Bright ideas for a fashionable and practical design for a children's room for a boy and a girl

A common children's room for a boy and a girl is the right decision. Because of this, your children will learn to get along with each other, to share toys and space. In the future, brother and sister will build friendly and strong relationships. Also your kids will not get bored, because they will be engaged in joint interesting activities and frolic. If your family has two opposite-sex children, decorating their children will require some effort from you, but the result is worth it.

Children's room for boys and girls together, what is the difference

Many parents do not understand that the children's room for two different-sex children is different from the standard nursery. We will have to think about zoning - this is the right way to provide comfort and coziness to the kids. Precisely the zoning will provide:

  • psychological comfort;
  • is more disciplined;
  • personal space.

More precisely, you have to divide the room into two zones. However, the work does not end there. Choose the right color palette for two separate zones of the .But first things first.

Design of a children's room for a boy and a girl: creating a cosiness for infants

It would seem that infants do not pay attention to the surrounding environment. The main thing is the presence of a number of parents. This is a mistaken opinion.

For babies it is not necessary to construct gypsum plasterboard partitions between their beds. Act more simply. Part of the walls covered with pink wallpaper, and the other - with blue. Children

Wallpaper for children's room of children of different sexes choose environmentally friendly. This factor can not be ignored, because it is about the health of kids.

Do not use dark tones when decorating a nursery. The closer the shade to black, the stronger it oppresses the child.

This method will help to identify the area of ​​the girl and the boy. At an early stage in the subconscious of the babies, their personal zone of space will be identified, in which they will feel protected.

The kid in the round crib-transformer feels no less protected. And my mother is an additional help.

Depending on the budget, give preference to this or that type of child's decoration for babies. For example, to order suspended ceilings with the image of the sky, lamps in the form of clouds and curtains with cartoon characters. Children

A good solution is to decorate the walls yourself, drawing a tree with foliage, sun, grass, birds. Do not worry if it turns out ugly, children will like it anyway. Children

If the budget is limited, do not despair. Draw ridiculous colorful drawings on the ceiling, decorate the room with soft toys. Pick up the colors and let your imagination run wild. Children

Design of a children's room for children of different ages, preschool age

At this age, kids begin to explore the world around them. At this stage it is necessary to zonate the nursery as a solid partition between the cribs and the color palette.
Furniture in a children

The children's room for the boy and girl on the photo looks original, and at the same time simple. Zoning of a children

Cover the children's wallpaper with two colors, separating the areas for the boy and the girl. This is not done for the kids to play exclusively on their territory, but for the psychological calm and comfort of the child.

It is important that the children's room for the boy and girl is comfortable. Do not clutter the room. Hang the cribs over the cribs of the kids and their favorite heroes. Ideas of a children

Design of a children's room for a boy and a girl provides for the use of environmentally friendly wallpapers, paints and other materials.

With a limited budget, do not use wallpaper to decorate the walls, but waterproof paints, of course, are environmentally friendly. So you will kill two birds with one stone:

  • can regularly conduct wet cleaning of walls;
  • with ease you will wash off walls from masterpieces of young artists.

Wallpaper for children Divide the areas by thematic pictures. Above the cribs, hang the appropriate images. If the boy is close to a car theme, then for the girl the cartoon theme will approach. In general, you do not know the preferences of your children. Design of a children

For a small room, a bunk bed will be a good solution. So you can save a useful space. Design of a children

Use the minimum amount of furniture, because your kids do not yet need to learn lessons and do homework. This will provide additional space for games and fun.

What should be the interior in the children's room of the girl from birth to the first love? Principles and creative solutions are available on our website.

Design of a children's room for two sex children under the age of 13

It's time for your young schoolchildren to change the interior of the nursery. Down with baby cribs and cartoon pictures. What to do first:

  • to change cribs for teenagers, both for the boy and for the girl;
  • to purchase school desks;
  • attach shelves for books;
  • to separate the living areas of the nursery.

It will not be possible to do without using only the color zoning of space. Ideal option is to install a small gypsum cardboard partition between the cribs of a girl and a boy. Each zone will belong to its owner. Children

Lessons for both students will be much more convenient if everyone has a separate desk. You can limit yourself to one table, but in that case it should be spacious. Children

And do not forget about the proper lighting of the desk: the light should fall from the left side, so that the vision does not spoil. To improve vision in children, take care of the proper choice of vitamin for the eyes, a review of which is presented in our material.

If we provide schoolchildren with separate desks, book shelves, then we can stop quarrels and various conflicts between them.

To save money, pay attention to the variety of furniture sets, shelves and tables. Choose the model that will help to save space in the nursery and fit the learning needs of the child. Photos of children

Remember, there is nothing uncomfortable about the stay in one room of two opposite-sex children. The main thing is to approach the issue of zoning free space.

A small room for schoolchildren does not need to be cluttered with extra furniture. How to choose furniture for a girl read in the next article.

Stick to the classic style. Furniture in the children's room for children of different sexes:

  • bunk bed;
  • two small desk;
  • cabinets and shelves for study.

The above mentioned accessories for schooling are quite enough for beginners. Design of a children

Regarding the design of walls and ceilings, it is not necessary to excel here. Choose light shades of wallpaper, white color for the ceiling.

It also happens that the age difference between a brother and a sister is very high. How in that case to be? In fact, there is nothing to worry about. Design of a children

A more adult child should be provided with everything you need: a desk, your own bed or a sofa bed, a computer for study, and so on. Photos of children

The junior must have his children's area in the room, which is separated by a color palette or plasterboard partition. Zoning of a children

Zoning of a children's room for a teenager's boy and girl

The nursery in which your children lived before puberty, rather, was already divided into recreation and study areas. Start from the experience. The main task is to turn the nursery into a modern and stylish room, where young people can bring their friends. Ideas of a children

First, it is necessary to get rid of the interior of obsessive children's themes, it's not for teenagers. Change the wallpaper with irrelevant children's drawings.

If before the gypsum boards were not erected, now is the time to do it. It just needs to be done for a comfortable stay of two teenagers. Ideas of a children

Bunk bed, if it was, it is better to change to ottomans or folding sofas. Change the writing tables to computer ones. Children

Unfortunately, many parents do not understand the same truth, the interior of the teen's room can not be formed from the usual furniture accessories and other elements. The interior of the room needs to be formed on the basis of important things for the teenager:

  • music;
  • posters;
  • pictures;
  • sports;
  • hobby;
  • gadgets.

Be prepared for your children to invite their friends. They will not sit in the kitchen or in the hall, but they will choose their room for the gatherings. Choose suitable furniture.

Another popular accessory for the room of teenagers is the seat-bags. They can be hidden in the closet, this will save space. Children

Ideas for children's design for three children

You can act corny, and buy children on a separate bed and table. But you need to understand that the size of the room should be large. Three beds and three tables will take up a lot of free space. Photos of children

Our task is to save valuable meters. How can this be done? In fact, there is a way out. To date, there are many 3-bed beds.

Photos of children's rooms for children of different sexes, 3-tier cribs: Children

Design of a children


Cots will fit into the interior of any children's room. They look great, practical to use and quite comfortable. In addition, decorate the walls and ceiling in light colors.

What to do if the child is hyperactive, the parents will be given a note in the next article - advice and "medicine".

Parents' reviews:

Татьяна, 34 года, г. Мариуполь

Photos of children After the birth of twins, I could not decide on the design. As a result, limited to multi-colored wallpaper.

Divided into two zones, for the girl and for the boy. The colors are blue and pink. It looks great.

Margarita, 19, Saint-Petersburg

Zoning of a children The children's room for a boy and a girl was divided into two zones by a gypsum board. We chose the most simple and affordable option for money.

My children like, they are happy. In addition, it seemed to us practical, if desired, the partition can be removed.

And plans to move to a more spacious apartment, where each child will have his own room.

Violetta, 38, Moscow

Wallpaper for children If you have two children of adolescence in one nursery, separate the two zones from each other at least with a cabinet. Ideally, build a wall of plasterboard.

After my children turned 13 years old, quarrels began, they could not share space. We decided with my husband and made a redevelopment, which settled the problem.


The above recommendations will help you design the nursery, where the children will feel comfortable and cozy. We tried to find the best ideas of a children's room for a boy and a girl. Adhere to our advice and create the most comfortable conditions for your children to live together.