How to equip a nursery for two boys without compromising the personality of everyone: rules and 28 photo interior for babies, preschoolers, school children and teenagers

If you are fortunate enough to bring up two sons and you do not have the opportunity to provide your children in their own separate room, a common nursery for two boys is something that suits you. There are a lot of wonderful children's room projects for two boys and ready-made solutions for creating comfort and comfort.
Baby for two boys

Basic design for a child for two boys

The design of a children's room for two boys, like its decor, focuses on practical functionality. This means that you will look for or come up with solutions for compact storage of things, try to free space from excess pieces of furniture, while also taking into account the personal preferences of children, such as hobbies or favorite pursuits.

Any caring parent wants to see their children happy. But there is no way to find a prescription for all time, how to do it. That design of the room, which brought joy to the first class, does not suit a high school student.

To achieve a bright and noble goal, the age of children becomes the fu

ndamental factor in choosing the design. Any age has its own peculiarities and subtlety. They are explained by external, physiological changes, and changes in perception - psychological.

By the way the furnishing and decoration of the interior changes, the furniture in the nursery in the boys changes, you can see how the room "grows" with the children.

Designing a room for babies

Obviously, in the first months of life, children do not have a special need for furniture. Infants in this regard can be called ascetics, because in addition to baby cots, they, in fact, nothing is required. Room for two boys

The focus in the environment is on the needs of the mother .She will need a chest of drawers for storing children's things, diapers, pillowcases and diapers, a comfortable armchair in which she can comfortably rest while sitting next to the kids. Children

Whatever furniture is present in the nursery, choose the one that is made without the use of paints based on formaldehyde. The preferred material is natural wood. Baby for two boys - babies

In infancy, the child has a heightened perception of the world. In order not to frighten the kid, in the design of the walls, keep the combinations of neutral and pastel shades.

Avoid dense curtains on windows and wall carpets, they will accumulate dust - the habitat of dust mites that cause allergies.


Before the children went to school, their interests, tastes, passions, hobbies are not yet apparent.

Therefore it is necessary to adhere to such rules:

1 The nursery for two boys is furnished with furniture, simple and resistant to vandalism. Note that at this age, boys tend to be addicted to pranks. Try to make every effort to ensure that protects the children's stay in the .Be sure to isolate the sockets. For two boys preschool children

2 In the selection of furniture, stop at the one with no traumatically dangerous sharp corners. On the floor, lay a lush, soft carpet or carpet with a long pile. Soft carpet in the nursery for two boys

3 At a young age, kids are capricious in response to a demand to lay out things and toys in their places. To teach the child to observe the order will help, for example, drawers, rattan baskets, storage systems, closets. Throwing toys in them, you can instantly eliminate the riots, as if they were not. Storage systems in the nursery for two boys

4 General recommendations in the design of walls are the refusal of expensive finishing materials, the boys must draw them. A great way to revive the interior of the children's room for two pre-school boys is to use bright prints and stickers on the walls. The older guys will take a funny wallpaper with cartoon characters positively.

In the preschool age, parents need to restrain their desire to emphasize the individuality of the child, and try to arrange the corner of both kids equally. If the age difference is not great, then such details as a bed, bedding, toys, if possible, duplicate. This will avoid conflicts between children on the basis of envy.

5 Do not be afraid to be imagined. Decorate the room under the "sea theme", for example, placing photos in round photo frames like portholes. Decor in the nursery for two boys Decor cushions in the nursery for two boys Themed children Baby for two boys in a marine style

6 Physiological need for movement in the carapaces sets the parents the task of to provide a place in the nursery for the multi-functional sports corner or in a simplified version to place only the Swedish wall. Swedish wall in the children

Design of schoolchildren's room

Students spend a significant part of their time in their room. It is used for games, studies, studies and sleep. Their space reflects their individuality.

When it comes to decorating a nursery for two teenage boys, there are no strict and clear rules. There are only a few observations that need to be adhered to. The boys will like a stylish, practical, cheerful and comfortable room in which it will be comfortable to spend time and meet guests. Guests in the children

For this , there are a number of good design solutions, for example, in the choice of colors .If the color of the walls is taken as the main one, and the color of the interior is secondary, then psychologists and designers allege that:

  • green walls or wallpaper in boys' nursery are perfectly combined with yellow, purple, brown flowers;
  • shades of blue are combined with colors such as beige, cream, sand, yellow, apricot and gray;
  • in a room with gray walls look good as light pieces of furniture, and dark: green, blue, brown, and even calm yellow.

There are no special prohibitions in the choice of colors for decoration. Gray walls in a children Children

An interesting topic for the design of a room for schoolchildren can suddenly become a geographic map. A modern white table on thin and inconspicuous metal legs combined with a transparent acrylic chair will allow the World map to occupy a central place in the room. A world map in a children

The bright, stylish, ergonomic interior influences mood and performance, becomes an inexhaustible source of inspiration. A dump and chaos, on the contrary, will affect the mood and assessments, in the obstructions you will not learn the lessons properly.

Together with puberty in high school students, the period of change of idols , hobbies, judgments, changes the criteria in assessing yourself and others. Mom would like to recommend taking this into account and restraining the flight of fantasy, romantic impulses and not imposing too catchy and bright design ideas.

Remember that in this room future men grow up. They will simply be uncomfortable before their peers. No excesses! Strict restrained walls, dark tones of interior objects emphasize their adulthood and masculinity. Interior of a children

Teenager's room

In teenagers, the role of individual space increases. Be sure to organize for future entrants two full-fledged jobs .Remember, this depends on the receipt and successful study at the university.

For the zoning of a room on 2 separate habitats, an excellent find will be, for example, a high open rack between tables. He will divide the room into two working areas. Working place in a children

In adolescence, there naturally emerges a desire to choose a theme for decor. Surely it will be something related to sports, movies or music, and even a combination of all these elements. Let the guys choose the design of the room for teens, than they decorate the room. Even if all these posters, in your opinion, complete bad taste.

As for the color palette, the options for practically adult guys are significantly less. Will they be based on gray, blue or black colors, or, conversely, it will be bright colors - it all depends on personal preferences. You should listen to the guys. Children

Children's room for two boys of different ages, especially with a significant difference, poses additional challenges for the designer.

In this case, as much as possible separate the personal zones: in one let the younger tomboy play, in the other - the older one learns. Determine the design of the room for a boy and a girl will help you this article.

In the design of the "adult" children's emphasis and the main accent is more reasonable to do on practicality. Sports gear, books and board games require a lot of space. Look for efficient storage systems.

How to mitigate the shortcomings of unsuccessful premises

Despite the current economic situation, which is closely related to the demographic situation, there are many families who plan to have or already have 2 boys.

Of course, any parent, regardless of level of income and security, wants to see his children healthy and happy in a room in which parents have invested the whole soul in repair. But everything rests on real possibilities, which do not always correspond to desires.

There is no point in recommending spacious stylized solutions when there is not enough room in the room. The smaller the area, the more furniture required functionality and flexibility.

The task of the parent, who took up the design of a small nursery for two boys, is to beautifully and competently dispose of the available space.

Using lighting and color variations, you can achieve amazing results :

  • in a room with a lack or lack of natural light will help yellow walls;
  • white and green color palette of furniture upholstery will bring into the room elements of sunny day and spring freshness;
  • gradient painting of walls from blue color down to white under the ceiling allows visually to raise the ceiling;
  • bright, patterned mat on the bedroom floor of your boys with ease will give her the element of the game and compensates for the gloom of the room.

Get an idea of ​​how these ideas look like, will allow a photo of a children's room for two boys. Walls with elements of green in the children Color wallpaper in the room for two boys Decorating a children The color of the walls in the room for two boys

Furnishing options for small rooms and more

In a small room, children's furniture for two boys should be practical, transformable - this is an indisputable fact.

For a small child, you can use, for example, such ideas:

  1. Modern designs of bunk beds or built-in beds are an excellent solution for saving space .On sale models are available, developed with additional storage requirements, for example, combined with drawers and cabinets. Bed in a nursery for two boys
  2. In an effort to separate the space, parents will be helped by a closed, again, bunk bed. Such "boxes", for example, futuristically decorated inside the spaceship, give the boys the opportunity to play, bring elements of individuality and even "privacy" in a personal space - one of the brothers can turn on the light over his bed to read, but notCreating inconvenience to another. Children

A small baby for two boys makes parents look for compromise solutions in which the role of design is often not in the foreground.

Another thing, if there are no problems with space, then there are no limitations for the flight of fantasy. For example, in spacious rooms, real, genuine delight will be presented by two beds placed side by side in the form of naturalistic-looking racing cars. Interior of a small children Design of a small children Design of a large children

The task of the parent, who took up the design of a small nursery for two boys, is to beautifully and competently dispose of the available space.

Psychologists advise that in the room there was a window looking to the east. With the rays of the sun sliding around the room, it will be easier for children to wake up in the morning.

Parents' reviews

Оксана, 32 года, г. Москва

The experience of Xenia I wanted to install the storage system for a long time, I saw such attachments from a friend. She uses them to store both shoes and clothes, plus her husband has adapted his tools so to store.

I was looking for something for toys. Our kid has their heaps, loves to play, but the folding is their eternal problem.

The output is inexpensive plastic containers. They easily slide under the bed. The son in them robots his other toys.

Petr, 25 yo, Minsk

The experience of Pope Peter in finding ideas for the nursery for two boys We have 2 boys. Both are "artists".They made repairs, pasted beautiful wallpaper into the whole wall - their favorite "Robocar Polly".They wanted to make a surprise for Birthday.

And they, on the contrary, made a surprise to us - they painted the wallpaper with felt-tip pens.

Diana, 23 years old, Novosibirsk

As for the multifunctionality, the Son is already an adult. He is fond of computers and collects all sorts of old trash. Half the room was forced by the system blocks.

Therefore, bought an inexpensive, corner wardrobe for clothes, he in it as a tier of his "piece of iron" adds. And the closet of such a valuable place in the room does not chop off.


No one will argue that the years spent by the brothers in the children's room will be remembered for life. Therefore, parents should carefully approach the choice of ideas for the design of the room, so that the boys were there as comfortable as possible.