How to choose a wallpaper in the children's room for girls, so that the child says "thank you"

Parents who choose wallpaper in the children's room for girls, we must remember that they not only repair the room for the daughter, but create a magical world of adventure. This benevolent atmosphere in the future will affect the development of the child and his interest in life. Let's look at the role of proper children's wallpaper for the walls for girls in creating a positive mood of the interior.
What kind of wallpaper to choose for a children

Ecological cleanliness and price

In all that concerns the child, parents first of all think about his health. Therefore, it is not surprising that choosing a beautiful children's wallpaper, mom and dad pay attention to the material from which the canvases are made.

Let's consider the assortment of children's wallpaper, which manufacturers offer, from the point of view of ecological purity and performance, taking into account the cost.

Wallpaper according to the material
Price category
Environmental cleanliness
Paper Harmless
  1. Do not tolerate wet cleaning.
  2. Strength depends on the number of layers. If the wallpaper is two-layer, then the strength is increased, if single-layer, then the strength is conditional.
Vinyl There is no consensus on this subject
  1. Resistant to moisture.
  2. Durable.
  3. Wear-resistant.
  4. Durable.
Acceptable, but more expensive than paper
Non-woven Harmless if produced from high quality raw material
  1. Durable.
  2. Do not tolerate wet cleaning.
Textile There is a harmful factor - the accumulation and deposition of dust on the fabric Do not tolerate wet cleaning. High
Natural from vegetable material: bamboo, rattan, rice Harmless
  1. Resistant to moisture.
  2. Durable.
  3. Durable.
Very high
Liquid Harmless
  1. Do not tolerate wet cleaning.
  2. Good heat and sound insulation.
  3. Durable.

These tables suggest that if you have a budget option for repair, then acceptable paper material for the walls in the room of your daughter or son will be paper and liquid wallpaper. Those who are unlimited in means, choose and buy natural children's canvases into the children's room.

If you liked the textured paper wallpaper in the girls' children's room with a volumetric pattern, keep in mind that it should be positioned vertically, so that dust does not accumulate in the embossed grooves.

Who creates this beauty

World leaders in the production of paper rolls produce elite products for children's rooms. Their wallpaper is characterized by a variety of characteristics and "raisins."

So, funny little animals and funny birds on the walls from the French wallpaper factory Filpassion will entertain little boys and girls with their kind and joyful world. Also adorable and attractive in this manufacturer wallpaper for the children's room combined with a frieze. Wallpaper for a children

"Jeans have not been canceled yet!" "- the motto of the Dutch factory Esta Home, which for many years supports denim themes in its rolls for teenagers. Beautiful children

The Spanish paper factory Dandino for collections of paper wallpaper for children produces fabric companions, for sewing textile elements that create harmony of the interior in a single key. Beautiful children

The photo shows children's wallpapers for girls in different interiors. Beautiful children Desktop wallpaper for children Children

The color of the walls and the nature of the child

Choose according to the material wallpaper in the children's room for girls, it's not the main thing. For the mood and well-being of the child, a significant role is played by the color of the walls and the drawings on them .

Traditionally it is believed that the color of the wallpaper for the children's girl must be sustained in pink tones. This is due to the fact that the romantic pink scale creates a girly feeling of comfort and coziness. Color wallpaper for children

But every child has his own temperament.

We listen to the recommendations of children's psychologists in choosing a color palette of walls.

Let's consider what colors they recommend to boys and girls, and which are not, and for what reasons.

Color of walls
Influence on the child
Green in the range from light green to navy Soothe the baby and pacify his psyche.
Red palette Annoying the psyche of boys and girls. It is allowed limited stains in the interior of children's rooms.
Blue to blue Pale blue color "cools" the interior, which is suitable for solar children's rooms.

Rich blue reduces the volume of rooms, suppresses emotionality, depresses the nervous system .It causes depression in children, if the walls are childish in this color. It is allowed in a limited framework.

Yellow Contributes to the development of the child's creativity and concentration of attention .

But he is avoided in the children's room for excitable children.

Orange Improves mood, digestion, appetite.

Excess of this color stimulates the activity of vigorous children to such an extent that leads to fatigue or dizziness.

Closed children in orange rooms are liberated, and babies - cowards forget about their fears .

White Carries in itself a charge of energy and power, useful in a child's closed and chained child.

If you decide to buy children's wallpapers for girls in a light, pastel palette, then keep in mind that in order to make the interior not boring, the texture and texture of wall materials should be chosen nonmonotonic. Buy baby wallpapers for girls

Create the right atmosphere

Correctly selected wallpaper in a children's room for girls create a romantic atmosphere that matches both the character and age and interests of the growing girl.

What suits newborn princesses, is not suitable for young adolescents, in dreams the faint image of a prince with a white horse appeared.

There are several age categories for which walls conform to a certain type, texture and color.

1 type

This includes babies up to two years old. Their main occupation is a dream, favored by gentle, soothing shades of the children's room. Also helps to sleep properly chosen bed. There is such an option as a round cot-transformer, which can turn into a changing table, a sofa, etc. Desktop wallpaper for children

If you vary the wallpaper with bright accents: funny pictures, children's accessories, then the growing babies, in the future, will react vividly to them and be interested in the juicy interior decor. What kind of wallpaper to choose for a children

2 type

Girls from 2 to 5 years know what they are walking. Girls are already familiar with the characters of cartoons, they are active and energetic in the world around them. Wallpaper in a children

For them, canvas canvas with an evolving theme. The walls of their parents' room are pasted with colorful, informative rolls: with alphabet, animals, various geographical maps. Children

And if the walls are solid, then they are decorated with accessories of appropriate age.

3 type

From 5 years to 8. These are ready-made princesses who have their own interests and hobbies. Like all princesses, they have carriages, bows, fairies, butterflies, flowers, cats, dogs and other attributes of the life of the royal castle in the light and on the walls. All the girls, pink, puppet, in the arms and hearts. Wallpaper for a children

The wallpaper in a children's room for girls older than 8 years is not recommended to purchase, not taking into account the views of the child, you should listen to it and skilfully guide it.

Obedient arithmetic

We believe that the decision, which wallpaper to choose for the children's room, the parents took. But here the question arises, how to calculate the number of rolls?

Buy baby wallpapers for girls In addition to the above wallpaper, there are wallpapers for painting, wallpapers, metal wallpapers, cork wallpapers

There are several ways. We will talk about one of them.

  1. Determine the area( S) of the walls of the nursery, minus the areas of window and door openings.
  2. Specify the size of the roll. The standard size of domestic wallpaper is 10 m by 0.53 m, the tube area is 5.3 m2.
  3. Determine the number of necessary rolls for repair n = S / 5.3

The resulting fractional number is rounded to the whole in the direction of increasing .

In case you buy rolls with a large pattern, consider rapport. For this, on the reverse side, recommendations on the displacement of the figure and the calculation of the tubes are painted.

Buy wallpaper for a children's room for girls you need not in a strictly calculated number of rolls, and 1-2 rolls more.

From all of the above it follows that there is hardly any sense in doing repairs every year. It is advisable to think over a variant of the interior-transformer, which would be both vital and multifunctional, at least for 2-3 years.

When the wallpaper in the new room is pasted, it's worth taking care of the furniture that will stand in your children's room. It is about choosing a stylish and beautiful furniture will be discussed in our next article.

If you plan to furnish a children's room for a boy, the options that we offer in another article will please you. Moreover, it contains more than 50 photographs of modern furniture in the interior.

Parents' reviews

Inna Ponevach, 43, Krasnodar

Children In the rooms of princesses wears dominance of pink color. In my opinion, it's gone.

Therefore, I am guided by the choice of wallpaper on a variety of subjects: animals, geometric patterns, figures of heroes. Granddaughter needs development.

Marina, 36, Kirishi

Desktop wallpaper for children Girls should be surrounded by beautiful things, including beautiful walls. We form the taste of the future woman.

I do not get tired to paste the wallpaper in my daughter's room every 3 years.

Valentin, 65 years old, Minsk

What kind of wallpaper to choose for a children The task of parents when repairing a child's room is to protect him from any chemistry that poisons the body. And then think about beauty.

I'm from time immemorial glue paper wallpaper, but the choice in our store is now very large.


When choosing wallpaper in the nursery for your daughter, mom and dad should be especially careful to follow all the recommendations of experts. But the main thing is not this, but the love of the parents' house, which will accompany the girl from birth until her youth.