of harmful bacteria is better suited alkaline environment, because in acidic they multiply less readily.

Reduces the formation and absorption of ammonia compounds. They are formed, mainly when decaying proteins, and the acidic medium contributes not so much to putrefaction as to fermentative residual digestion, reducing the formation and absorption of ammonia.

All this allows you to establish digestion, if it was broken. In addition, all indigestible substances, for example, lactulose, induce intestinal relaxation - such is the natural reflex of the organism, which is striving to get rid of an alien substance, which it is still unable to split.

In similar situations, the intestine itself absorbs less liquid from food, so that it remains at its maximum in its cavity, diluting the food and stool masses. Plus, it starts to shrink more actively. As a result, the stool really becomes lighter, and accelerated peristalsis further simplifies its removal.

Instructions for use "Dufalac" does not describe age limits, which allows it to be recommended even for newborns. She also claims that the drug is able to facilitate the work of the liver by filtering ammonia compounds from the blood. Such help is not very important in case of constipation, indigestion and other problems on the part of the digestive tract alone. But it can be very important in case the liver is sick.

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"Dufalac" is by no means the only indigestible and therefore a very laxative, but safe for the digestive system. He has a number of analogues based on the same lactulose. Among them:

  • "Normase";
  • Goodluck;
  • Portalak.

When can help lactulose

"Dufalac" is indicated for use not only by adults but also by children, because it triggers only natural mechanisms of intestinal cleaning. That is, it does not interfere with the regulation of peristalsis speed by the cerebral cortex and does not affect the metabolism as a whole, since it can not be absorbed.

Perhaps that's why the mothers who tried it leave positive reviews even about the application of "Dufalac" in newborns. But, like any other drug, this drug has its own testimony.

  • Constipation. In the case of them, it works like an indigestible( extraneous) substance, from which the body itself strives to get rid as soon as possible. This gives a lax effect.
  • Hemorrhoids. This pathology of veins of the anal sphincter occurs in children only under adverse heredity. But both they and their parents, it provokes permanent stool disorders, pain, bleeding during defecation and generally complicates the work of the intestine as much as possible. A soft chair significantly reduces the risk of injury to hemorrhoids, reducing pain.
  • Before and after operations on the rectum. Before the operation, the intake of laxatives is necessary to prepare for it( the intestine must be free of stool).Well, after it, emptying masses even of a normal consistency will be difficult because of swelling and stitches. Therefore, special nutrition and intake of a laxative after the operation significantly accelerate rehabilitation.

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The possibility of use in hepatic encephalopathy

The instruction on the use of the drug "Dufalac" also contains an indication for its use in hepatic encephalopathy and coma - as a means capable of greatly reducing the concentration of ammonia in the blood, since the liver can no longer filter it. But, firstly, this indication applies only to adults. And secondly, the ability of the means to facilitate the course of such pathologies is questionable at any age.

The results of the experimental application of "Dufalac" in patients with hepatic encephalopathy have repeatedly been close to zero. And the researchers who conducted them even have an answer to the question of why this is so. The fact is that the actual concentration of ammonia compounds in the blood depends not only on the quality of the liver. A much greater contribution is made by the kidneys and small intestine. The level of physical activity of the patient is also important, since the lion's share of ammonia enters the bloodstream not from the rectum, but in the process of death of muscle cells under stress.

Because of the significant involvement of other organs in the poisoning of the body with ammonia, the "Dufalac" method for jaundice( a symptom common to a number of liver pathologies, including hepatic encephalopathy) is unable to provide even a symptomatic effect. Hence, the general negative feedback from doctors about its use for this purpose.

8 major contraindications to

The list of contraindications to its use is not so great because Dufalac is not digested, which means it does not affect the functioning of other organs and body systems. And yet, from its reception it is necessary to refuse under certain circumstances. There are eight major contraindications.

  1. Blockage and poor intestinal permeability. This is especially true when the cause is not set.
  2. Perforation of any part of the intestine. This term refers to a life-threatening phenomenon - the breakdown of the intestinal wall by a swallowed foreign body or too dense calves. Violation of the integrity of the intestinal wall can also be caused by a malignant tumor, within which the disintegration has already begun. In any case, with perforation, the contents of the intestine begin to penetrate the abdominal cavity, and it can be eliminated exclusively surgically. The reception of Dufalac here will only worsen the situation.
  3. . Galactosemia. This is a hereditary intolerance to milk sugar, in which the body is unable to split one of the lactose monosaccharides, called galactose. This scenario also applies to lactulose - a chemical "relative" of lactose. In this case, even bacteria of the rectum can not process it.
  4. Other forms of lactose intolerance. Among them, decrease in absorption( malabsorption) and deficiency of lactase - a specific intestinal enzyme, intended for splitting of milk components.
  5. Allergy. Individual responses of an immune response to any of the components of the agent.
  6. Bleeding from the anal opening. This is especially true for cases of an unclear reason.
  7. Suspicion of appendicitis. Or any other disease with signs of "acute stomach".
  8. After ileostomy or colostomy. That is, when creating artificial findings of the colon on the anterior abdominal wall.

Drops for newborns

Side effects and reception characteristics of

Side effects of "Dufalac" reception include intestinal colic, gas, diarrhea( diarrhea) instead of the expected normalization of the stool. Slightly less common nausea and vomiting. This complication occurs in children more often than in adults, as it causes a sharp acceleration of the intestine. At children it is debugged worse, than at their parents, therefore influences all digestion path, including a stomach and an esophagus.

The effect of addiction to the drug with its frequency, long or repeated use is absent, since it is not absorbed by the intestine and does not affect the body systems that can develop immunity to it.

It is necessary to know that a prolonged intake of any laxative, including Dufalac, can lead to dehydration and thirst due to accelerated evacuation of large amounts of fluid through the intestine. This is a typical complication of prolonged diarrhea, regardless of its causes.

How to give "Dufalac" to newborns and older children: 3 recommendations from

Many women who have experienced constipation in children are concerned about how to give Dufalac to a newborn - before or after meals. In fact, the medicine works in a period of up to two days. That is, its therapeutic effect is strongly delayed in time, and has nothing to do with the schedule of meals or the daily routine. But there are three recommendations for admission.

  1. Take Dufalac in the morning. In the attached instructions for use it is recommended that way. For example, you can do this just before breakfast or right after it.
  2. Take at the same time every day. It's better to do this if you plan a long and regular reception of funds. The course is called supportive, and with him, "Dufalac" is taken once a day during the prescribed time period.
  3. Adhere to the prescribed dosage. The daily dosage of syrup for children of different ages is different. For a child under the age of three years is 1.5-3 ml. The choice of how and how to give "Dufalac" to a baby within these limits depends on the severity of constipation and the frequency of its repetition. Children under six years are recommended 5-10 ml of funds, from seven to 14 years - 10-15 ml. An even higher dose is required for older adolescents and adults.

At present, Dufalac for children is considered an absolutely safe tool. At least, the evidence of the opposite has not yet been found. But do not forget about the doubts of scientists about its effectiveness in jaundice and liver pathologies. Plus, despite the fact that it is difficult to achieve its overdose due to low absorption, it is impossible to completely exclude this risk.