Care for a newborn girl: women's health is above all

The first year of a little princess's life is an interesting and unusually difficult period for her parents. Every day, questions arise about caring for a newborn girl. On how correctly parents will take care of her, her health in the future depends directly.
Care for a newborn baby

Intimate hygiene of the newborn girl

It is important to organize the day competently, to distribute all the basic procedures and exercises, to ensure hygiene and proper feeding. If the maternity hospital can always ask for advice from a doctor, after discharge all decisions have to be made independently.

Regular change of disposable diapers - the first step on the way to the proper hygiene of the intimate area. On average, one diaper should not be used for more than 3 hours.

It is advisable to change them before feeding, and not after, to avoid frequent regurgitation after eating.

The skin under the diaper should not be sweated, otherwise diaper rash may appear. Its color and appearance should not be anything different from other

parts of the body. If redness, peeling or other trouble develops, take measures as early as possible: dry skin should be moistened with cream or baby oil, and too wet to dry with powder .

How to take care of a newborn baby Often arrange air baths for your child: it's not only useful, but also nice

Air baths are the best prevention of all problems.

Make it a rule to arrange them at the first opportunity: when changing a diaper, during disguises, before bathing. This will help the skin to breathe.

In addition, it is an excellent way of tempering babies and training its thermoregulatory system.

After each chair, the girl must necessarily be washed with warm water.

Wipe with a damp cloth is not enough, skin will not be cleaned completely, itching or inflammation may start.

Wash the child under the stream of water , and not in the pelvis, so that the particles of stool do not enter the vagina. The baby is held on one hand, and the second is gently washed with the skin in the direction from front to back. Gynecologists recommend to use child's soap every time.

Skin Care

Newborns have very tender skin, extremely sensitive to any irritating factors. When caring for it, it is important to ensure that it is neither overdried nor too wet.

For this you can use any creams, oils or powder, specially designed for the care of infants, most importantly, to watch that they themselves do not cause an allergic reaction to the body. It is better to choose cosmetic products with a minimum of additives .

Care of the navel

After the remainder of the umbilical cord disappears, the umbilical wound should be well healed. Until then, you need to ensure that it does not mokla and not experienced friction.

To dry it, it needs to be processed with greenery twice a day - in the morning and in the evening after bathing. When dressing a disposable diaper, always wrap the outer edge outward so that the wound remains uncovered.

Cutting nails

How to properly nail a newborn baby girl The child should have his own individual nail clippers

The baby is born with rather long nails and soon with active movements the handles begin to touch the face and can easily scratch yourself.

Scratch-gloves, which are usually found in every home where they prepare for the appearance of the baby, almost do not help and fly off almost immediately after they are dressed.

Therefore, it is important to trim the marigolds as soon as possible and then regularly monitor them as they grow.

In shops special children's scissors with rounded edges are sold, to not accidentally injure a child when cutting. You can use these or buy a regular scissors for manicure, the main thing is that they have a personalized baby.


Eyes of a newborn does not require any special care if they are all right. Do not wipe them with any solutions, as this prevents the formation of a natural microflora.

If the glazik begins to fester, then it is necessary to wipe it with a cotton swab moistened in a furacilin solution, in one motion from the outer corner to the inner corner.

1 tablet of furacilin is diluted in ½ cup of warm boiled water. For each eye, you need to take a new tampon , so that the inflammation does not go to the second eye.
If the improvement does not occur within a few days, inform the pediatrician or nursing nurse about this, they will prescribe special drops.

Bathing a newborn girl

How to properly bathe a newborn baby girl Do not use the

detergents too often when bathing Newborns are bathed every day after the remainder of the umbilical cord falls off. Up to this point it is better to wipe the baby with a damp sponge.

Make bathing a pleasant procedure, helping the girl to relax and tune in to sleep. Therefore, it should be bathed in the evening at about the same time.

The first times are very important, if they leave a pleasant impression, the baby will have fun and will not be frightened, then further she will happily wait for this moment.

In order not to frighten her, make sure that the immersion in the water was as smooth as possible, and the temperature was comfortable for the body.

Recommendations for bathing in manganese are now a thing of the past, now children are recommended to wash in ordinary water without adding any herbs. Every few days, but not more often the baby is washed with foam for bathing. Too frequent use of detergent can provoke excessive dryness of the skin.

If the baby has sweat, irritation or other skin problems, then you can bathe her by adding herbal infusions to the water( for example, turns or chamomiles).

How to avoid diaper rash in newborns

By following simple hygiene rules, you will be able to avoid such a skin problem as diaper rash in newborns.

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Hormonal crisis

Girls are more likely than boys to have related to the neonatal sexual crisis of .It is a question of hormonal reorganization of an organism after sorts.

During pregnancy, a large number of hormones are transferred from the mother to the fetus, the level of which sharply decreases after delivery. The fall reaches a maximum by the end of the first week of life of the baby. Such a restructuring can lead to the appearance of discharge from the vagina, physiological mastopathy, the appearance of acne on the face.


At the end of the first week of life, mucus from the vagina can begin to discharge with an admixture of blood. This is normal and requires no action. Gently rub the labia from the mucus and watch for hygiene. The allocations will take place in 10-14 days.

Physiological mastopathy

A small increase in the mammary glands of is observed in almost all girls as well at the end of the first week. Sometimes the skin around the nipple can turn a little red, and from the nipples can be observed white discharge. They can not be squeezed out, and the skin itself should be treated very carefully, avoiding friction and the appearance of irritation.

All these phenomena must pass by the end of the first month of life.

Hormonal rash

Appears in 25% of children in the form of a reddish rash on the face, sometimes with white dots in the center. It does not require treatment and automatically goes to 1-3 months of life baby. Such a rash is also associated with a change in the hormonal background.

Mom's diet and taking antihistamines in this case will not reduce the number of manifestations and will not affect the rate of recovery.

When to go to the gynecologist?

Planned preventive check-up for the gynecologist is performed by all girls at the age of 1 month. But there are a number of cases when it is worthwhile to show the child to the doctor before this time.

Here are the symptoms that parents should pay special attention to:

  • Appearance of vaginal discharge with an unpleasant odor or pus;Reddening of the labia or their swelling. All this can talk about the inflammatory process.
  • Crying and screaming with each urination, changes in the structure of the genital organs. It is necessary to show the child to a specialist in order to exclude the appearance of synechia( fusion of the labia minora).Girls synechia - a dangerous and extremely unpleasant phenomenon. The sooner the treatment is started, the more chances that they will not get chronic form.
  • Strong puffiness and thickening of the mammary gland , its sharp redness and soreness. Sometimes against the background of physiological mastitis develops mastitis, if at this moment the mammary gland gets an infection. If this can increase the temperature, and the child becomes sluggish or too restless. At the initial stages of the disease can be cured by conservative methods - compresses, physiotherapy, but purulent mastitis is treated only in the hospital.

Compliance with the rules of caring for a newborn girl requires a lot of time and attention of parents. To facilitate all the difficult stages of the first months of life helps the regime, because if the procedures are distributed evenly throughout the day, they will soon enter into a useful habit.

With a properly organized regime and careful care, the first month of life of crumbs will be a wonderful time for the whole family.

We hope that the proposed video will help to cope with the difficulties of the first days after the hospital.