Care for a newborn boy: taking care of men's health from the cradle

Many young mothers have a lot of questions about caring for a newborn boy. How to properly wash and swaddle a baby, how to care for a tender baby skin - for all the questions you are interested in, you will find the answers in our article.
Care for a newborn boy

Baby care for boys

So, you have a wonderful baby, you want to take care of in the best way. What should I start caring for a little boy? To begin with, you need to stock up with the necessary items to care for your child. First of all, always keep hygienic napkins, cotton buds and disks, soft towels, diapers and diapers for newborn boys at hand.

Children's skin is very delicate and easily exposed to all kinds of irritations. In your arsenal should be present baby creams and powders, which have beneficial effects on the skin of babies. Not to do in the process of caring for a child without all kinds of bottles, pacifiers, nipples.

The main thing that you need to pay attention to is the quality of goods for caring for small ones. They should be safe, made

of quality materials and not cause allergic reactions in the child.

Features of the hygiene of the newborn boy

The main thing in the care of the boy is keeping cleanliness and hygiene rules for the baby.

The body of a newborn boy is very sensitive, many organs and systems are not fully formed yet, so when caring for a baby it is important to do everything carefully and to correct, so as not to harm the health of the newborn.

We can distinguish the main stages in the care of an infant.

Treatment of a baby's navel wound

Intimate hygiene of a newborn baby boy How to handle the umbilical cord wound of a newborn

Many mothers have a question, how to properly process the umbilical wound.

The child's navel is usually treated with green and hydrogen peroxide.

It is necessary to gently push the skin around the navel with the fingers and cotton wool soaked in a solution of hydrogen peroxide, treat the wound.

After that, a green solution is applied to the wound. Treatment is carried out twice a day.

Child's eye hygiene

Great attention is required to care for the baby's eyes. The sight of the child is particularly sensitive, so the little eyes of the kids often become inflamed and even such an unpleasant disease as conjunctivitis occurs.

To prevent irritation of the retina, it is sufficient to systematically wash the child's eyes. Washing is carried out with a soft cotton ball, which is moistened in a weak solution of furacilin or manganese.

You can also use a herbal solution of chamomile, which has a beneficial effect on inflammation. Wash your eyes 1 time a day. However, if you notice signs of conjunctivitis in your baby, then rinse every 2-3 hours.

In case of severe inflammation, seek help from a pediatrician who will prescribe the necessary medications.

Care for the hearing aid of the newborn

Carefully requires the baby's hearing aids. Care for the ears consists in cleaning the outer part of the ear with a soft cotton ball, which must be moistened in water or herbal infusion.

Cotton sticks should not be used, as they can damage the baby's thin eardrum.

It is recommended to lubricate the skin behind the ears with a special oil or baby cream to prevent inflammation on the skin.

If a child cries when you touch his ears, this is the first sign that you need to contact a specialist. Since such a sensitivity indicates the presence of some inflammatory processes, and to treat them yourself is not recommended.

How to properly bathe a newborn boy?

As for the bathing of newborn boys, you should bathe and wash your baby in warm water that does not exceed the temperature of the human body. In the water it is useful to add herbal infusions of chamomile or string, which have a calming effect on the baby's skin.

How to bathe a newborn baby boy correctly Water procedures favorably influence the development of the child

Bathing is best done before going to bed . Water has a relaxing effect on the child's psyche, and your baby will be fast asleep.

Bathing uses a variety of shampoos and gels, designed specifically for children. Give preference only to proven children's cosmetics, created in compliance with GOST standards.

Be sure to pay attention to the composition and shelf life of cosmetics, this will prevent the possibility of developing skin diseases in your baby.

Do not be afraid to consult with doctors and more experienced friends who have several children. Timely knowledge of children's products will help you grow your child completely healthy.

The child is usually bathed once every 1-2 days, but it is necessary to wash the baby after each diaper change. Purity of the genitals is the basis of the health of the growing man.

Features of undermining of the newborn boy

  • wash boys at least once every 3 hours;
  • under clean running water, gently wash the area around the genitals, testicles and penis;
  • if the skin is dirty, then you can use soap;
  • the skin after washing wipe a soft towel from a natural fabric;
  • after water procedures it is useful to use nutritious baby creams;
  • if the room is warm, leave the baby for a while without a diaper, panties and other clothes, so that the skin "breathes".

If it is not possible to use for washing flowing water, then wet hygienic wipes should be used.

Taking care of the male health

The special feature of newborn boys is that at birth the head of the penis is completely hidden under the skin fold .She remains in this condition for up to 3-5 years. Under the fold are the glands that produce a special lubricant.

If you do not take care of the boy's genitals, various inflammations and diseases of the child's genitals can occur.

Symptoms to look out for:

  • Itching and redness in the genital area.
  • Painful urination, in which your newborn boy begins to cry and scream.
  • Change in color of urine.
  • Unpleasant odor from secretions from the genital organs of newborn boys.
  • Neoplasms in the genital area.

In order to timely see the problem in the health of your newborn boy, constantly inspect the child's genitals and monitor the condition of the skin on the genitals.

If you see any signs of anxiety, always consult your doctor. Timely medical care will protect your baby from possible infertility and other diseases of the reproductive system.

As many doctors say, improper care of the reproductive organs of a newborn boy can in the future lead to the development of various diseases and inflammatory processes.

How to properly wash a newborn boy Observing the rules of hygiene of a newborn boy - the basis of his health in the future

It is recommended to wash the boy with every change of a diaper, about every 3 hours, while gently sliding the skin on the penis to remove all contamination.

It is necessary to observe the hygiene of the genitals from the first days of the baby's life, carefully removing the resulting grease with a cotton swab.

When bathing the , it is recommended to wash the head, carefully pushing out the foreskin.

In case you notice redness on the child's genitalia, try to treat the skin with a weak solution of manganese.

With properly organized systematic care for 4-5 years, boys usually expose the head of the penis.

If the intimate hygiene of the newborn boy is not given the necessary attention, then the head is firmly closed by the skin from the foreskin and this problem can only be solved surgically by contacting a children's clinic. This is a rather painful procedure, so it is better to take care of your son's health in a timely manner so as not to resort to the services of surgeons.

Features of care for a newborn girl Parents of small girls are offered to learn more about the peculiarities of caring for a newborn girl.

Many parents are worried about the question: how to organize the regime of the day of the newborn child after discharge from the hospital. We hope that our advice in this article will help you.

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Is it worth wrapping a newborn boy?

There are various points of view on the question of whether to swaddle a child.

Some experts hold the opinion that it is necessary to swaddle a child, since the child's movements are constrained and he can not hurt himself by scratching his skin or hitting an object. In addition, the diaper protects the child from hypothermia and, as a consequence, colds.

Other doctors are of the opinion that swaddling slows the infant's developmental development, and the warm tissue that is used in diapering interferes with the development of immunity of the child to catarrhal diseases.
In general, to swaddle or not to swaddle your boy, it is necessary to solve independently.

But if you decided to resort to swaddling, then remember that the child must be wrapped in a tissue very carefully, so as not to squeeze the various organs of the baby.
Not recommended to swaddle children older than 2 months, from this age, children begin to show special activity and interest in a world that should not be discouraged.

Clothing for a boy

When choosing clothes for a boy you should remember that you can not overheat or, conversely, cool the child's genitals.

Choose clothes according to the ambient temperature : do not wrap your child in very warm clothes, but do not wear it very easily. This will help to avoid colds and heat stroke.

Try to use clothes made from natural materials, which allows the skin to "breathe".You can not choose very tight and tight clothes for boys, it will slow down the development of the child's genitals

Proper care, attentive attitude and parental love are the main conditions for the successful development of your child. Give your newborn boy as much time as possible and can be sure that in the future he will become a caring and faithful son.

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