The mode of the newborn's day: to be or not to be?

That ended the 9 months waiting for a miracle, and a child with a velvety skin, ruddy cheeks and shining eyes appeared.
Day regimen of a newborn child

Which mode to choose: strict or not?

If in the maternity home everything was somehow adjusted, then, after leaving home, young mothers are lost before what and how, and in what sequence it is necessary to do.

The advice is simple: it is necessary to organize a mode of the day of the newborn child in the first two months of , adhering to which the life already with the baby will quickly come to the right track.

Recall that, by definition, the regime is a strictly prescribed schedule from outside, which strictly prescribes the time at which the mother should feed the baby, in which to put him to sleep, walk, bathe, massage and even change diapers. And the baby should also begin to adjust to this mode of the newborn's day, which is determined by the mother.

Our grandmothers and mothers strictly followed these regulations, strictly feeding infants every 3 hours, minute by m

inute, and went crazy about the fact that the newborns were capricious, weeping, behaving restlessly.
The mode of the newborn day is determined by the mother
But just kids just wanted to eat again. Also the kid could cry, if he wanted to be slightly rocked, having put him to bed.

But my mother, seeing that there was still half an hour left to put the baby, played with the baby, distracted him, thereby contributing to the fact that the child later could not fall asleep from overexcitation.

It is not uncommon to hear that the kid confused the day with the night. Therefore, in this case, we will talk about an approximate mode, when the of the infant is to be fed on demand. From the practical experience of many mothers, it can be said that newborn babies eat this way, as a rule, 10-12 times a day and rarely 8 times.

Today it is enough to observe a certain rhythm of the day for newborns. That is, the sequence of actions must be repeated day by day: awakening - feeding - hygienic procedures - massage - wakefulness - feeding - sleep - walk - awakening - feeding - sleep - bathing - sleep etc. There is nothing to worry about if the baby stayed a little longer, got more sleep or stayed awake longer than in the previous days.

The main thing is that the sequence of actions is preserved.

Morning in day mode for a newborn

It is likely that the morning of the baby can begin as early as 4-6 in the morning. There is nothing terrible in this, and it does not mean that the young mother needs to make up the beds, waking all the household and starting a new day.

It is likely that the baby is eating, he will undergo minor hygienic procedures when changing a diaper, put on pens, and he will fall asleep again.

The next awakening( about 7-8 am) should be considered the beginning of a new day. The kid, who has developed all the senses, will feel that active activity is taking place in the surrounding world.

As a rule, the baby will again be hungry and it is unlikely to change the morning hygienic procedures for feeding.

Therefore, first mother's milk or milk formula, and then everything else. Babies in the first month of life with breastfeeding need 7 to 20 minutes to saturate in the morning and a little more time - in the afternoon and in the evening, before a longer sleep. After feeding, you should hold the baby upright to give the milk to get into the gastrointestinal tract faster and eliminate strong regurgitation.

How to wash the baby the first three months of life?

Now is the time for the morning hygiene procedures. Washing is carried out at a water temperature of + 28 ° C.It is important to change the diaper by washing the baby under running water.

It is worth knowing that the girl should be washed away strictly from the genitals to the anus .Then it is necessary to lay out the kid on a changing table and to wet his skin with a soft warm towel. Do not wipe it in any way. More on how to care for a newborn girl we tell in a separate article.

Care for a newborn boy is different from caring for a girl, so it's useful to know about the differences.

Inexperienced mothers in the initial stage may be afraid to wash the baby under the tap. In this case, the wet sanitary napkins will be extracted. Using them, you should clean the skin in the area of ​​the diaper from the tummy to the back. The dried skin of the baby should be treated by applying a cream under the diaper.
How to wash a baby
Now you should pay attention to the baby's face, and in particular - to his eyes, nose-kurnoseku, lugs.

It is necessary to prepare the boiled water and pour it into 2 containers. You can add a decoction of chamomile into the water.

Then, with cotton buds soaked in water, movements directed from the outer edge of the eye to the inner , wipe the eyes.

If a child's eyes start to fester, it is worth reading this information.

The nose should only be cleaned with cotton wicks with stoppers. You can also use a special aspirator for a nose with a wide tip.

The procedure for cleaning the spout for babies is not very pleasant - it is unpleasant for them. But is worth remembering that a newborn baby does not know how to breathe the mouth of , so the nasal passages should be clean.

The auditory passage of the baby is not cleaned, but only the ears are treated. For this purpose, wicks with a stop are also used. After that, you need to wipe the face of the baby with water from another container. Every day you need to boil "fresh" water, as well as prepare a "fresh" chamomile broth.

Someone will remember that you need to cut off your nails. You should know that nails can be cut only at the end of the 3rd week of life of with special scissors. Before this procedure, it is necessary to purchase scissors with rounded tips and thoroughly disinfect them. If the newborn baby has not yet reached this age, but already has long fingernails, which can scratch itself, then it is necessary to do with soft cotton anti-scratch mittens.

If the baby is not too tired yet, then he can do a light massage, with an obligatory air bath for 5-6 minutes. After this, the baby needs to be dressed in comfortable clothes. It is worth remembering that you can not overheat and strongly seduce the little girl.

The kid, most likely, is hungry again and needs to be fed. After the baby is held in a "post", he may spend some time alone. To do this, you can put it in the crib and even get a musical carousel. If there is a rocking chair, then the baby can lie down completely alone.

It is worth remembering that the duration of wakefulness of a newborn child is from 40 minutes to 1 hour , therefore, most likely it will fall asleep again. If the crumb is still awake, then he can be helped, a little by his swaying or singing a lullaby song.

A full-grown dream of crumbs lasts from about 1 hour and 20 minutes. Therefore, if the baby woke up much earlier, sometimes it is enough to stroke it or give a pacifier, without taking it out of bed.

What you need to know about a walk with a baby

Once the baby is asleep, it's good to take it out to the fresh air in the stroller. This can be done after the next spill, feeding, changing the diaper, wakefulness and again feeding. The mode of the newborn's day before the month assumes 1-2 walks per day.
Value of a walk in a newborn

The first walk with a newborn baby can be carried out in the spring and summer period 2-3 days after discharge from the hospital and on the 7-10th day - in the autumn-winter period.

Begin with 5-10 minutes, gradually increasing the duration of the walk.

In summer hot weather, you should not go out with a baby for a walk in the interval from 12:00 to 17:00.Therefore, it is worth taking a walk or before this interval, or after. And you can both before and after.

For comfortable walks both in winter and in summer it is necessary to choose the right wheelchair. For tips on how to do this, read here.

Do not forget that newborn babies easily overheat and supercool because their thermoregulation is not yet debugged. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the child's clothing. We should not forget about the headdress.

After walking / walking, wipe the child's face with cotton swabs soaked in boiled water, or use wet wipes.

We prepare dishes for nursing mothers A nursing mother needs to find time to prepare dishes containing the most useful and acceptable ingredients.

A properly organized day regimen promotes the growth and development of the child. Learn the norms of height and weight, as well as the development of the baby by months can be here.

And if suddenly the child has problems with digestion, we hope that our advice, stated in this article, will help you.

Evening bathing

Before the newborn is to have this evening procedure, he may want to refresh himself several times, and my mother will have to change diapers.

For a day the baby should change the diaper at least 7-8 times. After all, because of frequent urination and bowel movements( the stool of the baby with breastfeeding is 5-6 times a day), the skin of the baby needs frequent cleansing.

For those who are not serious about this procedure, recall that the skin of a newborn:

  • is thinner than an adult skin 5 times,
  • consists of an easily vulnerable hydrolyside mantle( in another way, a "protective film" on the surface of the skin), therefore, it needs daily moistening,
  • despite the fact that it contains more moisture( 80%) than the skin of an adult, loses it much faster.

Therefore, you can and should bathe newborns, starting from the first days after discharge from the hospital. For this procedure, it is sufficient to select a gap from 19:00 to 21:00.

Despite the fact that the baby's umbilical cord falls off for 5-7 days of life, the umbilical wound heals even before the 15th day of life. Proceeding from this, during the healing of the umbilical wound it is recommended to use boiled water, adding a decoction of chamomile or turns. Newborn babies should not bathe more than 5 minutes at a water temperature of 37-37.5 ° C and an air temperature of 24-25 ° C.

The importance of evening swimming in the day of the newborn After bathing, soaking the baby's skin with a soft towel and moisturizing the baby, it is necessary to feed the baby, sing a lullaby for him and put it in a clean bed.

After a long day, walks, so many feedings and diaper changes, even a newborn baby is ready to spend four hours in the arms of Morpheus.

During the night the baby can wake up several more times. It is worth it only to feed, with the it is desirable that the house included only the muffled light of the , and it was very quiet. Then the baby will fall asleep again.

Having worked out a simple day regimen for a newborn, Mom will know approximately at what time her baby is sleeping, awake, ready to play a little, take a walk. For convenience, you can arrange the mode of the newborn's day in the form of a table.

This will give Mom the opportunity to sometimes leave home to visit a gynecologist, make the necessary inquiries, documents, necessary purchases. And at this time the babys will be able to sit with caring grandmothers or other relatives, armed with a clear plan of action.