How to choose stylish and classy furniture for a children's room girls

Furniture for a children's room for a girl is extremely important for the harmonious development of personality. Nothing should frighten the young lady or cause her difficulties, but on the contrary the children's room should raise the mood, bring up taste, aesthetics, courage. Furniture in a children

On what principles to choose furniture

Having decided to design a children's room for their princess, parents should first of all rationally think it over. Ideally, furniture should meet basic requirements.

  1. Quality of the product .It is better to buy items from environmental and natural materials, such as wood or bamboo. If the budget does not allow this, you can choose a facade made of MDF, plastic or other safe material.

    Furniture in a children Choose furniture by the criteria of safety, comfort and style

  2. Safety .For children, it is better to choose such products that do not contain sharp corners. The latter, as experience shows, are frequent culprits of injuries.
  3. Style .It is best to choose it in accordance wit
    h the nature and hobbies of the girl. A small dreamer is more suitable for soft and large furniture. For fidgets it is better to choose dynamic colors and strict shapes, smaller dimensions of products.
  4. Functionality of .The room should be placed only those elements that actually perform some function. Case furniture for a children's room for girls is one of the best in this sense options.
  5. Conformity with age .Parents should consider the needs of their child at a particular time.
  6. Easy care .To not have to change, it is better to immediately buy such furniture for a children's room for a girl, which is easy to wash.

Before you learn about specific items of furniture for children, we suggest you look at the article about creative interior solutions for children's girls of all ages, from the newborn to the adolescent period.

4 main subjects for the room of the little girl

The smallest quantity of items is required in the room of the newborn. In fact, only 4 basic things should be in this period of life :

  1. Cot or cradle.
  2. Table-chest of drawers.
  3. Swaddler.
  4. Cabinet.

You do not need to place lockers or shelves for toys, tables or chairs. They are not interesting to the kid, but the dust collected on them can cause allergy.

If the family budget is small, then you can stay only on the crib and chest of drawers for the baby's most needed things. Furniture in a children

About the round crib-transformer for newborns, we have prepared for you an article with a detailed description and price categories to help you in your choice. White furniture for a children

You can store clothes in the parents' bedroom .Swaddling can be done right in the crib, or on the table in other rooms.

Colors for the first furniture baby should be chosen soft, such that do not strain the vision of .Psychologists advise to stop on: yellow, pale pink, beige or lilac. Children

If the room does not differ in its space, white furniture for the children's room for the girl will be appropriate. It visually expands it. Cabinet furniture for children

As for the material of the facade, it is better for a baby suitable for wooden furniture. But you can stop on MDF or rattan.

In another of our articles, literally on the "bones" we disassembled the choice of a mattress for a newborn, which is useful to your baby from birth to adulthood. Thus, we will determine which mattress will be better for your child. White furniture for a children

Room of preschool girl

A little more things will be needed for a comfortable stay of a pre-school girl. Required must be:

  • bed with orthopedic mattress;
  • table;
  • armchair;
  • wardrobe;
  • chest of drawers;
  • pencil case for books and toys.

With a limited budget from the pencil can be discarded. Toys can be folded into fabric baskets or plastic boxes .Room children

It is not necessary at this age to clutter the children's room with a computer desk or a dressing table, because these items for the lover of dolls in preschool age remain superfluous. But what toys will be suitable for the development of your kids, read in the next article.

If a room with a small area, then you can do without a chest of drawers in it. The closet can be placed in the hallway, or folded up the child's things in the cloakroom parents. Cabinet furniture for children

Furniture for preschool children does not have to be in pale, gentle tones. You can use more saturated shades, for example, crimson, purple, red. You can combine colors, or buy furniture with a print. Modular furniture for a children

A girl of preschool age is a participant in a fairy tale, and she definitely will like themed furniture. A bed-coach, a bed-car or a chair-throne will make a little beauty feel like a real beauty. Living in such a house the child will grow self-confident, with a well-developed aesthetic taste .Cabinet furniture for children

A cheerful and good-natured person will grow up a girl whose room will resemble the habitation of fairy-tale heroes. Pimp Pig, Kitty Kitty, Dr. Plush and other characters can appear in the nursery, in the form of stickers on furniture. Room children

At preschool age, furniture for a child's room for a girl can be performed not only from wood or MDF boards, but also from plastic. But it is better to avoid glasses and metal, preschool children are often careless.

If your family has a car, then you probably faced with the fact that it is necessary to transport children safely. A booster in the car is a budget replacement for a bulky car seat, but is it safe? Consider the pros and cons of children's safety.

What should be in the girl's room before the age of 13

The child of the senior school age must necessarily have in the room such mandatory elements:

  • bed with orthopedic mattress;
  • writing desk;
  • armchair;
  • pencil case or chest of drawers for personal items;
  • wardrobe.

This set is minimal. Without it, a schoolgirl girl will be very uncomfortable.

If the area of ​​the room allows, you can divide it into 2, or 3 zones. In this case, you can also arrange a place to rest. There you can put a soft sofa or chair, a coffee table .Another option can be a comfortable chair and TV.Modular furniture for a children

Girls of the senior school age devote much time to music, films. Many of them are fans of a group of .For children of this age, you can also buy themed furniture. As an option, these can be products with photonakleim of movie stars, or broken by some inscriptions, signs.

For modest housing modular furniture for a children's room for a girl will be appropriate. It itself zoned space, but it does not take up much space. A desk and an armchair can be placed at the bottom, and the bed can be on the second floor. Modular furniture for a children

It is not necessary for a child under 13 years to buy a dressing table. This makes the girl grow up too fast.

As for the color range, then in this case you can choose many good options. Looks fine yellow furniture with a green headset, blue can be combined with cream, pink with blue or lilac .In any case, all shades of natural wood remain harmonious and classical.


Furniture for girls up to 13 years old can be made from different materials. Especially stylish will look like glossy plastic, a wooden table or a cabinet with metal legs. Furniture for a small children

Furniture for a teenage girl

Furniture for a children's room for a teenage girl is a completely different type of furniture. At this age, children are more equal to adults. To traditional furniture for schoolgirls( a bed, a case, a desk and an armchair) in this case it is necessary to add also open shelves for modern gadgets, a dressing table with a mirror. White furniture for a children

For older children, you can come up with many interesting ideas for arranging a room. So, the bed can be hanging or hidden in the wall of the .Modular furniture for a children

Excellent option for a teenage girl - modular furniture .At this age, you can independently lay out tables, chairs. Especially useful is such furniture for a small children's room for a girl. Cabinet furniture for children

In the budget version without a coffee table, dressing tables, a chest can be dispensed with. Replace them will be a desk, as well as a mirror attached to the cabinet. White furniture for a children

The main colors of a teenage room can be: beige, gray, brown, white. An interesting emphasis on individual details can be done with the help of bright colors. Modular furniture for a children

In a reasonable amount, you can pick up products with metal, glass.

Despite the age of the beauty, they will be able to perfectly decorate the furniture photo of happy moments in the children's room for girls.

How to accommodate two girls

If in one room you have to live together two beauties, then the furniture for a children's room of two girls must take into account the needs of each of them. So, the must both have their sleeper, and also their chair. Room children

As for the table, there may be options: it can be large, but common, or the parents will have to install 2 different, but smaller ones. The same applies to lockers for clothes and a chest of drawers. Furniture for a small children

The shelves and the bedside tables near the bed are better for each to have their own. If the budget is limited without them at all you can do without, and in exchange to buy one common pod of .Furniture in a children

Children's furniture in the room of 2 girls can be modular if the room is small in size. Modular furniture for a children

Pink, lemon, lilac, green, white, wonderfully fit in this case. It will be interesting to combine two colors. So, one girl will have furniture say beige, and the second is pink.

The best variant of the facade material will be:

  • wood;
  • MDF;
  • chipboard;
  • rattan;
  • metal.

Furniture for children of different sexes

If in the same room children of different sex must live together, then it is appropriate to divide the room into two separate zones. Each of the children must have their own space. Furniture for a child

Furniture for a children's room of a boy and a girl can be different, but in this case it must be in different parts of the room. Furniture for a small children

It may be general, that is, modular. In this case, you can use a common table and play area, but the sleeping places will be located at different levels. Modular furniture for a children

Children should have different lockers, and in a more affordable option - their shelves in the cabinet .The chairs must be 2. Children

The colors of the items for the boy and the girl can be chosen different, but those that successfully combine. You can choose the general one. So, for both beige, brown, yellow, green, dark purple is ideal.

The material of the facade should be determined according to the age of the children.


When starting to find the best furniture for a daughter, parents should not forget about the basic requirements. Do not ignore the opinion of the child, even if he is only 3 years old. Only in her dream room will the girl feel secure and happy.

Parents' reviews

Alisa, 25, Moscow

Furniture in a children A child has long dreamed about Peppa's room. We decided to buy furniture in pink, and we managed to find the pens in the form of stigma.

Additionally on the entire cabinet pasted stickers with the image of the heroes of the cartoon. It turned out beautifully.

Irina, 30, Ekaterinburg

Children Long thought about how to arrange a room for our prince and princesses. We stopped at the modular version.

We decided not to experiment and chose the traditional shade of the tree "golden oak".Children are comfortable.

Anna, 32, Saint-Petersburg

Modular furniture for a children For our beauties were able to allocate a large room. There all the necessary furniture was fit: a computer desk, a bed, an armchair, a chest of drawers, a pencil case and a closet. As for me, nothing superfluous.

The main color we have is white, and some parts of the facades are purple. Very successful combination.