How to choose a wallpaper in a children's room for boys, so that in their own home and the walls they help

It's vitally important to choose the right wallpaper in a children's room for boys, and this is not an exaggeration. It is on this depends on the psychological state of your child, his mood and even inspiration. The life of the baby begins with the children's room. This is his comfort zone, where he feels protected.
Wallpaper in a children

What kinds of

are available? Wall coverings of different types can be purchased. Each type of wallpaper has its own characteristics, which must be taken into account. Let's start with the simplest and most accessible.


Desktop wallpaper for children The wallpaper in a children's room for boys on paper basis - it's classic. They consist of paper invoices, for this reason are environmentally friendly.

Have a porous texture, this allows the material to flow through the air, preventing condensation, mold and other harmful bacteria.

Regarding price, it is profitable for .If you started a repair, then you can save money on repairs when buying wallpaper in a children's room for boys on a paper basis.


Desktop wallpaper for boy The wallpaper consists of non-woven, paper and vinyl. On the Internet, debate continues on the security of this type of wallpaper.

One thing can be said with certainty, if the manufacturing technologies were not violated in the production process, then this wall covering can be considered environmentally friendly and safe .

It should be noted that these wallpaper in a limited amount of air flow. Because of this, on the walls can accumulate pathogenic fungus and condensation.

Children's non-woven wallpaper

Wallpaper in a children The material from which they are made resembles paper. However, this species has undeniable advantages over paper wallpapers.

They are able to hide the defect of uneven walls, have a water repellent effect and increased strength in comparison with paper .

Due to the large width of the wallpaper, there can be problems with gluing. For this reason, experts are invited to glue the walls.

You can give preference to vinyl finishing materials only if you completely trust the manufacturer. After all, at stake is the health of your child, remember this.

How to choose the right child wall-paper for boys

When choosing the material for pasting walls in the children's room, consider one nuance that this is the private world of your children. It is in this room that your child will spend the most time.

Wallpaper for a child Parents know best what colors are able to overexcite their active child, and which on the contrary can add vigor in the morning.

In this room, he plays, sleeps, engages, teaches lessons, rests and has fun. That is why the choice of furniture for the boy in the children's room is so important.

Boys are prone to increased emotionality of and impressionability.

If you notice that after the repair, your baby became irritable, nervous and aggressive, then, most likely, you have incorrectly chosen the color of wallpaper for the nursery. To avoid this, you should know the following:

  • crimson and bright yellow hues act on the child's psyche irritatingly and excitingly;
  • greenish and blue opposite, have a calming effect, but provided that these colors are not cold shades;
  • pale pink and yellowish increase brain activity and visually expand the space of the room ;
  • dark colors cause a depressed state.

Several types of finishing materials can be selected. For example, wallpaper for a children's room combined of two colors - blue and blue, will look unique, and will not irritate the psyche of your child.

It is a mistake to choose the bright colors of for gluing. Giving preference to a soft color scheme, you protect your child from unnecessary emotionality. Especially if you have a hyperactive child.

If the room has low ceilings, then pay attention to the texture in the form of vertical lines. They are able to visually increase it. Children

If the has high ceilings in the room , then materials with horizontal lines will fit for gluing. Desktop wallpaper for boy

Thanks to these simple tricks you will be able to make a cozy abode for your beloved baby. To look at the idea of ​​interior decoration for your kids, you can here( on our site there are a lot of photos and advice on the design of a child for a boy and a girl).

Children's wallpapers for the boy: additional criteria

When selecting the finishing materials, you should pay attention to such factors:

  • environmental friendliness( by choosing non-toxic finishing materials, you prevent the occurrence of various allergic reactions in the child);
  • wall covering must allow air to pass through ;
  • colors should match the boy's preferences and his age;
  • wall covering should be easy to clean.

How to calculate the number of rolls

Wall-papers for children The number of rolls should be selected with a margin, if there is an extra roll, you can return it to the store, but you do not have to run after it, if there is not enough

. For calculations, you can use the online calculator or calculate according to the scheme below.

If you have already glued wallpaper in the apartment, then it should be good practice to keep a working notebook with records in which you fix the area of ​​rooms, the height of the ceilings, the number of glue on the room, etc. calculations that will help with the next repair

CalculationThe number of wallpapers includes several consecutive stages.

For example, choose a room 3 m by 4 m, with a ceiling height of 2.8 m.

The room has one window of 1.5 m and a doorway of 0.9 m.

Take a standard roll of 10.5 m at 0.53 m

Stage №1

We measure the perimeter of the room -( 3 m + 4 m) х 2 = 14 m. Minus the known width of the openings and windows -( 14 m - 2.04 m) = 11.6 m

Stage №2

CalculateThe exact number of bands -( 11.6 m / 0.53 m) = 22 bands.

Stage # 3

We calculate how many strips of the roll will form -( 10.5 m / 2.8 m) = 3.75( as many as 3 bands).

Stage # 4

At this stage, it is not difficult to calculate the number of rolls per room - 22 strips / 3( the number of strips in one roll) = 7.3 rolls. You see, there is nothing complicated.

Which style to give preference to the design of the children's

What kind of wallpaper to choose for a children "Seven times measure, cut once" - this is the principle needed to calculate the number of wallpapers

The color of the walls should correspond to the age of the boy .

For age groups, there are acceptable color spectra and textures.

Consider the age groups from infants to adolescence.


These crumbs begin to get acquainted with the world, learning it visually, contact and with the help of sounds.

If you hang your mobile on a crib of newborns, then pleasant melodious music, and colorful toys will amuse, and lull the baby.

At this age, babies often sleep, because their fragile body grows. In this regard, it is reasonable to choose materials for gluing the tender tones of .A blue tint is suitable.

The wallpaper in the nursery for the boy in the photo is shown below. Wallpaper for a child Children Desktop wallpaper for boy Desktop wallpaper for children


Children begin to show interest in characters of animated films, cars, airplanes and other equipment.

You can choose the finishing materials for the walls displaying the water theme. For an economical option, you can use paper wallpaper, combining the blue and blue background. If you give a fancy to clear up, you can invent something original.

Wallpapers for a child's room for a boy are presented in several versions on the photo below. Wallpaper in a children Desktop wallpaper for children Desktop wallpaper for boy Wallpaper in a children

Which wallpaper to choose for the children's room is up to you. It all depends on the finances.


Children of this age group, most likely, have their favorite hobbies and hobbies. Someone likes drawing, someone prefers modeling of plasticine. Color wallpaper for children

However, do not forget about the study, because your baby started to go on the school path. Especially popular are wallpapers of school subjects .For example, geography and maps of the world. Wall-papers for children

If this variant of design design is too expensive, it does not matter. You can cover the walls with decorative materials of gentle tones and use the usual geographical map, as an element of the interior. Desktop wallpaper for boy


Wallpapers in the children's room for adolescent boys are selected in their presence. Combinations of greenish, bluish and yellowish shades will do. These colors inspire teenagers to work, study and self-development. Color wallpaper for children Desktop wallpaper for boy Wallpaper in a children

So, summing up the aforesaid, it is possible to draw a conclusion that for each age category it is necessary to choose a certain coloring of the finishing materials.

Perhaps the most important point is security. Choosing safe finishing materials, without the admixture of harmful chemicals, you care about the health of the baby.

What wallpapers to choose for a children's room? First of all, environmentally friendly. Then pay attention to the coloring.

In order not to get into trouble and not go bankrupt, does not stand in the rooms of pre-school children to glue expensive non-woven wallpaper .After all, they will probably want to try out their skills in drawing on wallpaper.

Here is an example of high-quality and popular manufacturers of wallpapers:

  • Germany - Coswing, AS Creation, Erismann.
  • The Netherlands - Eijffinger, Eijffinger.
  • Italy - Portofino, Sirpi( Sirpi).
  • USA - York, Studio 465.

In the following article, a magnificent selection of photos of the wallpaper design of the children's room for girls is collected.

Parents' reviews

Мария, 45 лет, г. Одесса

Desktop wallpaper for boy Choosing children's wallpaper for the walls of her newborn grandson, she preferred plain paper.

They, though inexpensive, but I'm sure of their environmental friendliness by 100%.

Natalia, 32, Sevastopol

Wallpaper in a children And my husband and I designed a nursery in a special style. On one wall flaunts a huge ship, on all the others - marine themes, waves, water.

Beauties! The main thing, the kid liked.

Elena, 35, Saint-Petersburg

What kind of wallpaper to choose for a children We were advised that the wallpaper for a child's room for a boy should be bought in pleasant colors for the eyes. For his 3-year-old son, they put a blue wallpaper with blue in the nursery.

Look just great. They chose waterproof, now you can wipe them from the dust every day.


Today's article taught you a lot. Now you can independently choose the right color palette of wallpaper and calculate the number of rolls per room. Wallpaper gluing is a matter of technique. We are sure you can do it.