Design room for a teenager boy: we select ideas for the interior of a future gentleman and a rebel

When creating a room for a teen boy, remember that in this room the future man will be formed. Before him, a bright, active, adult life, where a young man dreams to break into his individualism and a thirst for conquest of the world.
Design room for a teen boy

Principles of a child for a teenager

And today, create him an atmosphere appropriate to age and hobbies. The room for a teenager is not boring and not strict, but universal. The children's room for a teenage boy is a symbiosis of the premises: the

  • office and bedroom;
  • living room, in which sociable boys like to receive guests;
  • dressing room;
  • gym;
  • library, the size of which depends on the love of reading the owner of the room.

You can name other rooms, depending on the interests of the child, but this is already being decided by parents with children.

From this it follows that the design of the room for a teenage boy includes:

  • functionality;
  • practicality;
  • attractiveness;
  • originality.

Let's take a closer look at these crite


In the photo is a room for a teenage boy.

The design of a children's room for a girl should be comfortable and creative. It's about this kind of interior that we'll talk about in the next article.

Layout without problems

While doing interior design for a senior schoolchild, one can not neglect his interests. This is no longer a funny kid, like many years ago, but a formed personality.

Ideas for a boy's teen room should come from the owner of the room, and parents should skillfully and tactfully guide them using their experience and practicality.

First of all, the interior of a room for a teenager boy is conditionally "broken up" into functional spaces:

  • work area;
  • sleeper;
  • recreation area;
  • storage area.

Of course, if the dimensions allow, then during the repair, these areas are separated by building partitions. But we are considering the average version, when for a teenager boy stands out a small room.

Working area

For the working area, select the most lit place in the room opposite the window, or that the light would fall on the left side. Furniture for a children's room for a teenager boy is more convenient than a cabinet. It is roomy and practical .Room for a teen boy photo

For lessons, purchase a combined corner table with a large table top to install a computer there. In the same workplace, you need to provide a place for men's activities, for example, boxes with tools, pull-out tables for assembling technical models, soldering, burning out. Teenage boy

Workplace make attractive, boring and bad mood .The design of a child's room for a teenager boy involves the presence of shelves, racks, which the future gentleman will take with some symbols of his interests, achievements, dreams. Children

In the photo the children's room for a teenager boy: Ideas for boy

Design of a child Buy a comfortable and comfortable chair or chair with adjustable for growth.

Purchasing furniture for a teenager, parents should adhere to the principle "the less, the better", since the young man's energy is needed to get out.

Sofa or bed

Many popular modular designs attract their rationalism and space saving. Especially when the first floor is a working area, and on the second floor is a sleeper. Room for 2 teen boys

This option is convenient, but you need to buy a bed for growth and with an orthopedic mattress. After all, the spine of a child in the adolescent period is still forming .Interior room for a teen boy

Some parents prefer to stay on a teen couch, suggesting that it will serve as a bed and a party for the entire friendly company of his son. Curtains in the boy

And if the kid is a book lover, then there will still be a library. Folding sofa should also be chosen with an orthopedic mattress of the construction of the "accordion" type. Teen boy room 14 years old

If you allocate a small area for a senior student, then at the repair stage, hide the sleeper in the podium, or arrange the bed to be folded.

Recreation space

The design of the room for a teenager boy involves the allocation of space for recreation, where the child will be engaged exclusively in his favorite occupations, primarily sports. Design of a child

We do not study physical culture and sports in a small square. And we must still not forget about friends who are visiting, will not sit quietly. If there is no possibility to arrange a sports corner, put a simulator or a bicycle, hang a boxing pear or mount a Swedish wall for your son.

Well, for a game like darts, always find a place. Room for a teen boy photo

If in the future a young man does not imagine himself outside of art, then in this case, a large area is required for a hobby. Easel or musical instruments do not tolerate crowdedness. Teenage boy

"Sick" issue - storage of

This is a burning question when it comes to order in the son's room. What seems like a mess to mom, for a guy - working environment. To find a compromise in solving this problem, it is necessary to equip the storage areas with closed, convenient, functional and practical ones. Children

Ideally, this is, of course, a dressing room. If there are no ideal conditions, storage issues are solved with the help of a roomy cabinet or drawers, in non-traditional places for storage: under the bed, under the sofa, under the table. A room for a teenage boy of 12 years

In the closet, in addition to the personal belongings of the growing up man, place a change of bed linen, which he will change himself. This will not put a young man in the case of annoying night situations in an embarrassing situation in front of you. This kind of observance of intimacy in his personal life will teach him to respect the problems of others .Design room for a teen boy

In the above mentioned aspects, it was revealed what the functionality and practicality of a room design for a teenager boy is. Let's look at how to achieve harmony and coziness, if a room is allocated for 2 teen boys.

A room for two teenage boys

The design of the room for two teenage boys is also organized by the zoning of the square, however, with orientation to the hostel, 2 bedrooms and 2 working areas. Room for 2 teen boys

In this case, you can get out of fashionable bunk beds that allow you to save space and organize a separate zone for one guy and the other. Desktop wallpapers free teen boy boy

Storage area in a small area will most likely be shared, in the form of a spacious closet to the ceiling, but with a specific division of space for each of the young men.

I'm not the girl

And it's true. But he is not a boy, but a growing man, who prefers functionality and asceticism in the interior. But this is the case when the room for a teenage boy is 14 years and older.

Junior teens prefer an entertaining design of a specific theme. The room for a teenager boy of 12 years is made out by the owner during this period by sea, space or exotic decoration. Baby room for teen boy

Parents, in order not to put pressure on the child, you need to find a compromise solution, leaving the owner of the room space for creativity and allocate one wall to the disposal of his son.

In the photo, a teenage boy's room is 16 years old. Small room for a teen boy Design room for two teen boys Ideas for boy

The common room of a brother and sister can also be bright and original, while a boy and a girl can have their own zone. Proof look in this article with a lot of examples in the photo.

And do you know what fashion trends in the decor of the walls of teenagers recently?

Fashionable in adolescents wall decor

  1. Wall painting in graffiti style.
  2. Style industrial, which frightens parents of the nakedness of bricks and concrete .
  3. Always an attractive and childish huge and bright map of the world in the wall.
  4. Photo wall-papers in which the interests and hobbies of the guy are reflected in a budgetary and simple way.

Psychologists do not recommend parents choosing a palette of flowers, consider only boyish color: shades of blue, gray, brown.

The fact is that the color of the walls is chosen depending on the temperament of the young gentleman.

Calm pastel colors are good for active and excitable teenagers .But melancholic, for raising the tone, succulent combinations of yellow, orange, and green are suitable.

How to choose a wallpaper in a children's room for a girl looking for in another our article.

Only for boys

Let's look in the classic children's teenager and see how it differs from the room of parents and girls.

  1. Painted walls. Sometimes parents select inexpensive wallpaper in the room for a teenager boy. An active young man can be so keen on something that he does not notice how the stains appear on the walls. In this situation, the decoration materials are easy to replace .
  2. Bright lighting. This requirement is dictated not only by care of the guy's vision, but also by psychological abnormalities that sometimes arise at this age.
  3. Sturdy furniture, under the provisional name "anti-vandal", which can withstand the onslaught of youthful energy: jumping, hitting, tumbling, running.
  4. Not slippery flooring. Slippery flooring can lead to traumatic situations in nimble young people .
  5. Absence of brittle and shattering surfaces and objects: a full-length mirror or a crystal chandelier.
  6. The curtains in the boy's teenager's room get strict and without pretentiousness. Guys prefer to see on the windows blinds and roller blinds .


In any case, the interior feature for the young man should be a harmony of decor and brutal functionality. Here grows a man, respect for which today, will respond tomorrow to the upbringing and decency of a gentleman.

Parents' reviews

Vera Ivanovna, 43 yo, Saransk

Design room for a teen boy I do not like when the interior of a child is dominated by some style. In this case, he just "strangles."

In my opinion, just a few accessories or motives are enough for this.

Siganyuk Petr Nikolaevich, 57 years old, Rostov

Room for a teen boy photo How to decorate your living space guy knows better than us.

They are more advanced than we are. In this matter they need to be trusted.

Natalia, 38,., Tver

Teenage boy The son is already an adult boy, and he wants to equip the room to his liking.

He paints, and my husband and I made him such a gift, like a white panel on the wall with changing sheets. Now he finds the outlet of his energy.

Some ideas you can get from this video, where the design options for the boy's teen are shown: