Interior of a children's room for a girl: getting rid of stereotypes, creative solutions for different ages

The interior of a child's room for a girl becomes a subject for parents to think about as soon as a child is born. The situation in the nursery should be comfortable and practical, appropriate to the age of the child.


From the first days of life

Already a one-year-old baby is actively interested in the surrounding space. A nursery for a girl of infantile age places a cot, playpen, changing table, chest of drawers.

Parents to note: how to choose the right mattress for a newborn baby, see here. Wallpaper in a children

Furniture for a children's room for a girl is recommended to choose a hypoallergenic , made of natural wood. Hang a mat over the crib or a bright picture with large drawings, paste wallpaper. Wardrobe in a children

Well, if the curtains in the children's room for the girl will be harmonized in color with bedspreads and linen. The interior of a children's room for a girl does not need to be decorated in pink tones - soft pastel, and light green, and gentle purple. Repair of a children

Decorate the nursery with hypoallergenic

and environmentally friendly materials: light children's textiles, paper or washable wallpaper. Vinyl or synthetic wallpaper in the nursery can not be pasted .Repair of a children

Comfort and warmth in combination with fantasy elements will create the prerequisites for a harmonious and versatile development of the child's personality. The design of ceilings often includes fantasy accents aimed at developing children's perception, for example, glue glowing stars in the dark or other fairy-tale themes.

Design of a room for preschool children: games and fantasy

Growing up, the child develops, and the interior of the children's room for the girl reflects this development.

Children of preschool age will need furniture, suitable for them in size, eco-friendly, made of natural materials.

For a girl of 7 years in the room, place a table, two high chairs and a cot to make it comfortable to draw, read the first books, rest. Options for children

If the budget allows, is useful for the warm floor of , but this coating should not be slippery. For floor design apply laminated parquet or traditional linoleum. Exquisite and costly solution will be the floor of cork. An interesting solution for recovery will be the purchase of special orthopedic mats for foot massage. Ideas of a children

The wallpaper in the children's room for girls is recommended washable, they are easy to paint. Wall decorate with self-adhesive stickers with images of cartoon characters.

The carpet is practical and hygienic so that it can be washed easily after children's games.

On the bedspread, children often jump and play, choose strong bedspreads that are easily erased. Curtains in a children

The children's room for two girls should contain individual furniture for each young princess, suitable for them by age, height and size. Children

It is desirable to decorate furniture items in the individual style of female residents, decorate with images of your favorite cartoon characters or simply paint them in bright colors.

Children's furniture should be comfortable. Do not get narrow beds, put in a children's table with a wide table top, so that there is enough space for both sleep and creative pursuits.

School years: study, creativity, hobby

A room for a schoolgirl( up to 13 years old) is designed primarily for study. From the correct choice of furniture will depend on the formation of posture, assiduity and efficiency, concentration when doing homework.

It is desirable to place the desktop at some distance from the bed. A children's room for a girl for 10 years places a bookcase or two or three bookshelves. Interior of a children

Important good lighting : in a room with high ceilings you will need a hanging chandelier, a floor lamp. A low ceiling means a ceiling chandelier.

Comfortable bed with a solid foundation will create the prerequisites for the formation of a correct posture. Do not get carried away by soft pillows and fluffy mattresses. Quilt the bed warm and light, if possible from natural materials, but do not overheat the child in a dream. Options for children

Designing a dwelling for a young princess does not mean decorating the room with ruffles, bows, pillows and similar ideas about the world of a little princess.

"Little robbers" are active and single-minded, strive for sports games and entertainment as aggressively as their peers - boys. Design of a children

Of course, cabinet in the children's room for girls choose with a mirror .A children's room for two girls will place an extra dressing table for combs, cosmetics and other accessories. Design of a children

Pay attention to the hobbies of schoolgirls - some are fond of needlework or playing musical instruments, visit various circles, art school, learn foreign languages. The design of the walls is done in pastel colors:

  • gently pink;
  • peach;
  • of lilac;
  • beige;
  • in shades of melted milk, etc.

The color of the wallpaper should be soft - bright and saturated colors will create an overexcitation , prevent the child from naturally sleeping.

To reflect the world of the interests of the child, his inclinations will help the wallpaper mats, interior details and other details on fairy themes or containing cognitive ideas. Wardrobe in a children

Various ideas of the children's room for the girl unite all the decoration - wallpaper, bedding and toys - in a single cognitive or fantastic image.

For example, all the accessories are made in the style of the inhabitants of the desert, in the world of insects or in the characters of a fantastic novel. Children

The design of a children's room for two girls reflects the individuality of the dwellers: the drawings on the chairs, nightstands, stickers and toys correspond to the interests of each sister.

The color solution of the room has a great influence on the emotional development of the child. Ask the child what colors he would like to see on the curtains, wallpaper, take into account the opinion of the young mistress.

Find the time and place for the sport

When planning the repair of the children's room for the girl, , do not forget to equip the sports corner of the .If the area of ​​the apartment or house allows, equip a swing, slide, or mount a ready sports complex. Design of a children

But even in a small room it will not be difficult to equip an ordinary horizontal bar built in the doorway. This will help the child to relax and switch during the lessons, help maintain the posture and develop the back muscles, will contribute to its physical development. Children

Next to the horizontal bar it is easy to mount a Swedish wall, put mats. If you want to design a children's room for a boy and a girl, sports breaks will be especially relevant.

Girl becomes a girl

Older than 13 years old girl begins to feel like a girl, in her life there are computers and other gadgets, music, dances, various hobbies. A high school student will need a large dressing table with a mirror or a dressing table. Children

Children's rooms for a teenage girl assume the accommodation also:

  • computer desk;
  • bedside tables for printer;
  • audio system and other equipment.

Such furniture implies a more rigorous design in a business style. But do not overestimate the role of computers, avoid excessive immersion of a teenager in the virtual world, draw attention to live communication, do not let be carried away by computer games. Interior of a children

Baby room options for a teenage girl can be romantic or stricter, in the style of techno. Ideas of a children

Some girls will want to retire, others spend a lot of time at home with friends. The individual opinion of the hostess at this age will be more urgent than in the preschool and school age, when the main decisions for the child are taken by the parents.

Do not place the TV in the nursery and try not to overload the child's room with appliances. If possible, put the computer away from the bed.

Avoid unjustified prohibitions

When planning a design for a children's room, does not seek to place expensive interior items in it, which can not be broken or dirty, toys that are not age-sensitive and can not be touched.

The policy of avoiding prohibitions, matching interior and accessories to the age of the child, his interests - will foster the development of children's motor skills, sensory culture. Reasons to spend a family holiday in Bulgaria. Best hotels for families with children.

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Useful and enjoyable exercises on the fitball for babies can be found here.

Home comfort and comfort does not mean the position of museum thrift. If a child is forbidden to play tricks and dabbles, in the future there is a danger of complexes, problems in communication.

Prohibitions are convenient for adults, but this is an unconstructive way of in the process of child education. In the nursery bring friends, friends for joint games and creativity. Furniture will be convenient, without sharp corners, so that the child, playing, not injured.

Parents' reviews

Diana, 30, Krasnodar

Children I had an interesting experience with my husband, when decorating a children's room for a boy and a girl together. With the help of wallpaper in blue and pink, we divided the room into the male and female halves.

Also treated with furniture and curtains: the daughter on the curtains of white and pink lilies;And his son - red and blue "Cars".The children of the design of their room are proud;Friends lead on excursions.

Anna, 37 yo, Kislovodsk

Children Parents' comments on the forums and in the comments contain arguments "for" and "against" stereotypes - including about the traditional design of the room in pink tones.

I dissuade my daughter from the "pink" purchases, and she asks: "Buy me a pink handbag, a skirt. We find absolutely we do not find a compromise with it.

Maria, 32, city of Ulyanovsk

Children Many girls want to see their room in pink, others, on the contrary, protest.

My girl at the age of 10 spoke out: just not pink! I listened to her wishes.


In general, when preparing a room, take into account the interests and characteristics of the child, his view of the world, often consult the young hostess .The design of the children's room is designed to recreate a special situation that reflects the individuality of the child, the characteristics of his worldview, hobbies and inclinations.

At the same time it is not necessary to buy exclusive furniture or to imitate fashionable novelties - individuality and imagination for design solutions can be realized both in the budget variant and in the elegant design of an elite apartment or cottage.

We offer to look at several more options for the design of the children's room for girls in this video: