Air humidifier for children: which one is better to choose for an ideal home microclimate

A question that parents often ask themselves about the child's health, why do they need an air humidifier for children and what is the best choice to create the ideal microclimate conditions in the room? To obtain clean air, optimum temperature and normal humidity in the child's room, as well as for the prevention of acute respiratory disease, an air humidifier is considered an indispensable assistant in this matter. Air humidifier for children

What is the use of an air humidifier and what is the use of it?

What is the use of an air humidifier for children? Humidifier for children, is necessary for the prevention of acute respiratory infections and maintain a constant optimum humidity.

The correct, optimum humidity of air is the humidity from 40 to 70%, which is measured by a special device - a hygrometer.

The humidifier plays an important role in the heating season, when the heating devices work and central heating is switched on. With the operation of heating equipment, the air in the room becomes dry, which leads

to the drying of the mucous membranes of and the mass of various diseases. This is the benefit of the air humidifier for children, which creates the optimum humidity of the air.

And few people know that air humidity plays a major role in the child's health. Therefore, in order to normalize and optimize the humidity in the room, various humidifiers are used. Humidity control is recommended by the hygrometer, which must be in the child's room.

To buy the best air humidifier for children and which one to choose, you will be helped in the home appliances store, where a wide range of variants and models of devices are offered. What kind of moisturizer for children to buy so that it suits your child, and how to choose air humidifiers for the child, will help the experienced store consultants.

Types of air humidifiers and their best models

Models of a traditional humidifier

A traditional humidifier is a device that operates on the principle of cold, natural moisturizing. The air is blown through the water filter, and through the evaporative elements it naturally enters the air. Features low noise, complete safety and low power consumption .There is a drawback - a small capacity.

Electrolux EHAW-9015D mini What kind of humidifier to choose for a child

Electrolux EHAW-9015D mini is designed for cleaning and humidifying indoor air up to 19 m².Economical in energy consumption. Produces a minimum of noise. Affordable price.

  • Works without replacement filters and other consumables ;
  • built-in timer;
  • Evaporative Intensity Controller ;
  • is equipped with a built-in hygrometer;
  • convenient panel lock function - child protection;
  • is equipped with a night light function.

Powered by wet discs, which are sufficient to wash once a week. The air wash is electronically controlled. The 2.2 liter water reservoir will ensure uninterrupted operation within 12 hours of .Good for small rooms and rooms.

Boneco 2055DR Air humidifier for children

Boneco 2055DR is one of the recommended models of air humidification, it is reliable in use. Does not require consumables and filter replacement. Easy to use. Economical energy consumption. Effective hydration with discs with "honeycombs" technology that retain moisture well, which contributes to good moisturizing and air purification.

  • Built-in silver rod, Ionic Silver Stick system, disinfects and cleans water ;
  • has a reservoir for aromatherapy, which play the role of aromatherapy;
  • function of preliminary ionization of air;
  • built-in hygrometer;
  • mode night / day.

Models of steam humidifier

Steam humidifier is a device that operates on the principle of hot steam. The principle of operation is similar to that of an electric kettle .The water poured into the tank is heated to the boiling point, and in the form of a sterilized steam is fed into the room.

It should be well understood that the humidification of air occurs in hot steam, which is not safe for the child, it should be put in safe places.

The steam humidifier differs from the traditional humidifier by its ability to quickly humidify the air in the room, this is due to the high power this device has.

When boiling, the water in the tank is completely sterilized and cleaned of various impurities. But there are also disadvantages: high power consumption;High noise level;Hot surface, hot steam and water in the tank.

Stadler Form Fred F-019H Why do I need an air humidifier for a child

The design of this steam model is rather peculiar, resembling UFOs, so children will like it.

If there is a lack of water, the unit automatically turns off, so there is no need to control it .The noise level is low. The power can be adjusted using the button and the switch.

Area that is served - up to 40 m².And this territory steam not only moisturizes but also heats up, in contrast to ultrasonic( about which it will be discussed later), since in the ultrasonic humidifier cold steam.

  • Built-in hygrostat( possibility to set the necessary humidity in the room);
  • steam intensity adjustment;
  • is a protection against white plaque( when water contains a lot of lime);
  • water boil, and therefore sterile and harmless.

Boneco Air-O-Swiss S450 What kind of air humidifier is best to buy for a child

The Boneco AOS S450 operates on a hot steam system. The water boils when the elements heat up, turns into steam and enters the room through the chamber.

The Boneco Air-O-Swiss S450 is a multifunctional device that can also do inhalation in addition to its main task, therefore it is this humidifier for coughing in a child that is recommended for prevention and treatment.

A self-cleaning function and modern design make it very attractive. Designed for use in large rooms up to 60 m² .

As when boiling water, it is completely sterilized, and the water is freed of impurities and salts, then the steam leaves completely sterile at the steam outlet. This model is considered one of the best air humidifiers for children, as it can be used as a home inhaler.

  • Works in two automatic modes;
  • manual setting of the set parameters;
  • rapid air humidification;
  • does not require replaceable filters;
  • air scent function.

Ultrasonic varieties

The ultrasonic humidifier is the most popular of all types of humidifiers, which has a special membrane under the reservoir.

When the device is turned on, the membrane comes into operation with the help of high-frequency waves, and in the process of vibration breaks the water molecules into minute particles that enter the air as dust.

Steam generation occurs immediately after the is turned on. Water turns into an aerosol and completely moistens the air.

After using the ultrasonic humidifier, it is possible to form a coating on the surface of furniture, floor and electrical household appliances .It is easy to remove using a damp cloth.

The high power of the device, providing complete humidification of air in the room, with a minimum of energy consumption, and also affordability, make it attractive enough for purchase.

Boneco U201 Ultrasonic air humidifier harm for children

Boneco U201 ultrasonic humidifier - equipped with a function of manual control of the speed of air humidification. The blue illumination makes it possible to use the humidifier as a night light, if necessary, you can turn off this function. This is the recommended ultrasonic humidifier for children.

  • Swivel swivel mechanism;
  • automatic shutdown in the absence of water;
  • built-in filter against white coating;
  • silver rod for ionization and air purification.

Ballu UHB-1000 Humidifier for children reviews

The ultrasonic air humidifier Ballu UHB-1000 is designed for rooms with an area of ​​up to 40 square meters .This is an effective device that can maintain a comfortable level of humidity even in difficult conditions of the heating season.

  • Volumetric tank;
  • full automatic mode;
  • evaporative intensity regulator;
  • built-in filter for ionization and water purification;
  • digital display;
  • time timer.

Humidifiers with ionization and air purification system

NanoCloud humidifier is a humidifier with an additional purification system and ionization of air.

In the process of air humidification by "cold" method, water particles are broken into the smallest parts, which are a thousand times smaller than with ultrasonic evaporation.

With the help of a fan, dry, unfavorable air enters the humidifier, in which there are special moistened filters. At the same time, the air passes through primary cleaning, cleansing from animal hair, dust, hair.

The smallest particles of water are so small that they can not carry the viruses and bacteria .Therefore, completely liberated air from dust and harmful impurities, enters the room completely disinfected, correct and absolutely clean.

When using an air humidifier with the NanoCloud system, the air is cleaned to such an extent that it does not leave any plaque, moist air particles after operation, and prevents the flowering of water in the tank of the device.

Philips HU4903 Air humidifier for children

The humidifier Philips HU4903 is equipped with modern technology NanoCloud, with which air purification is carried out in stages and at the output we have 99.9% of the decontaminated, particle-free dust and impurities of water, clean air.

  • Technology NanoCloud;
  • humidification and ionization of air ;
  • air distribution is uniform;
  • operating time 11 hours ;
  • humidity control indicator;
  • function to optimize the humidification mode.

Comparison table among different types of air humidifiers.

Models Pros Cons Average price, rub.
Electrolux EHAW-9015D mini
  • Low power consumption;
  • is quiet;
  • easy to use
  • Low power;
  • small tank volume
9 990
Boneco 2055DR
  • No white coating;
  • natural hydration;
  • low electricity consumption
  • High cost
24 990
Boneco Air-O-Swiss S450
  • Rapid air humidification;
  • aromatherapy function
  • no white coating;
  • ionization of air;
  • can be used as an
  • inhaler High power consumption;
  • strong noise;
  • high price
16 990

Stadler Form Fred F-019H

  • Attractive design;
  • automatic shutdown with an empty tank;
  • no white coating
  • High power consumption;
  • steam relatively hot
10 990
Boneco U201
  • Compact;
  • low noise level;
  • low power consumption;
  • large water tank
  • Incomplete anti-plaque protection;
  • large hygrometer error
5 990
Ballu UHB-1000
  • Compact;
  • low noise;
  • low power consumption;
  • large water tank
  • White coating formation
5 990
Philips HU4903
  • Very convenient to use;
  • is a simple system;
  • humidification and ionization of air.
  • Dear replacement filter
8 200

3 erroneous conclusions about the dangers of ultrasound

There are myths that an ultrasonic air humidifier is harmful for children. It is enough to look carefully at its device and it becomes clear that ultrasonic humidifiers will not cause any harm to the health of the child .

Myth # 1 - Harmful ultrasound

When an ultrasonic humidifier is used, ultrasound is converted into mechanical vibrations of the plate, which are aimed at converting water droplets into water dust.

Thus there is a transformation of water from one state to another, in this work of ultrasound ends.

All harm is caused by impurities, which break up together with water and get into the room, settle on furniture, on the floor and on the lungs. To avoid this, it is sufficient to use distilled water .

Inhaler for children from cough and cold Choosing an effective nebulizer for inhalations is also not an easy task, so we come to your rescue.

To definitively determine the type of model when choosing inhalers from dry cough, our article will be very useful.

For a young mother who has a child in a room without an air humidifier( which means - in a dry room), the question is how to choose an aspirator for the nose. This is exactly what we will talk about.

Myth №2 - Harmful dust and water impurities

All impurities that are in the water in the form of salts, bacteria, microorganisms, get into the lungs during respiration and are the cause of acute respiratory disease, allergies or bronchitis.

This will not happen when using purified water and applying a special filter.

Myth # 3 - Imaginary inefficiency

When the device is fully operational, air is humidified slightly. In order for the air in the room to be completely moistened, it is not possible to open the window when the humidifier is operating.

The area of ​​the room should correspond to the recommended area of ​​the manufacturer. Hanging "fog", if such a formed - to disperse forcibly.

The question of the dangers of air humidifiers in his video will be told by Dr. Komarovsky:


When buying an air humidifier for children and which is better, there is always a question - how to understand the principle and operation of the device in the surrounding atmosphere and the large space of the store?

If in the store environment the humidifier's operation will seem quiet, then in a small room it will be possible to hear gurgling, the sound of letting out steam and a squeak in the absence of water. Since the humidifier you purchased will work in a small and quiet room, test the device under the same conditions.

With a properly selected air humidifier, your quality of life will be much improved, sleep will improve, dryness from the throat and mucous membranes will leave, the skin will become tender and soft, but colds will leave your home forever.

Also the improved microclimate of the apartment will positively affect the plants and flowers that bring beauty and comfort to your apartment.

Parents' reviews

Love, 24 years old, Syktyvkar

Best air humidifier for children In our climatic conditions, an air humidifier is just a necessary thing. More than half a year included heating appliances. Humidity is constantly low. A child often suffers from acute respiratory disease.

I decided to try the Boneco 2055DR humidifier. It turned out to be very good. Justified my hopes completely. The child became less sick. Dorogovat of course, but if you have a choice, what kind of moisturizer is best to buy for a child, then you will not regret it.

Sergey, 35 years old, Samara

What kind of air humidifier is best to buy for a child For a long time I watched as my flowers grow poorly in the apartment, the child does not undergo allergies and constantly has ARD.As a rule, it all began in the winter.

Friend suggested that all this is possible, because of the dry air in the apartment and advised to buy a humidifier. Before me was the choice in front of the type of air humidifier for children and which one is best to choose.

In the supermarket of household appliances the manager helped to make the right choice. At once all problems have disappeared, as soon as in the house there was a humidifier with system of ionization and air clearing. It became easier for everyone and even for furniture. No plaque is observed. The air is moist, but not wet. I recommend.

Veronica, 40, Volgograd

Humidifier for children reviews I use the traditional air humidifier. Not in delight. It seems that the open window sometimes moistens the air more than the humidifier. Yes, and the younger as he coughed, and coughs.

Although about this humidifier for children reviews I heard only positive.

Doctor Komarovsky in his video will tell you how to choose an air humidifier: