Furniture for a child's room for a boy: how to choose the best option from a baby to a teenager in 50 photos

Furniture for a child's room for a boy is selected according to his preferences and age. Everyone wants a personal space, where he can rest and do what he likes, and the children's should be cozy, multifunctional and comfortable for living.
Furniture for a children

5 criteria for choosing furniture for a boy

When choosing furniture for a boy, parents adhere to several criteria. The main are the following:


Cheaper does not mean worse .The cost of the goods depends on: the place of assembly, use of materials, delivery.

If a city collects furniture for a teenage room for a boy, and is sold in a nearby store, it will be cheaper than in another store, to which goods are brought from another city.

For the arrangement of a nursery, it is recommended to stop on natural materials. The ideal option is oak, but if finances do not allow, parents purchase furniture from walnut or beech. For upholstery, do not choose synthetics .


Whatever furniture for the children's room for the boy you did not buy

, remember the safety, especially for the device of the newborn's room.

The bed should be stable, the shelves - light and strong, and the cabinets - low.


It is important to select furniture for the boy's room in accordance with his age and needs. Children are divided into zones: a place for study, games and recreation .


Before landscaping, plan the plan to get rid of unnecessary interior items.


When selecting furniture in the child's room, you need to follow the same style in which it is executed. With the opinion of its owner it is necessary to reckon and at this stage.

How to equip children's babies

Many believe that it is easy for a babe to decorate a bedroom. A small child to equip a "nest" is not easy.

Choose furniture for the children's room for the boy from ecological materials, without corners and rough surfaces.

The main item in the newborn's bedroom is a cot. It is recommended to purchase wooden models with regulating edges .Furniture for the boy

Alternatively, you can choose a round crib-transformer. Read here some useful tips about cribs 3-in-1, 5-in-1 and other models. Furniture in a children

Plastic and iron beds do not buy, because they are made of non-natural materials and the child will be injured, hitting them.

To maintain safety, in the crib of the newborn on all four sides should be high bows.

Buying beds with several levels, parents save the budget. When the child is 2-3 years old, it is not necessary to buy a new bed, you need to remove or lower the edge. Buy furniture in a children

If the budget allows, then for the first 6 months you can buy such furniture in the children's room for a boy-crumb, like a cradle on wheels, which Mom will roll around with. Cabinet furniture for a children

If the choice fell on the bed, it is recommended to purchase models on wheels or with a swinging pendulum, so that the baby quickly falls asleep. Not all parents rock the crumbs on their hands, and the pendulum bed is easily controlled, and it is kicked. Furniture for a children

For the care of newborns a changing table is needed, which is located next to the bed. If the finances do not allow, the baby will have to be swaddled in a crib or in the adult's sleeping place. There are such types of changing tables:

  • chest of drawers with shelves;
  • folding table with table top;
  • changing table, fixing on the bed.

Convenient type - the first, as there will be a place for storage of things, diapers and hygiene items of the baby, as well as the opportunity to swaddle it. This will save space, as the table top is removed as a useless .Furniture for a children

The third option will be inconvenient for use by low people, and if the bed will stand a long side against the wall.

If you have a changing table without shelves, you need to put a cabinet for storing diapers, diapers and clothes. It is recommended that it be located near the crib. Modular furniture for a children

Still need shelves for storing toys, the newborn will not have much. Furniture for a children

We need a chair for feeding, which will be convenient for the baby and his mother. If space allows, place a sofa for parents, where they will sleep, there the child feeds. Furniture for teen boy room

Otherwise, the child is equipped with an armchair or a soft chair. In this case, the arms will be soft and a footrest is required.

A bedside table or a table for napkins, diapers, pacifiers and bottles is located not far from the place of feeding. Buy furniture in a children

The color of the walls for the newborn should be made in calm colors, so as not to irritate the baby. For the boy choose a light blue shade, yellow, green, pastel. Children

After 6 months in the interior bright colors are added: stickers on the walls for development. Furniture for the boy

Room for preschoolers

Children of preschool age have an individuality, they have interests.

Children are engaged in creativity, which means a place for their favorite activities: modeling, drawing, burning. Furniture for a small child

Psychologists preschool age is called a time when the child has many interests, and when choosing a design, this is taken into account.

If space and finances permit, sports equipment is installed:

  • rings;
  • ropes;
  • the Swedish wall;
  • staircase;
  • horizontal bar.

Excellent combined with this looks modular furniture for the children's room for the boy. Furniture for the boy

But if there is not enough space, use the budget option - choosing one thing for installation: a ladder on the closet or a boxer pear in the corner. Cabinet furniture for a children

Parents choose a sporty interior that any male representative will like. In this case, you can not do without your own corner for sports. Furniture in a children

In the corner there is a football couch in the form of a soccer ball. Such balls are not cheap, it is more profitable to sew it .Children

If the child has awards and diplomas, a corner is set up for this. If there are only letters, they are hung on the wall within the framework. And in the presence of the cups will require a separate shelf, which can be placed above the bed. Children

A bed is an important attribute for a preschooler. The best option is a sleeper in the form of a machine. Cabinet furniture for a children

If you have a small bedroom, order a bed-transformer. Furniture for the school boy

Boys of any age like backlit beds with lights. Children

When choosing wallpaper, refrain from bright colors, they negatively affect the psyche. It is better to choose neutral colors and dilute the interior with several bright decorations. Buy furniture in a children

Furniture for a small child's room of a boy is hard to find in a store, it's better to make to order, measuring the room.

To equip a schoolchild's room

School age is one of the most difficult children in life, at 7-8 years it is considered transitional. Furniture for a children's room for a schoolboy boy will differ from the furniture of a kindergarten child.

The learning area for the homework appears. For this purpose, a table of wood at the window and a chair with a regulating height are suitable. To save money, a computer table is bought and the student is engaged in lessons for him. Buy furniture in a children

At this age there are idols, it can be a singer, an athlete, a dancer. In the design it is used: you can buy wallpapers with your favorite character, or discreet details. Furniture for the boy

When choosing a color, stop on these shades: green, beige, yellow, caramel. Children-schoolchildren pay attention to details, color forms, which means that the furniture for the school-boy's room must be of unusual shapes and colors. Furniture for the school boy

Important is the sleeper. As many designers repeat, it is better to place a bed than a sofa, because thanks to such furniture the zones are divided, using modern styles. Furniture for a children

Folding sofas and chairs - an unsuccessful choice for creating an interior. Moreover, they are not always able to rest and sleep on them. To the spine was straight, it is advisable to sleep on a hard mattress, which is placed on the bed.

What to put in a teenager's room

Many parents make the mistake of choosing furniture for a child's room for a boy and do not consult with him. A teenager is not a kid who agrees with the decisions of his mother or father, and he will not be able to change his mind about such matters. To the child liked the bedroom and he wanted to go back there, when choosing an interior, his opinion plays a major role. Furniture in a children

All the guys like girls, and so they go in for sports in order to be in good shape. In this case, the child is equipped with a corner, where he finds himself using a weight, a bar, a horizontal bar, a sports simulator. If a teenager does not like sports, then this part will be equipped according to his hobbies. Furniture for a teen room for a boy

Parents think over what furniture for a children's room for a teenage boy they will choose. But what it will be, to decide the owner. Furniture for the boy

A large role in creating an interior is played by the size of the room and the financial condition of the family. The main thing in the embodiment of a teenager's personal space is the creation of an individual room for development, recreation and games. Buy furniture in a children

The boy's teenage room should be filled with such attributes:

  • set with tools;
  • game console;
  • sports corner;
  • a table for practicing your favorite business.

Furniture for a teenage boy's room can not look childish, many guys choose serious styles. Children

Furniture in the children's room for the boy in the photo in several versions is shown below. Furniture for the school boy Cabinet furniture for a children Furniture for a children Furniture for the boy Furniture for a children

How to equip a room for several children

If parents are allowed opportunities, then they give each child a room. But when in a family of several children they have to share one child for two, or even three. Furniture in a children

Thanks to the advice of designers and the preferences of children, they create a bedroom, dividing it into parts, so that everyone has a personal space. Furniture can be different: overall, miniature, multifunctional. Cabinet furniture for a children

It is easier to equip a premise for preschool children, since they do not yet understand that everyone has their own zone of comfort, it is more important for them to play games where they will spend leisure time. Furniture for the school boy

The main criterion when choosing furniture for a children's room for two boys is the area - in a large room it will be possible to realize any dreams of parents and children. Children

Parents place a bunk bed, many kids like these sleeping places - this is an additional place for games. Furniture for a teen room for a boy

For crumbs of 3-5 years, it is recommended to choose a retractable bed, which saves space. Furniture for the school boy

And here for children over 5 years old loft beds are used, which occupy little space. Buy furniture in a children

If the area allows, each child is allocated on a wardrobe. But this option is not acceptable for everyone, then the parents dispense with a closet that divides several children. Furniture for the boy

In this case, cabinet furniture for a child's room for a boy is a great option. This applies to the desk, it is better to place the table along the windows and divide it with shelves. Furniture for a children

What other ideas for a children's room for a boy and a girl who live together, see another article.

How to zonirovat with furniture space

To children looked interesting, zoning is used. This gives coziness and several zones will appear. Not in the game zone will be a cabinet for toys and a pouf, and in the work area - a table for creativity. Children

An interesting option is a different style of windows and curtains, this design is suitable for large rooms, with two windows. Furniture in a children

If children have to divide boys of different ages, such ideas are discarded. Since each child should have a personal zone - its own space, and therefore the nursery will have to be divided into two parts: using a partition or a cabinet that fits into the interior. Children

When zoning is taken into account that it is necessary to separate each of its parts. Do not mix the game and training areas so that the child does not get distracted by the games during the lessons. Furniture for the school boy

Several tips for the furniture in the child's girl was stylish and beautiful, collected in the next article. Here, both budget and first-class options.

Parents' responses

Helena, 25 yo, Krasnodar

Furniture for the school boy Even before the birth of the child, we took care of the design of the nursery, and since it is small, we decided not to buy a changing table, but limited ourselves to the lining of the crib.

I thought she was not comfortable, she rides the crib when the child does not lie quietly. The second child will get a changing table, which will be useful to him for a long time.

Anna, 38 yo, Surgut

Furniture for a small child I have two children - boys, pogodki. When determined with the choice of beds, decided to stay on a bunk bed and did not regret it.

If you are worried about the fact that the child falls out, buy a bed with high sides on the second floor. My children fell in love with the bed and it is not determined who will sleep at first and who is on the second floor.

Oksana, 30, Togliatti,

Furniture for a teen room for a boy When my son started going to the kindergarten, we decided to move him to a separate room. We decided to equip the sports corner: with rings, mats, ropes, stairs and other attributes.

When the child came into it, was carried away by a corner. But it was a reaction to a new subject. I was interested in his place for five days.


To children liked the new room, you need to design a design with them. If you do not have skills in such a case, it is recommended to contact the designer who will listen to your preferences and suggest interesting options for the embodiment of the children's idea.