Why the newborn does not sleep well: 7 main reasons and ways to eliminate them

One-third of one's being is asleep, so that his body can rest and function properly. For a newborn, the duration of sleep is not a determining indicator, its behavior is much more important.
Newborn does not sleep well

How many healthy babies sleep: the factors on which sleep duration depends

The baby grows and develops when he feels comfortable, he is satisfied, calm, eats well, for no reason he is naughty and sleeps well. In general, this figure is per day 16-20 hours .During this period of time the child wakes up several times to eat and satisfy the other physiological needs of the first month of life.

Many newborns do not fall asleep on their own, they need parental help: let them sing a lullaby, shake on their hands or in a crib.

Each mother has her own secrets of successfully putting the baby to bed, but this experience comes with time, in the beginning it is necessary to experiment. There is another approach, more strict, according to which the kid must fall asleep on his own , without motion sickness and othe

r aids. Each mother chooses what is closer to her. Intermediate options are also acceptable.

Physiological state

Pain in the abdomen often interrupts a child's sleep, being, however, a natural process.

Baby's toddler's temperament

Newborn does not sleep well at night Healthy baby sleeps 16-20 hours a day

Babies have been showing their births since birth: phlegmatic sleep long and hard, and waking up, after a while, again fall asleep.

Active kids require constant attention of parents, often wake up and act up.

Ambient conditions

Dryness and comfort in the crib contribute to a sound sleep of the baby. And you have correctly chosen a mattress for the newborn?

Curiosity of a child

Some children already in the first days of life are interested in the outside world, while not sleeping, and during waking periods are quietly occupied with thoughts and deeds known only to them.

Each kid is individual, and yet the mother should know the approximate number of hours of sleep of her child.

  • Avoid overfatigue of the baby.
  • Give him the amount of sleep that is necessary for the development of the brain, growth and all body systems.
  • A good mood of the child and mother is the guarantee of their health and mutual understanding.

So, baby up to a month sleeps about 17 hours .This means that a child can sleep for half an hour, an hour or two hours at a time. At night, the likely amount of sleep is 5-6 hours with skipping feeding, and this is the norm.

7 reasons for poor sleep and how to resolve them

Having understood the reason why a newborn is not sleeping well, you will already take the first step towards eliminating this unpleasant misunderstanding.

You can adjust the rhythm of the sleep of the crumbs, and then develop the habit of going to bed at all times at the same time, the main thing is to be patient and build the correct mode of the newborn's day.

The toddler's dream passes in 2 phases of the : fast, shallow, and calm, deep.

Why do newborns sleep badly It is necessary to analyze all the factors in order to find the cause of poor sleep of the baby

During deep sleep the child fully rests, does not hear too loud sounds.

As soon as he fell asleep, a fast sleep of comes, and Mom, trying to put the child in a cradle during this period, risks starting to put it first.

It is necessary to wait a little while the dream of the kid will pass in a quiet phase, thus the body of the child becomes relaxed, handles and legs languid.

Bad sleep of the baby should be explained. The intermittence of this process can be for several reasons:

Colic in the intestine

Very often, when the baby eats or cries, he swallows air. Collecting, it causes pain.

To diagnose a child with colic, you need to know a few rules: colic begins around the third week of a newborn's life , lasts about 3 hours, lasts up to 3 months, then this problem in the absence of pathology should disappear.

Difficulties with stool, namely - constipation, a frequent phenomenon in infants. Doctors remonend several laxatives, in particular Glytelax.

Vomiting and diarrhea are not symptoms of intestinal colic. To alleviate suffering, crumbs are possible by consistently conducting the following activities:

  • Provide heat;
  • Change the position of his body;
  • Place gas outlet pipe;
  • To put an enema.

Modern children's preparations in the form of drops, as well as self-cooked decoctions( eg dill water) are quite successful with the problem of colic.

Toddler confused day with night

Often the newborn does not sleep well at night, and in the daytime it is good because the newborn has not yet developed its biological clock.

General efforts of family members are necessary to help the child get into normal mode: walking outdoors, physical activity of the baby with observance of the hours of putting and awakening.

Tips for parents if the child confused the day with the night we give in a separate article.

Dysfunctional situation in the house

If the newborn does not sleep well during the day, it is likely that the family lacks psychological comfort, the mother's nervousness of the baby feels well and becomes restless. Mom should understand that her screams, especially on the baby, when he is naughty, do not contribute to his calming, but only exacerbate the situation.

The discomfort of the baby

In time, the unmodified diaper can cause diaper rash and irritation, which worries the child and prevents them from falling asleep. Clean, dry skin is the key to a good baby's sleep, just check the presence of small "accidents" more often, use baby powders and creams.


In the first days of life, the baby is the most sensitive to hunger, it can not tolerate, and necessarily requires eating. A hungry child can not fall asleep. But this does not mean that every time the baby is awakened, it is necessary to feed them urgently: make sure there are no other inconveniences, and then give them a good feed. Usually, the fed newborn immediately falls asleep.


If the newborn does not sleep well at night, external stimuli may become a valid reason for this during the day. Reconsider the regime of the child's day, transfer active games to early terms, provide peace and quiet before putting it.


is not observed. The baby is hot or cold, the room is stuffy. The optimum temperature is not lower than 18, not higher than 22 degrees, humidity of air - not less than 60 percent. In addition, airing before bed will ensure a comfortable microclimate.

These are the most common factors that can prevent a newborn from sleeping peacefully, disturbing parents.

However, all of them are not associated with serious diseases of the baby, are, by and large, mistakes of the mother, who is quite capable of solving such problems herself and calming the child.

When the baby does not sleep because of the illness

Newborn does not sleep well what to do Bad sleep can be an indicator that the baby is sick

If the parents exclude all the negative factors, but the child is crying all the time and does not want to sleep, it is likely that the baby fell ill.

Newborn does not breathe through nose

Because of viral infections manifested by rhinitis or hyperthermia, free nasal breathing is disturbed.

As a result, the baby feels bad, does not sleep. Use an aspirator to ease the baby's health.

The kid has otitis media

Inflammation of the ear( otitis) is a common disease of small children. This is due to the special structure of their auditory tube, when the food the baby belches falls into this tube, leading to acute inflammation.

The child parasites

The bed of bugs and lice can be purchased from strangers cot. The cause of helminthiasis will also serve as a randomly found on the dummy coat of domestic animals. The paramount task of parents is to closely monitor the state of health of crumbs.

The first days of the newborn The first days of a newborn's life are the most unusual period of life for new parents.

Not everyone can accurately decipher the signals sent to the baby, - we picked up a material telling why the newborn spits up.

This article details why a newborn hiccups and what it means.

Restless sleep, lack of appetite is a serious reason to consult a pediatrician. Only a specialist puts the correct diagnosis to the baby and prescribes treatment. Self-medication, parents lose precious time and aggravate the course of the disease.

If a mother knows about her child's predispositions to certain diseases, first of all, she should exclude the possibility of their aggravation, showing a crumb to the doctor, and then solve the problem of bad sleep in the situation.

How to improve sleep: useful recommendations

Newborn does not sleep well A child will sleep better at night if it is well fed before going to bed

Parents should not be particularly worried about the fact that a child under 3 years old wakes up several times per night .

In the absence of obvious reasons, this is quite normal. Let the mother help the child to normalize his sleep.

Analyze the food

Hunger will not wake the baby at night, if he eats enough during the day.

Create a sleep conditioned reflex

It is important to adjust the child to the timely placement of sleep. For example, to act always in the same sequence: first walk, then dine, swim and be sure to listen to a fairy tale before going to bed.

Follow the fatigue of

Do not wait for the state of lethargy, to lay the baby at the first signs of his fatigue , otherwise it can play out and generally skip the sleep time. A child who does not sleep in the daytime, often does not sleep well at night.

Create comfort

It is not necessary without special need to turn on the light in the room at night, distract the kid with toys or abruptly change the usual situation.

Toddlers are very sensitive to the presence of mom, often finding her near the bed of a gentle voice drowns the baby like nothing else. It's not entirely correct to put a newborn baby to sleep with , even if it helps a lot. In the future it will be difficult to accustom to sleeping alone.


Patience and peace of parents can be the main condition for eliminating problems with sleeping a newborn. Friendly relations with his child at the very beginning of his life path contribute to establishing trust in the future. In no case should you suffer the torture of conscience, if you prefer, when the baby is sleeping separately from you.

Love the baby, do not remain indifferent to his still small difficulties, then the nights will become calm, and the days will fill with a happy laugh.

Why the child does not sleep well and what to do about it, says Dr. Komarovsky from the following video.