5 basic rules for choosing a stroller for a newborn for winter and summer

The first transport of any person is a stroller. A few decades ago, the industry did not spoil us with a variety of models of wheelchairs for newborns and older children, and so there was no question of what kind of stroller to buy for a newborn - they bought what they found in stores.
choosing a wheelchair for a newborn


Today's variety of models baffles many and each parent wants to buy a stroller, which will be convenient to use, reliable, for the most important and the cost of children's transport.

The child spends the first months of his life mostly in a horizontal position.

At home and on walks for the most part the baby sleeps, at any rate, from those parents who know how to properly organize the mode of the newborn's day.

Maxima classic baby carriage for newborn The cradle-cradle is as comfortable as possible, but it is only suitable until the baby starts to sit.

The stroller in the first six months of life of the baby should be with a cradle-cradle, which is comfortable to sleep.

It is best to choose a model in which the box is re

moved , it is convenient when the baby falls asleep during a walk - the cradle can be removed from the chassis and brought into the house without waking the child. The stroller with a cradle is also called classical.

Its main drawback is only the fact that the baby is growing rapidly, and if the genes suggest a big increase, then already closer to six months your child can not fit into it .

This stroller is suitable only as long as your baby leads a recumbent lifestyle, as soon as he begins to sit down on his promenades - the wheelchair-cradle will have to be changed for walking.

Stroller-transformer for children from 0 to 36mes stroller In addition to the obvious advantages of the stroller-transformers, they also have a disadvantage - a large weight of

. For a newborn baby, you can immediately purchase a stroller-transformer, it can be used up to three years .

The main feature of this model is the transformation of the box into several positions - lying and at different angles of inclination.

The stroller can be folded, but its most important drawback is considered to be a heavy weight.

Such a wheelchair can get bored before the parents have time to discover for themselves all the possibilities of its transformation.

Universal stroller

Universal stroller 3 in 1 for children from 0 to 36 months Universal stroller is a cradle, walking unit and chassis. The 3 in 1 wheelchair is also equipped with the

car seat. Universal wheelchair models are similar in function to transformers, but differ from them in the way they convert to another model.

In order to turn this model into a walking or cradle it is enough to remove the chassis from the chassis and put another one in its place.

Universal strollers can be 2 in 1 or 3 in 1, where the has a car seat in addition to the cradle and walking unit.

Pondering the options, what wheelchair to buy for a newborn for the winter or summer, just look in advance - for children who already know how to sit, they produce strollers for summer, off-season and winter versions.

Some of these models do not weigh more than 2kg, they easily fold into a cane and are therefore always convenient for moms.

things for the newborn

The future mother has a lot of things to do: she needs to make a long list of things for the newborn.

The caring parents have all been thought out and arranged in advance, including the sleeping place of the baby. If everything is ready and only the finishing touches remain - find out which mattresses are better for the newborn.

Learn how to apply Mikrolaks to a newborn if the baby has abdominal pain, anxiety, and intestinal colic.

These 5 criteria should be fundamental when choosing

When buying a wheelchair, should focus not on its appearance , but on other parameters that will prove to be much more important in everyday life. Those parents who already have experience in raising children are advised when buying to pay attention to such criteria:


This parameter of children's transport should be taken into account by those who live in multi-storey houses. In your own home weight is not important, because you can buy as an economical, but a heavy version of the stroller-transformer, and the stroller-cradle.

If you live in a house without an elevator, you need to purchase the lightest model, even if you have to lift it to the second floor. Light weight distinguish universal strollers with replaceable blocks.


Available models with four or three wheels. Three-wheelers are considered more maneuverable , but they are the least stable, especially for children who are very mobile.

It is difficult to roll such strollers from stairs.

Wheels in wheelchairs are better to choose rubber on the springs of , this will ensure a smooth ride and the ability to ride with rain and snow.

What stroller to buy a newborn

It is also believed that the larger the wheel size, the softer the stroller stroke, it is best to incorporate a model whose wheels are at least 30 centimeters in diameter.

Even if you think which wheelchair to choose for a newborn for the summer and autumn, planning to soon replace it with an easier one, all the same the wheels should have strong, sturdy locks, which can be controlled with one foot.

Caring wheelchair developers provided wheel covers for so that dirt from the street does not interfere with the cleanliness in the room.


All-season stroller-transformers are large in size, so they pass heavily into the elevator, a flight of stairs along the width and length( especially in old houses).Therefore, before purchasing, measure those places where there may be difficulties in moving.

Possibility of folding

Many models of wheelchairs are folded like a cane or a book. This option is convenient when climbing to the floor, to put the stroller in the trunk, storage in the house.

It is necessary to learn how to fold a wheelchair when buying, the most convenient are those models where folding can be done with one hand and without unnecessary manipulation, that is, you do not need to unfasten some parts.


What stroller to buy for a newborn Seat belts are a necessary precaution if the child is already sitting

We buy the wheelchair for our child and therefore must evaluate its transport for complete safety.

The bottom of the stroller for newborns must necessarily be strictly horizontal without the slightest inclination, only this condition ensures the correct formation of the spine.

It's necessary to pay attention to the evenness of the bottom of the cradle, even if you buy a stroller-transformer.

The sides of the box must be high enough that it will not allow the baby to fall out.

If the baby is already in a sitting position, the stroller should have a reliable seat belts and a front crossbar to prevent the child from falling out in an unsuccessful maneuver.

Buying a wheelchair, you need to focus on the time of year in which your baby should be born.

For winter walks you need a warmed box in a stroller, for summer walks models with ventilated windows are produced, which prevents the baby from sweating.

It is important that all fabric parts of the stroller are removed , it will at any time to wash them.

Optional accessories

what stroller to buy for a newborn in the winter
Modern stroller is a whole house on wheels with the ability to perform a wide variety of tasks.

Many of the additional components are completely unnecessary and, by buying such a model, you simply overpay the money.

According to the estimates of moms, several additional accessories are most in demand:

  • A raincoat and a mosquito net are always necessary. These accessories should be easy to attach and clean.
  • Cart under the box is used to move purchases and children's toys. The basket allows you to free your mother's hands.
  • Removable bag is convenient for storing napkins, bottles and hundreds of other important trifles. It is convenient to take it with you to the polyclinic, to visit.
  • If you have a car, then purchase a stroller with an car seat. It is convenient for travel and allows you to save money.
  • Some models are equipped with removable wheels, which facilitates the care of the stroller and, if necessary, reduces its dimensions.
  • The handle of the is another important detail. It can be adjusted in height, which is especially important if you have a child - a teenager who can walk with a newborn. Conveniently one-piece handles, such models of wheelchairs can be rolled with one hand. Strollers are better to buy with a throwing handles, with their help you can quickly change the position of the baby.

When buying a stroller it is important to pay attention to all the little things. The best baby carriage is light in weight, compact, manoeuvrable and safe. It is this stroller that will allow you to walk, regardless of weather conditions and the longest distance.

Wheelchair manufacturers: from budget to elite

Many parents want to buy a model that is convenient in all respects and do not spend extra money.

Such a saving is commendable, because there is no point in overpaying for something that you might not need.

You can divide the strollers in different price categories and most often the budget options are not much different in quality and functions than expensive models.

Carriages of economy class
from 4 to 10 thousand rubles.
Strollers of the average price category
from 10 to 20 thousand rubles.
Dear strollers
from 20 thousand rubles.
Jane Carrera Maxima Emmaljunga
Lider Kids Espiro Modena Zekiwa
Capella Silver Cross Hartan
Geoby Noordline Edel Viva Hesba

good quality, you can buy a stroller made in China, the main do it in the store, where the goods therecorresponding certificate .

how to choose a baby carriage
Dear stroller belong to the elite, except for high quality, they often differ from budget options with a unique exterior design and increased comfort for the baby.

In the photo you can see the wheel stylized with the famous brand-name producer of ethic cars Aston Martin. Many popes will be happy to "drive" such transport.

Most budget options have good quality characteristics and if you expect to grow one child in them, then this option will be the most acceptable option.

From Russian companies, you can distinguish strollers of the company "Apex" and "Little Trek".

Moms are always right - parents' feedback about their experience of choosing wheelchairs

How to choose a baby carriage?- reviews of moms, work better than any advertising. Experienced parents who have already used children's transport know exactly the pros and cons of each model.

baby stroller Noordline Edel Viva

Veronica, 25 years old. "Have got a carriage Noordline Edel Viva for 21000 rbl.even before the birth of the baby. Now actively use for six months, the cradle is removed, insulated and spacious.

In the wheelchair our little son is rocking well, the only disadvantage is the large size, but it enters our elevator and therefore there are no problems with walking. "

Masha, 27 years old. "The Hesba carriage without my knowledge acquired after our daughter's birth our happy dad. When I found out how much she was worth, she was horrified.

But now, after the birth of my son, I'm just glad that at the time I did not regret money. The stroller looks like a new one, light enough, maneuverable, it is convenient to move the stairs and I think that it will last for several generations. "

stroller Lider Kids for newborn baby
Anya, 23 years old. "I looked for my five-month-old kid a light wheelchair, so that I could easily pull it myself from the third floor. We stopped at Lider Kids, the stroller is inexpensive, but in principle quite comfortable.

Son and slept in it and sat, a bit at first time was unusual because of the shaking, but then got used to. For those who value lightness and convenience, I think this is a good choice. "