What are the best vitamins for nursing mothers: from food or vitamin complexes?

In the postpartum period, vitamins for nursing mothers are needed, as the body needs additional nutrients. It is important to eat foods rich in useful ingredients and vitamins so that a healthy and full-strength mom can provide the baby with quality nutrition and prolong the lactation period for as long as possible. What are the best vitamins for nursing moms

What vitamins to drink after giving birth to a nursing mother

Scientists have found out that most women during lactation experience vitamin deficiency. 75% of women have a shortage of 3 or more from the set of necessary .This condition is called polyhypovitaminosis.

In Russia, half of young mothers experience a lack of useful components. About what vitamins you can drink while breastfeeding, you can learn from this article, but a visit to a specialist is mandatory.

Women are deficient in vitamin A, B1, B2, C. The lack of useful components leads to a feeling of fatigue, irritation, apathy, .

Half of the ladies complain of hair loss in the first half of the year after childbir

th. The reason for this lies in the lack of biotin, zinc, ascorbic acid and vitamin E. Take vitamins necessarily during and after pregnancy.

Postpartum depression is a common occurrence of .To ease its symptoms, you should take B vitamins, especially B6 and B12.In addition, they have a beneficial effect on the entire body:

  • improve carbohydrate metabolism;
  • are involved in bone strengthening;
  • have a positive effect on the functioning of the nervous system;
  • are involved in liver and kidney function;
  • promote skin regeneration;
  • helps the work of the heart.

Daily intake of vitamin C helps regulate the water-salt balance in the body of a young mother.

Ascorbic acid can not be produced by itself , it must be taken as part of products or vitamin complexes. During lactation, vitamin C is especially useful: it helps strengthen capillaries and blood vessels, increases the protective functions of the body, participates in the formation of the structure of bone tissue, strengthens the gums, restores cartilaginous tissue.

Vitamins in breastfeeding Uncontrolled intake of vitamin and mineral complexes is undesirable, because without the help of a specialist you can not figure out what it is not enough vitamins in your body

Lack of vitamin D causes the development of rickets, a surplus leads to the defeat of the cornea and calcification.

Vitamin D is involved in the regulation of phosphorus, calcium, helps useful components to be absorbed into the intestinal wall, accumulates nutrients in the tissues of the bones of the skeleton.

Retinol during pregnancy and breastfeeding is an essential component of to maintain the health of a young mother.

Functions of vitamin A:

  • is involved in the work of the sebaceous glands;
  • forms a protective barrier against infections;
  • improves the condition of hair and nails;
  • accelerates the process of postnatal rehabilitation.

During the period of breastfeeding, a woman should drink folic acid. This component helps to restore the nervous system after childbirth.

Vitamin E is involved in the normalization of blood circulation.

Biotin takes part in the process of metabolism, improves the structure of the epidermis and its derivatives.

Nicotinamide participates in oxidation and reduction reactions, transfers phosphate and hydrogen.

Trace elements play a crucial role in the recovery of the body:

  • trace elements are a structural component of the receptor apparatus;
  • transfer enzymes in the structure of carrier proteins;
  • have an effect on the hormonal background;
  • act as antioxidants and immunomodulators.

Altogether there are 81 useful elements, 15 are vital. For a nursing mother, you need to monitor the amount of calcium, phosphorus, manganese, iron, copper, zinc.

You can see the vitamins needed for lactation, and also how much to take, in the table.

Name of element
A 1000-2500 ME
With 70-100 mg
D3 400-600 IU
E 10-15 IU
Folic acid 400-800 μg
B1 1.0-1.5 mg
B2 1.1-3.0 mg
B6 2.5 mg
B12 3-4 μg
Biotin 30-100 μg
Nicotiamide 18-20 mg
Pantothenic acid 4-7 mg
Calcium 1000-1200 mg
Iodine 175-200 μg
Iron 30 mg
Magnesium 50 mg
Melt 1.5-3 mg
Zinc 15-20 mg
Chromium 50-200 μg
Molybdenum 75-250 mg Manganese
2,0-5,0 mg Selenium
65-75 mg

vitamin complexes designed for nursing mothers

What are the best vitamins for nursing mothers? It is necessary to carefully study the instruction, which will indicate which elements are contained in each preparation.

to the selection of the complex at the time of feeding should be approached with great responsibility, because that uses the mother and the baby receives.

Elevit Pronatal

What vitamins to drink when breastfeeding Hypervitaminosis, ie a surplus of vitamins, more dangerous than the lack of them in the body

These are the best vitamins for lactating mothers .The complex contains 19 useful components, 12 of them - vitamins.

The advantage of the drug is that the dosage of the necessary components is accurately verified. A young mother needs to eat foods that contain iron.

Taking the drug, iron deficiency is replaced by .Elevit is safe.

These vitamins for breastfeeding for women are very popular. They are often used during the post-natal rehabilitation of young mothers from Eastern and Western Europe.

Studies have shown that taking Elevit reduces the risk of congenital malformations of the child. The drug does not contain iodine. There is an contraindication for use: lactose intolerance to .


The American company has produced vitamins for breastfeeding. They can be seen in a pharmacy called Prenatal or Prenatal Forte.

The complex consists of 3 microelements and 13 vitamins. Prenatal Forte contains the same vitamins and 10 more minerals. It contains iodine.

Vitrum includes a mineral-salt complex in its composition. It is indicated in cases when calcium is detected in the urine .The drug is rich in folic acid.

Vitrum is indicated as a vitamin for hair when breastfeeding. The doctor may prescribe the drug as an anemia warning.

Vitamins for breastfeeding for mom Women during lactation should not exceed the recommended dose of the drug

Femibion ​​

The vitamin complex is presented in the form of tablets and capsules.

The composition of Femibion ​​in tablets suggests the presence of metafolin, folic acid, iodine and nine vitamins. On our forum, where vitamins are discussed for nursing mothers, reviews about the drug are mostly positive.

The drug sold in capsules has a difference in composition. It is supplemented with the following useful components:

vitamins Group
Designation vitamin complex
Multi-tabs PERINATAL
800 ug
3600 IU
2500 IU
3300 IU
90 mg
100 mg
120 mg
75 mg
110 mg
5 μg
500 IU
400 IU
250 IU
10 mg
15 mg
30 mg
5 mg
13 mg
Folic acid
400 μg
800 μg
800 μg
300 μg
200 μg
2.1 mg
1.6 mg
3 mg
1.5 mg
1.2 mg
2.4 mg
1.8 mg
3.4 mg
1.5 mg
1.6 mg
3 mg
2.6 mg
10 mg
2 mg
1, 9 mg
2 μg
4 μg
12 μg
10 μg
3.5 μg
200 μg
30 μg
60 μg
27 mg
19 mg
20 mg
10 mg
15 mg
Pantothenic acid
9 mg
10 mg
10 mg
30 mg
6 mg
160 mg
125 mg
200 mg
150 ug
150 ug
150 ug
14 mg
60 mg
60 mg
100 mg 25 mg
2 mg 1 mg 2 mg
Zinc 15 mg
7,5 mg 25 mg
Chromium 50 mcg
25 mg
2,5 mg 1 mg 5 mg
Selenium 50 mcg
20 ug
Dosage / method of using drug is taken once a day with meals Take 1 tablet once a day after a meal. It is recommended to drink 1 tablet in the morning after eating. The standard course takes no more than two months. The drug is available as a dragee. Depending on the purpose of taking, it is recommended to use twice a day Pregnant and lactating women are recommended to drink 1 tablet per day, washing with water
Average price 397 rub./60 pcs. 687 RUR / 30 pcs. 571 RUR / 30 pcs. 44 rubles / 30 pcs. 823 RUR / 30 pcs.
  • with omega-3 fatty acids;
  • with docosahexaenoic acid.

Physicians are advised to take Femibion ​​from early pregnancy until the end of the period of feeding.


This is a complex of vitamins, which is produced by domestic pharmacology. Its disadvantage is that it does not contain trace elements .Vitamins for pregnant and lactating mothers should contain the maximum amount of nutrients.

It is recommended to take iodine, folic acid, iron additionally. The drug is positioned as vitamins for nursing moms from hair loss.

Multitabs Perinatal

Vitamins in breastfeeding Multitabs Perinatal is a complex of vitamins for nursing mothers, which includes vitamins and minerals. The advantage of the drug is that it contains a large amount of iodine, selenium, zinc, B vitamins, folic acid .

The drug is prescribed for the prevention of avitaminosis in nursing mothers, in order to prevent congenital malformations caused by a lack of useful components.

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Diet in the first month after childbirth, what you can, and what you can not eat nursing mother.

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The answer to the question of what vitamins it is better to drink to a nursing mother in a particular case is better on an individual admission from a specialist. Universal recommendations for vitamins, which you can drink when breastfeeding, you can learn from the table.

It provides information on each complex of vitamins: what substances are contained, the dosage, the method of application and the price range.

To give an answer to the question of which vitamin complex is more useful than it is, since it is selected by a doctor, taking into account the individual needs of each woman.

Foods needed for women during the feeding season

Vitamins for breastfeeding for mom If your diet is complete and balanced, then you will not need additional food supplements

Many useful components are synthesized in the body on their own, but to maintain a balance they should be taken with food.

Vitamin for breastfeeding mother can be additionally obtained by eating healthy foods.

Vitamin A deficiency can be replenished by using:

  • products of animal origin;
  • yellow vegetables and fruits.

Vitamin B6 is found in:

  • nuts;
  • spinach;
  • cabbage;
  • potato;
  • tomatoes;
  • eggs;
  • to the fish.

If the body lacks riboflavin( vitamin B2), doctors recommend eating more:

  • meat;
  • of legumes;
  • tomatoes;
  • cabbage;
  • cereals.

Thiamine sources:

  • carrots;
  • potato tubers;
  • nuts;
  • buckwheat groats;
  • oatmeal;
  • bran.

Nicotinic acid is rich:

What to choose vitamins for nursing moms It is safer not to use complex preparations, but to replenish the woman's specific vitamin
  • lacking milk;
  • eggs;
  • liver.

Folic saturated:

  • grains;
  • cheese;
  • curd products;
  • meat.

You can find ascorbic acid in:

  • fruits;
  • vegetables;
  • berries.

What is forbidden and what is allowed from the fruit to nursing mother, read in our article.

Calcium pantothenate is rich in:

  • meat products;
  • vegetables;
  • fungi;
  • beans.
Vitamins for nursing moms mosquito Do not forget! What does the nursing mother accept, her child also receives.

By eating cooked kidneys, liver, red vegetables and legumes, you can replenish the biotin supply.

Vitamin E in breastfeeding is mandatory for consumption. Vegetable oil and cereals are a source of vitamin E.

Vitamin B12 is found in meat.

Useful substance calciferol is self-synthesized in the body, so there is no need to look for it in products.

Vitamin D can be obtained by staying in the sun twice a week for half an hour.

Vitamin for nursing mothers Komarowski suggests looking in useful foods, not in a complex of vitamins.

Parents' reviews

Наталья, 32 years old, city of Ufa

Vitamins for nursing moms rating I'm twice a mom. Both pregnancies passed perfectly, during the period of feeding she took Vitrum. He was recommended to me by a doctor.

After the course of taking the condition of my hair and skin significantly improved, a blush appeared. Immunity increased. For half a year never fell ill. I recommend these vitamins to everyone. But be sure to consult a doctor.

Tatiana, 25, Voronezh

Vitamins in breastfeeding

I took Elevit. The big disadvantage is that there is no iodine in it, otherwise there are no complaints about the composition.

After the reception, I began to feel much better: in the morning to get up not so hard, and the mood is excellent. There is no question of postpartum depression.

Olga, 41, Moscow

Vitamins for hair during breastfeeding
Took after childbirth Gendevit. It did not cause any obvious damage to me, but I did not see any improvement. Hair continues to fall out, nails break and flake.

During pregnancy there were no such problems. I recommend young mothers to look for more "full" drugs in relation to the composition.

Findings of

To find out which vitamins to choose for nursing mothers, see our article. Also here young moms leave feedback about certain drugs. After reading the necessary information, a woman will be able to find the right product.

The female body needs support in the postpartum period. Taking care of herself, her mother takes care of the baby's health: together with milk, the child receives the nutrients necessary for growth and development.

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