How to properly feed a newborn baby with breast milk: 8 rules, 6 positions and 5 typical problems

Young mothers try to do everything to ensure that their kids are strong and healthy, so the question of how to properly feed a newborn baby with breast milk - is considered very important. Many women experience difficulties with lactation, too early to refuse breastfeeding. Experts argue that this is due to the incorrect behavior of parturient women, so it is important to understand this problem.
How to properly feed a newborn baby with breast milk

8 rules for the first feeding

After delivery, a woman develops colostrum( a thick liquid of yellow color), which turns into milk in 3-4 days.

The first feeding of the newborn is carried out in the maternity hospital. The baby is put to the chest after childbirth so that he receives a dose of colostrum. The first meal provides complete protection of the baby against bacteria, strengthens the immunity of .

The mode of feeding a newborn is currently irrelevant. The baby needs to be fed on demand, give the breast when he begins to worry. Apply the baby to the breast every 1.5 hours, including at night.

How to apply the newborn when feeding? Mothers must follow the 8 rules of feeding:

  1. Take a comfortable position, turn the child to yourself with the whole body.
  2. Arrange the newborn so that its head and neck are on the same straight line as the .This position allows milk to enter the stomach without obstacles.
  3. Approach the baby's mouth to the nipple. The baby himself opens his mouth after he smells milk.
  4. The correct application of the newborn during breastfeeding does not bring the mother pain. The tongue of the child protrudes slightly from the mouth, "hugging" the nipple and the areola below.
  5. The nipple is placed in the mouth so that the upper part of the areola( dark circle of skin surrounding the nipple) is visible. It is important to ensure that the newborn captures both the nipple and areola, the lower part of which completely fits in the baby's mouth .
Correct application of a newborn during breastfeeding 4 signs of proper attachment to the chest
  1. If the child does not open his mouth, you should gently touch his lips with the lower part of the areola. Do not manipulate the nipple, because the child is able to grab his tip. Even a short wrong sucking leads to nipple injuries.
  2. If the child begins to choke during feeding, it is necessary to gently unclench his jaws with his finger and suspend the process. Hold the crumb on your hands in an upright position until a belch appears.
  3. It is not recommended to take the baby's breasts until he leaves it. Breastfeeding the newborn causes pain in the nipples. You do not have to endure the discomfort that is caused by the wrong grip of the chest .In this case, the nipple is carefully removed from the baby's mouth and again placed according to the rules described.

If necessary, see how to properly feed a newborn baby with breast milk in this video:

The correctness of the manipulation depends on the health of the mammary glands.

6 tips to help stop lactation

In some cases, premature termination of breastfeeding is required. We must not forget that it will harm the baby and mother.

Consider the situation and wean the baby from the breast only when absolutely necessary. Specialists recommend the following rules:

  1. Lactation stops naturally: the number of feedings decreases, the food changes. Gradual cessation of milk production will help to avoid the development of diseases of the endocrine system.
  2. Hormonal drugs are used only for the doctor's prescription, independent selection of medicines can harm the body.
Whether to wake a newborn for feeding Breastfeeding is a natural process that creates a protective barrier to the health of your child
  1. An early termination of feeding is conducted under the supervision of a specialist who will find a safe method.
  2. Breast does not need to be bandaged. This does not affect the production of milk, but it leads to the development of mastitis and the inflammatory process of .
  3. The use of liquid can not be reduced, this negatively affects the health of the young mother.
  4. Frequent expression of milk supports its production, preventing the stopping of lactation.

Breastfeeding of the newborn should not be discontinued without the causes of .To suppress the formation of milk used hormonal drugs. They have contraindications and side effects. Appoints their attending physician. The most common are:

  • Bromocriptine. Produced in the form of tablets, the dosage depends on the intensity of lactation. Treatment lasts 3-14 days. When there is nausea, headaches, vomiting, the medication continues.
  • Cabergoline. Tablets of 0.5 mg are taken for 2 days, every 12 hours.

6 poses for proper feeding of a child

During lactation, the proportion of the mammary gland that is directed at the chin of the baby is quickly emptied. For a full-fledged exhaustion, the postures for feeding newborns must be changed.

How to feed a newborn baby with milk? The procedure is performed in poses that are comfortable for the mother and the baby: in a sitting, lying or standing position. The feeding time of the newborn varies from 20 to 50 minutes. How to feed a newborn baby breast milk video

  1. Lying on one side. The mother turns the child face to face. At first, the baby sucks the chest, which is located below, then the woman leans forward and offers a second breast.
  2. Reclining in a chair. The child lies on top and eats exactly as much as he needs. The method is suitable for mothers with increased milk production .
  3. Lying on the jack. The woman and the baby are placed on the bed or sofa with their heads to each other, legs - in opposite directions. How correctly to feed the newborn with breast milk lying down? At night it is more convenient - in the "lying on the side" position, in the daytime - use both poses.
  4. Sitting. The woman occupies a sitting position, puts the child on her knees and holds his bent hand. To get the baby to reach the chest, the pillow is placed on the knees.
  5. From under the arm. Feeding a newborn baby with breast milk is carried out on the sofa using a volumetric pillow. The crumb is put on the pillow at the chest level. The woman sits on the surface of the sofa and holds the baby as if "from under the mouse."
  6. Sitting. The option is convenient for use on the street, while walking with a sling.

Most clearly shown are 3 feeding postures in this video:

How to keep a newborn after feeding? The best position is considered a "column".The head of the baby is located on the shoulder of the mother and is supported by the hand.

This position allows a woman to stand, sit and walk around the house .The posture position is useful for babies, helps them to regurgitate air, calm down, get rid of excess milk, fall asleep. Later you will understand why a newborn is not sleeping well, and how to eliminate the cause of a bad dream.

Nutrition rate for infants

How much should a newborn be eaten per feed and per day? Children are individual, so they eat differently. If the baby was born large, then he will eat more.

Based on the average indicators, a table is constructed. The information presented in it is not a strict norm of feeding a newborn, but a landmark.

Age Single milk norm, ml Daily milk norm, ml
First day 7-10 100
Day 2-3 20-30 300
1 week 60-80 400
2 week 70-90 600
1 month 100-120 800

The norm of feeding a newborn on breastfeeding rises by 10 times in comparison with the first day of life, which allows to normalize the correct mode with a certain time interval.

Many young mothers try to observe the mode of feeding a newborn baby by the hour. In this case, the baby eats at intervals of 3-3.5 hours, at least 6 times a day .Instruction to the routine is carried out gradually.

5 common problems

Even with proper application to the breast and compliance with a certain regime, problems sometimes arise. What is their reason and how to deal with them?

Babe does not take breast

A specialist consultation is required, which will tell you what to do in this situation. There are several rules:

Why the newborn cries during feeding Direct your child in the right direction, so that he grasps the chest
  • do not use pacifiers and nipples( in the next article you will learn how to wean your baby from a dummy without tears, if it is tightly put into life crumbs);
  • more often give the baby a breast;
  • if the crumb does not want to grasp the nipples with sponges, squeeze a few drops of milk into his mouth.

Crying While Feeding

Why does the newborn cry while feeding? In most cases, the cause is colic and spasms.

Stop feeding for a few minutes, hold the child upright, pressing it to your stomach. Stroke the stomach clockwise .

If nothing helps, you'll have to use a gas pipe. How to use it, see this article.

When crying during feeding occurs regularly, try applying the crumbs to the chest more often, which will reduce food arousal. Sometimes children cry at the end of feeding, this is accompanied by a throwing and greedy nipple grasping. Most likely, the kid tries to show his mother that he is not full of .

Sleeping during feeding

If a newborn falls asleep during feeding, it occurs due to the fatigue of the baby, the action of drugs that are administered to a woman during labor.

Do you wake a newborn baby for feeding? If drowsiness does not go away after a few days, it is necessary to express milk and give it through a syringe or from a finger. Infants are awakened 2-3 hours in the afternoon and 4-5 at night .

Regurgitation of

This process is due to ingestion of air during breast sucking, so it is important to monitor the correctness of the application.

After feeding, hold the crumb in an upright position so that excess air exits the stomach of the .If regurgitation is plentiful and occurs frequently, consult a doctor.


Babies are hiccup because of contraction of the diaphragm. Often it appears before regurgitation. When the child bows, the hiccup will pass. Factors that cause hiccups:

  • Hasty consumption of milk with swallowing of air;
  • Overeating;
  • Frequent manifestations of intestinal colic.

6 feeding rules

  1. Breastfeeding is recommended to continue until 2 years of age or older. It is not necessary to talk about the benefits of breast milk, there are no analogues to this natural substance.
  2. Establish full-fledged breastfeeding will help frequent attachment to the chest.
  3. Breast sucking in the first 6 months of life is a necessity that will help protect the children's body from diseases .
How to apply a newborn when feeding From the first birthday, the baby needs to be applied to the chest. It does not matter if you do not get it right right away - you can learn
  1. . Additional complementary feeding is not required until six months. Exception - living in a hot climate.
  2. The optimal style of feeding children up to a year will be applying to the breast on demand, but not more often than after 2 hours.
  3. Expressed milk with proper storage does not lose the useful properties of .How much breast milk is stored and how to store it, read here.

Parents' reviews

Marina, 25, Penza

How to properly feed a newborn baby with breast milk My baby after discharge from the hospital refused to breastfeed. I had to express and feed from the bottle.

Normally sucked in about two weeks. And only in a reclining position, nothing worked. Now we have a month and a half, we eat well.

Svetlana, 30, Valdai

Why the newborn cries during feeding My main problem was the lack of milk. The child did not eat up, grabbed his nipples, cried. Many mothers translate the children into mixtures, in my opinion, this is a big mistake, because lactation can and should be restored.

I was helped by the drug Apilac and frequent application to the breast. I advise young mothers not to rush with artificial feeding, breast milk is more useful for a child.

Irina, 23, Moscow

Correct application of a newborn during breastfeeding My baby is 2 months old, and we had no problems with breastfeeding. Son properly took his chest, not capricious.

I tried to adjust how he takes the nipple into his mouth, so as not to hurt himself. I plan to continue breast-feeding until 2 years.


How to properly feed a newborn baby with breast milk? For this it is important to follow the doctor's recommendations and adhere to the listed rules. This will help to grow a strong kid and save women's health.

Finally watch a video in which the expert will share information on the correct attachment to the chest, if you are for conscious maternity: